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How Post Planner helps you

Our features get you more engagement on social media
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FIND high-quality content

Every industry and audience has content that is proven to increase engagement (measured by likes, shares, comments and clicks). Our features make it easy to find this prevalidated content and share with your audience.

Find 1

You add social feeds from your industry

Never run out of ideas. Our recommendation engine analyzes content across the web to identify top-performing content that will resonate with your audience.

Post Planner pulls all the photos & articles from those feeds

This happens continuously, so every time you open the app you see the latest & greatest content from your feeds.

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Post Planner rates all the content based on engagement

We use a 5-star rating system to make it easy. Content with the most likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. get the highest ratings.

You cherry-pick the top rated content for your posts

We recommend 4 stars & above! Just choose the best photos & articles, then add them to the composer to create your posts & tweets.

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Find 5

BONUS: You get to organize your favorite social feeds into collections

Collections of feeds (we call them "Streams") are great because they let you see the top content from 10, 20, even 100 feeds... all in one click!

PLAN out the perfect publishing calendar for your posts & tweets

Feeding the constant stream of social media can take hours of effort and time. Our features automate the process with a custom publishing calendar for each of your profiles. Set up your plan, then forget about it. We do the rest so you can concentrate on your core buisness.

Plan 1

You choose the days & times you want your posts to publish

These days & times make up your weekly plan. The app then queues up your posts & sends them out according to this plan.

You choose the kind of content you want published at each "time slot"

For example: you can choose only photos at one time slot and only articles at another. This automates variety so your followers don't get bored.

Plan 2
Plan 3

For special occasions, schedule posts for specific times

Sometimes you need to publish posts outside your weekly plan. In those cases, you can use our scheduler to choose a specific time & date -- and even repeat a specific number of times.

Optimize your posts for each social network... automatically!

Post Planner will optimize the format of your posts for Facebook, Twitter or wherever you're sharing to... all with a single click.

Plan 4
Plan 5

Recycle your best evergreen content... automatically!

Extend the reach of your social posts by using our Recycle feature. Recycling revives your best evergreen content and keeps it feeding into the social eco-system again & again!

POST consistently & manage your posts with zero friction

We’ve created a simple yet powerful dashboard to manage all your posts on one screen. Everything is where you want it. We give you the features to edit your posts on the fly and make decisions based on performance metrics that matter. You control your marketing strategy.

Post 1

See all your posts in one place

You can view, manage & edit your posts (planned & posted) in one convenient location.

Change the order of your posts by drag-and-drop

Want to switch the order of your planned posts? Just drag-and-drop to re-order. Or click "X" to delete.

Post 2
Post 3

Edit your posts on the fly

Want to change the text of a planned post? Notice a typo? Use our editor to update the text anytime.

Evaluate the performance metrics of your published posts

You can sort your posts by Likes, Comments, Shares or Clicks so you can make data-driven decisions about future posts.

Post 4
Post 5

Create a team to collaborate on your posting strategy

Post Planner is built for collaboration! Share the workload and keep things synced up to do more in less time. You decide the amount of access to give each member. You’re in control.

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What our customers say

Many of the web’s most influential social marketers use Post Planner
  • Guy Kawasaki

    “I'm a fan of the Canva button integration to create an image and schedule it out at the optimal time. What's not to love?”

    Guy Kawasaki Social marketer
  • Kim Garst

    “I use Post Planner on a daily basis and I love it!”

    Kim Garst Social marketer
  • Peg Fitzpatrick

    “Post Planner makes it easier to be a Page Manager by filling in the content gaps with great ideas to post.”

    Peg Fitzpatrick Social marketer
  • Neal Schaffer

    “Post Planner is the easiest way I know to find viral, niche-specific content for Facebook — nothing else comes close.”

    Neal Schaffer Social marketer
  • Rebekah Radice

    “Post Planner simplifies everything I do, giving me more time to focus on cultivating and growing my online community.”

    Rebekah Radice Social marketer
  • Ian Cleary

    “If you’re on Facebook, Post Planner is a fantastic tool!”

    Ian Cleary Social marketer

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