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What do Spotify, Netflix and Post Planner have in common?

Delightful content discovery!

Spotify and Netflix changed the way people discover music and shows by making it fun. On Spotify and Netflix, it's actually a delight to search! We believe that searching for content to post to social media should be just as delightful!

Our solution: Content streams!

What is a social media content stream?
Shakespeare in Afghanistan
A brief history of Post Planner
In the 2000s, Josh Parkinson is bouncing around Eurasia singing rhymes in the streets of Germany and teaching Shakespeare to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Facebook launches in 2004 but the Like button is still years away. Josh uses MySpace to drive fans to his shows (and students to his classes). If only he could schedule those MySpace updates so he wouldn't have to spend so much time on a computer... hmmmm...
Josh melds minds with Julie Benzaquin (France) and Slav Ivanov (Bulgaria) to come up with the idea for Post Planner. The app launches to become one of the most popular in-app schedulers available within Facebook.
The app goes browser-based and includes Facebook and Twitter publishing. Content curation becomes the secret sauce. Images and articles are pulled from tens of thousands of sources and ranked according to Post Planner's propietary 5-star algorithm.
Forbes tests Post Planner and writes: “Post Planner lets you find and use images and updates that have already been proven to go viral. This means you don’t have to guess at which posts might get engagement, but instead choose posts that are relevant to your audience and proven popular in the past.” They get it!
Post Planner expands yet again to become a sleek and powerful content discovery, management and publishing tool integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, RSS, Google and Instagram. One thing that remains constant is Shakespeare’s timeless advice, taken to heart by Josh: “Boldness, be my friend.
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We are poets and artists, rappers and rock climbers, engineers and designers. One thing that holds us together is this: we're all social media users — and we've built an app that we love to use. We think you’ll love it too.

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