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Our app's powerful features boost your social marketing results

Post Planner ups the game for finding, planning and posting high-performance social media content

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Discover scroll-stopping content

Finding authentic content for your audience is the core of social marketing success

Stream content from multiple networks
View and post content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, and Google keyword results, based on your plan.
Predict your posts' performance
Our proprietary algorithms power a 5-Star rating system of proven engagement so you can predict the popularity of content before you post.
Never run out of ideas to post
Our recommendation engine indexes top-performing relevant content across the web, and serves it to you fresh every time you log in.
Find the type of media you want
Sort content items by media format. Browse videos, GIFs, photos, articles, quotes and status texts.
Browse our popular categories
Funny. Engaging. Top News. Quotes. We’ve curated content streams for broad topics and major industry niches. Tap into our research for posting chortcuts.
Dig deep into a feed's timeline
Focus on only the freshest content, or dig deep to find the best performing content from the past month, the past year. Or even longer.
Stuck for a status text idea?
Social media isn’t just about sharing content. Sometimes you need to prompt a conversation. Our library of thousands of text prompts can get you started.
Discover irresistible content
Search our predictive database of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, blog (RSS) and Google keyword feeds.
Curate content collections

Save and grow custom libraries from your favorite content sources, including yourself

Follow other users' content streams
Benefit from the power of the crowd. Find influencers in your field and follow the same sources they do.
Create content streams for any topic
This is one of our most powerful features. Bundle related content feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, RSS, etc.) into powerful streams of content.
Save any content feed to multiple streams
Streams allow you to organize your content sources by client, by audience, by category. Save content feeds to as many streams as you want.
Mix and save multiple networks together
Save content feeds from multiple social networks in your own convenient streams. Facebook, Twitter and Google keyword feeds? No problem.
Upload and save your own content
Upload your own photos, videos and GIFs to the Post Planner app and organize them into custom libraries.
Save up to 50GB of content
Based on your plan, upload and store up to 50 gigabytes of your own content for easy posting.
Upload videos, photos and GIFs
Upload a variety of media formats to your custom Post Planner library.
Organize your uploaded content by category
Save your videos, photos and GIFs in any folder system you like for easy management.
Plan your perfect publishing calendar

Plan a posting strategy to optimize your social engagement results

Customize your schedule for any day
Create a custom publishing schedule for the whole week, or any combination of days. Post ten times on Monday and once on Friday? Piece of cake.
Schedule how often and when to post
Control how many times a day you want to post, as well as the specific hour. Start with a default schedule and you can personalize from there.
Choose when to post videos, photos, articles and GIFs
Maybe you want to post videos in the morning and articles in the evening? Mix and match media formats to your posting time slots.
Optimized for each social network
Create unique publishing schedules for any of your groups or pages, Facebook or Twitter. The control is yours.
Manage and analyze your posts

Manage, preview and edit your pending posts, review and recycle your best performing posts

See all your posts in one place
View and manage all your pending posts and past posts, tabbed in one conventient screen.
Change the order of your posts
It's never too late to tweak your publishing queue. Move timely or powerful posts to the top of your list.
Edit your posts at any time
Whether you spot a typo or change your status idea, you can edit any pending post before it publishes.
Sort your posts by performance
View and order your past posts by Likes, Shares, Comments, Clicks, or chronological.
Recycle your evergreen content
See a post that is getting good engagement? One click will automatically keep it recycling in your queue.
Organize your profiles into posting lists
Create convenient groups of pages for easy access so you can post to them all at once.
Create a team of collaborators
Our Business and Agency plans allow you to invite members to your team with privileges to post.
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Our Customers Succeed
Joshua Becker gets BIG results from Post Planner

I posted maybe two or three times a month. A friend told me about Post Planner, so I linked up my Facebook page figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Whoa, I’ll say it didn’t hurt to try! I signed up and just three weeks later check out these numbers:

Post reach up 27,666%
Post Engagement up 13,677%
Page Likes up 381%

* Screenshot of Joshua’s Facebook results sent to us by the author
“These are crazy pinball numbers I’m getting on the page now. Very impressive. Post Planner deserves all the credit.”
Joshua Becker
author and founder of
Powerful and affordable

A social media marketing solution for the price of one latte per month

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