Step 8

How to Brainstorm Hundreds of Great Content Ideas

We already mentioned the importance of relevancy. It's a key component of any successful content marketing strategy. Unfortunately, finding relevant topics to write about can get harder and harder with time.

After you’ve written social media posts, blogs, ebooks, and reports, it may feel you’ve shared all your knowledge.  And said all you have to say.

But you can’t stop – you need to continue to provide your readers with valuable and effective content. So, let’s discuss how you can brainstorm topics and always provide quality content.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics

Analytics are a fantastic source of information and definitely deserve your attention. You can take a look at what blog posts are getting the most views and how long people are staying on each page.

This will help you piece together information about your readers. You'll be able to see what kind of content is most appealing. Compile that information, and you’ll know what to focus on creating!

Look at Your Old Content

That’s right! Use your past content to create your new content. But don’t waste your time on every piece of content you’ve created over the years.

Focus on content that has performed well. See which pieces to update, rewrite, combine or pull apart to create snackable content.

Browse Online Content

Don’t limit yourself to your own content – check out the blogs and sites of other people in your industry. See what kind of content your competitors are sharing and which types are getting the most shares.

You can do this by checking out their social share buttons. These will show the number of tweets, Facebook likes, and shares. The number of shares is a great indicator of whether the audience finds the content to be relevant or not.

Rebekah Radice