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Features that help you reach more followers
and turn them into customers

People spend 3 hrs per day on social media.
Post Planner helps you reach them and connect them to your brand.

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Post to Top 5 social networks

Share content to the 5 biggest platforms from one easy-to-use app.

With Post Planner, you can schedule posts to:

  • Facebook pages & groups
  • Instagram business accounts
  • LinkedIn profiles & pages
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Twitter profiles

Create a posting calendar

No more manual scheduling!

Create a posting plan. Queue up posts in seconds.

  • Set your daily posting times
  • Manage your calendar visually
  • Edit, shuffle or pause anytime
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Never run out of content

Discover viral content from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google and RSS...

All in one place.

  • Get articles, images, videos, quotes, contests and more!
  • Sort by virality, Likes or shares
  • Use 5-star ratings to identify gems
  • Share & re-share — tweet & retweet — pin & repin
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Create a firehose of incoming content

Build a content gusher!

Choose ANY topic, niche or industry.

  • Aggregate social media feeds into a single stream
  • Cherry-pick the best content
  • Follow streams curated by industry experts
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Get access to thousands of quotes & questions

Search the web's largest database of quotes & conversation-starters.

  • Search quotes by name, keyword or topic
  • Add quotes to your images & media
  • Share trivia, fill-in-the-blanks, seasonal posts
  • Get pre-written contests (fully customizable)
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See your brand mentions in real time

Get notified when your brands are mentioned in articles and blog posts.

  • Know instantly when you're written about
  • Be the first to share!
  • Tag the blog’s social profiles to say thanks & increase reach
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Manage all your assets in one place

Store & organize all your photos, videos and gifs in an easy-to-use Library.

  • Create customized folders by topic or brand
  • Upload all your files
  • Share with your team
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Optimize your posts for each social network

Craft the perfect post for each network

  • Customize post captions 
  • Add hashtags
  • Tag social profiles to boost reach
  • Save texts & templates for future use
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Auto-recycle your evergreen content

Put your timeless content on auto-pilot and never run out of posts.

  • Activate recycling in 1 click and re-publish forever
  • Get engagement stats on every post
  • Increase the reach of your posts by 10x!
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Take control of your planned posts

Post what you want, when you want.

Say goodbye to hours of manual scheduling & re-scheduling.

  • Edit your posts on the fly
  • Drag-and-drop to reorder
  • Shuffle to randomize 
  • Repeat & recycle to maximize reach
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Measure success and repeat what works!

Why create new content when you can re-use your best posts?

It's a no-brainer.

  • Import old posts
  • Sort by Likes, clicks, comments or shares
  • Re-post top-performers in 1 click
  • Easily cross-post to different networks
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