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Setting Up Your Daily Social Media System (a quick start checklist)

Want your social media strategy to work like a well-oiled machine? It all comes down to setting up your daily social media system and following it.

It may take some time to create and prepare, but once you have a good system in place, following it will be a piece of cake.

Here is your quick start checklist that can help you create your own social media system.

Part 1 Goal Setting

Before you ever get  to your daily tasks, you need to know what your goals and objectives are. They will give direction to your strategy.

  • Set your business goals and objectives. Visualize them.
  • Write out the daily steps you will need to take to reach these objectives.
  • Determine what daily, weekly, and monthly social media disciplines will help you reach these goals. Write them down.
  • Write down the areas that need to be improved in order for you to reach your objectives.
  • Set a deadline for each of the objectives

Part 2 Mapping Out Your Social Media Tasks

Once you have completed all the planning and visualization, it's time to create a calendar with all of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for all of the networks, and map out your day.

Your Daily Social Media Checklist


  • Reply to all comments
  • Schedule a post to go out at least 3 times a day.
  • See who's shared your content and thank them.
  • Act as the page and like, comment, and interact with relevant people and content.


  • Pay attention to mentions and address any questions or concerns.
  • Follow the people who mentioned you or those who are relevant to your business or industry.
  • Schedule posts to share.
  • If you have a new blog post, schedule it out to go out 3 times a day. Make sure each tweet has a different call to action.
  • Pin your new blog post on pinterest and tweet the link.
  • Make new connections and respond to Influencers' posts.
  • Send a thank you note to a few new followers.
  • Do a keyword search and follow the top 100 people.


  • Post at least one time a day. You can post tips, blog posts, inspirational posts, etc.
  • Comment or other people's relevant posts.
  • Do a search for popular hashtags to find new people to follow.
  • See who has liked your posts and like one of their posts in return.
  • Write a thank you notes to those who have shared your content.
  • Write a personal/direct message to new followers with a clear call to action.


  • Make sure to pin at least 5 images per day. They should be­ a mix of your  people's content.
  • Like at least 5 posts.
  • Repin 5-10 posts.
  • See who has repinned your pins and thank them.
  • Visit group boards and pin to them for extra exposure.


  • Respond to all comments.
  • Thank the people who have shared your content.
  • Share your content in industry specific communities.
  • Interact with other people in your industry related groups.
  • +1 relevant people, or those who have shared your content.


  • Approve all new connections.
  • Visit industry-relevant groups. Engage and volunteer answers.
  • Update your status.
Rebekah Radice