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The ultimate facebook challenge

Day 18

Add the Facebook Page Plugin

Make It Easy to Connect with You!


How to Use Facebook for Business

Add the Facebook Page Plugin

If your business has a blog or website (and you absolutely should have one), make connecting with you on Facebook easy.

Add a Facebook Page Plugin to the sidebar. It will encourage readers or visitors on your site to connect with you on Facebook.

Take a look at Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted. See how easy it is to connect with her?


It’s an easy and natural way to grow a following, build brand awareness, and make it simple for your visitors to find and follow you.

PRO TIP: Go to the Facebook Page Plugin and customize the look of your Facebook page like box. Once you’re done, grab the developer code.


Now add a text widget to WordPress. Copy and paste that code into your widget and voila -- you have a new Facebook Page Plugin!

Welcome to Day 18!

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