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How to Add Visual Content to Your Marketing Mix

In a split second, your audience is making a decision. Will they stop and read or move on? Will they create conversation and engage your business or interact with your competition?

Given the speed content travels across social media, grabbing attention fast is critical.

Without it, you may lose an opportunity forever.

That's where visual marketing comes in.

Great marketers know that visuals capture audience attention, increase engagement, and boost traffic.

So where do you get started?

According to QuickSprout, there are 9 major forms of visual content you can integrate into your social content:

  • Attention-grabbing, artistic photography – Think Instagram pictures or stock photos.
  • Creative video – Consider embedding sites such as YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo right into your posts or share them directly to your social media.
  • Screenshots – Useful if used right e.g. taking shots of helpful images of workflow or your products/services.
  • Infographics – Come in handy when you want to convey a meaty or super long message in an easy, bite-sized and informative manner.
  • Comics – Make a long story short, captivating and humorous with relevant cartoons or comic strips.
  • Data visualization – Present facts, figures and statistics in a simple and visually stimulating manner through standalone graphs and charts.
  • Memes – Use trendy memes tailored to fit the context of your updates or posts.
  • Miscellaneous graphics – Think of diverse images that compliment your content.
  • Visual note taking – Think of casually designed layouts of ideas.

Look to Top Brands Using Visual Marketing

  1.  Volkswagen

Volkswagen says that all people and all things have a story to tell.  They use their Facebook page to tell visual stories about their automobiles. But they also share the stories curated from their customers.

What makes their strategy special is the focus on the culture of Volkswagen. They highlight every important milestone in the life of their company and customers.

  1.  Starbucks

Starbucks has a presence on multiple social media platforms, each one expresses what the brand is all about.

Their visual posts are bursting with personality and originality. While Starbucks uses many posts to advertise products, they do it in a creative, subtle, and entertaining way.  

  1.  Bud Light

Bud light has a very effective and practically effortless visual marketing campaign. They constantly ask their followers to send in their interesting beer photos. Thus, the brand can simply use some of the best quality content that’s sent in, and at the same time build audience engagement and participation. Another lesson to take away from Bud Light is their constant use of humor and culture references in their visual posts.

Use the Right Visual Marketing Tools

There are a variety of online and offline resources to create visual content. Here's a few of our favorites:

Canva – a simple tool made for non-designers to create images with ease. (and it's integrated right into Post Planner!)

Relay - a productivity tool for those that want to create professional images without spending a ton of time.

BeFunky – an online resource that allows you to edit and save images without signing in.

Skitch – a tool designed for screenshots optimization and finally.

PowerPoint – An offline presentation software that is a go-to for many amateur designers.

Rebekah Radice