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The low-cost social media tool that SKYROCKETS engagement 🚀


Post the best content in your industry every day, without all the work.

Get 510% more Likes on your posts and watch your follower count grow!

Trusted by top brands & influencers for more than 10 years!

Over 216,000  business owners have leveraged Post Planner to save hours each week scheduling posts. 

Reduce the time you spend posting content on
social media by 92%
And double your engagement and followers!
Post Planner quadrupled our posting, and cut the work down from 6 hours to only 30 minutes a week.

Membership in our groups went through the dang roof, almost immediately. We grew over 100% in the 2 months since starting Post Planner.

What's got us really excited is that our evergreen posts will start recycling in 8 months, and then we won't have to do anything except add to already-existing content.

For us, it was a total game changer.

Jason Ross
Facebook insights chart provided by Jason Ross
Want to save hours of work (like Jason)?
Want to double your following?
Post Planner makes social media easy
Stop wasting hours of time on your posts
Automate your posting calendar

Set your plan once and forget it. Add posts in one click and fill you queue with like-worthy content.

You won't need to worry about timing. It's all automated!

Before Post Planner, I needed a spreadsheet to organize my posts and avoid spamming fans. It took so much time! Post Planner fixed this and gave me 6 extra hours per week to work on my business!

    Kathy Kruse | Automotive Social Expert

Boost reach with no extra effort

Set your posts to recycle!

Recycling posts get sent to the end of your queue after each posting — and re-post as many times as you like. Each posting boosts your reach. With no extra work!

Most people post content once. Why??? Post Planner helps you milk each post for all it's worth. And it's automatic. Totally hands-free!

    Radu Nemes | Business Owner

Create network-optimized posts

Tailor the perfect post for each network — all at once.

You won't have to wonder how your posts will look once they publish. In Post Planner, you see a live preview as you create the post!

"With Post Planner, it's like I'm seeing the future. They show my posts in a simulated feed for each network — while I'm writing the post!! 🤯

    Caren Glasser | Technologist & Live-streamer

Tap into a content firehose

Never run out of post ideas.

Post Planner analyzes content from across the social web and delivers a firehose of top-performing content. All you need to do is post it!

I can't live without my content streams in Post Planner. Every time I login, I get like 30 more videos or articles my followers will love.

    Brian Friedman | Founder, Winter Garden Yoga

Organize your assets in one place

Upload all your media files.

Organize your images, videos and gifs into custom-named folders for one-click sharing. Invite team members to collaborate

My media library now powers all my Facebook parties. I upload the party images and videos and then it's easy posting from there.

    Wendy Jones |

The RESULTS are in:
Post Planner gets the most engagement!

RESEARCH STUDY: Buzzsumo analyzed 500 million social media posts.1
RESULT: Post Planner posts get 510% more Likes, Comments and Shares.

Top apps ranked by engagement:
Just 20 minutes per week with Post Planner will
transform your social media
Publish more posts   Reach more followers → Get more traffic!
I signed up for Post Planner just three weeks ago. Check out these numbers:

Page Likes → up 400%
Post Engagement → up 13,677%
Post Reach → up 27,666%

I’ve had a personality-based FB page for many years. A friend told me about Post Planner so I linked up my personality page figuring it couldn’t hurt to try.

Whoa, I’ll say it didn’t hurt to try! These are crazy pinball numbers I’m getting on the page now.

Post Planner deserves all the credit.

Joshua Becker
Facebook insights chart provided by Joshua Becker

Want to reach more followers (like Joshua)?

Business owners ❤️ Post Planner!
Powerful and affordable
A social media marketing solution for the price of one latte per month