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How the Facebook Algorithm Really Works

Everything You Need to Know - it's the BIG 2018 Marketers Guide [FREE]
30 pages of actionable ideas
Post Planner Ebook Post Planner Ebook Post Planner Ebook

Overwhelmed by all the changes to Facebook marketing in 2018? There's SO MUCH noise out there.

"Do this!" they say. "Don't do that!" they say. "And definitely never, ever do THAT!" 

It's enough to leave your head spinning!

The answer? Focus on the Facebook strategies that actually work.

5 Amazing (and FREE) Reasons to Grab Your Copy

  1. With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook isn't just the biggest social network, but also the most used. Your company needs a Facebook strategy that generates real results.
  2. Americans spend an average of 40 minutes every day on Facebook. You need to know how to navigate the platform for maximum reach.
  3. Organic reach used to be 15-20% for most Facebook Pages, but today hovers around 1%. You can boost your organic click through rate, but you must incorporate these key components.
  4. Your Facebook success depends on past and future performance. If you want to improve Facebook reach, you need to make informed, data-backed decisions. We'll show you what to track. 
  5. The exact strategies to reach your fans (without a big budget) in 2018!

Dramatically improve your Facebook engagement with a 2018 strategy that actually works. Here's everything you need to know about the Facebook Algorithm that'll get you inside your fans’ heads and boost organic results.


The key to success on Facebook is posting a lot of great content consistently. Post Planner's viral photo feature has generated popular posts on my Facebook Page by posting at the optimal time. What's not to love?

Guy Kawasaki

I use Post Planner on a daily basis and I love it! Honestly, I would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising costs to achieve the same results I get with Post Planner. Thank you Post Planner!

Kim Garst

Here's what you get

  1. Chapter 1
    How to Reach Your Fans in 2018
  2. Chapter 2
    Determine the Value of a Facebook Fan
  3. Chapter 3
    Creating Engaging Content (Easy Steps!)
  4. Chapter 4
    Make It Your Year Of Video
  5. Chapter 5
    Live Video vs. Native Video
  6. Chapter 6
    Easy Ways to Create More Visual Content
  7. Chapter 7
    Use Friend Power to Build a Tribe
  8. Chapter 8
    Dive Into Facebook Audience Insights
  9. Chapter 9
    Grow Your Community with Facebook Groups
  10. Chapter 10
    Build Out Your Pay to Play Model
  11. Chapter 11
    Your Next Steps (Cranking Up Your Results!)
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Behold the power of social media science