Step 11

Put Your Content Marketing Plan in Place

Any content marketer knows that a calendar is a crucial part of any strategy. It’s also the best way to plan your content.

A calendar is the most useful and efficient tool for organizing your content. It keeps you focused, on-time, and consistent.

Here are 3 important tips for building the perfect content calendar.

1. Create a Calendar for 1 - 6 Months

Using the tips we’ve provided in this eBook so far -- create and schedule your content as far ahead as you can.

If you can schedule 1 month ahead – great! If you can schedule 6 months ahead – fantastic!

Having it planned in advance will take the stress and pressure off. It also makes it easier to see the bigger picture.

Post Planner is a tool that makes it easy to plan your content for weeks and months in advance.

Don’t forget to schedule big events as soon as you have those dates locked down. For example, add webinars, conferences, and interviews.

2. Test Your Content Before Adding it to Your Calendar

You want to be certain that your content is top quality and will perform well. Ask yourself if it matches your brand message.

Is it interesting, funny and surprising? Is it high quality, engaging and audience centric?

And don’t forget about social media optimization. You want your content to drive traffic, capture new leads and encourage engagement.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Surroundings

Having a content calendar is great, but it doesn’t mean you should plan out everything. Stay agile and allow yourself the freedom to add in trending or timely content.

Keep an eye on what’s happening in your niche. Pay attention to current trends and major news stories.

Create extra content around these topics if they have a high relevancy to your niche.

Rebekah Radice