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How to Get More Likes on Facebook (25 Pro Tips)

Posted 19 August, 2023
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"How do I get more Likes on Facebook?"

It's a good question — and I've got an answer for you.

But I'm not the only one! 🤠

If you google "get more likes on facebook", you get 3 billion results.

Yes, 3 billion... with a "B".

There's a lot of advice out there!

But don't worry. I've got advice that actually works.

(P.S. Want a tool that helps increase Facebook engagement by 510%? 😲

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How to Get More Likes on Facebook: 25 Tips to Increase Likes

In this post, I'll give you the tactics that resulted in me getting 2.3 million Likes on a Facebook post I created in 5 minutes.

Here's the post:

get-more-likes-on-facebook-2-million (1)

This screenshot was taken 2 months after the post was published.

Notice the number of people the post reached:

get-more-likes-on-facebook-37-million-reach (1)

The post reached 37.5 MILLION PEOPLE in 2 months...

... with NO boosting!

I didn't pay Facebook anything to reach these millions of people.

My post reached a viewership equal to the population of California... FOR FREE!

And even better, thousands of the people who liked the post became new fans of my Facebook page!


So.... would you like to get a similar result on your page?

If so, this blog post is for you.

This post is not just another listicle filled with tired social media marketing B.S.

No, this post will give you REAL WORLD advice on how to get real-world results on Facebook.

If that's what you're looking for, read on!

There IS a way to get more Likes on Facebook — and it's easier than you think 😉

Follow these 25 tips and tricks to get more Likes and more engagement on Facebook:

  1. Post proven, data-driven content
  2. Re-design & re-use proven content
  3. Be consistent
  4. Time it right
  5. Use eye-catching images
  6. Keep it short
  7. Be relevant
  8. Use your authentic voice
  9. Include a call to action
  10. Stay up-to-date
  11. Offer value
  12. Be entertaining
  13. Be educational
  14. Make a list
  15. Follow seasonal trends
  16. Vary your content
  17. Recycle your best stuff
  18. Follow leaders in your niche
  19. Create a schedule (and follow it!)
  20. Automate your social media
  21. Collaborate with influencers
  22. Stand out with video
  23. Run a Facebook contest
  24. Ask an engaging question
  25. Focus on your audience

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25 ways to increase Likes on Facebook page posts

There are 2 kinds of Likes on Facebook that you want to get:

  1. Likes on your Facebook posts
  2. Likes (fans/followers) on your Facebook page

Both are essential. And they drive each other.

The more Likes you get on your posts, the more Likes you'll get on your page.

And the more Likes you get on your page (the more followers you get), the more Likes you'll get on your posts.

So which should you focus on first?

I've found that you should focus on getting more Likes on your Facebook posts.

Why? Your posts will reach a wider audience, so MORE people will find your Facebook page.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Posts

Your Facebook posts are key.

Successful posts — the ones that get tons of engagement — will have a HUGE impact on your page.

Getting more engagement on your posts will benefit your Facebook page more than anything else you do.

So what should your engagement goals be for your posts?

how to get more likes on facebook 1Your goals should be the following:

  1. Get people to share your posts with friends
  2. Get people to pay attention to your posts
  3. Get people to engage with your posts (i.e. click on them)

If you get people to do these 3 things, your posts will reach a lot of people — and they'll spread your brand far and wide across the Facebook ecosystem!

Then people who've never heard of your brand will see your posts... and many of them will Like your page in hopes of seeing more.

If you keep sharing awesome posts, they'll keep engaging with your page.

And every time they engage with your page, they'll send a signal telling Facebook to show them more and more and more of your posts.

And THAT, my friend, is the goal! You see, once Facebook is showing your posts to a lot of people, you can take the natural next step for your business:

You can start publishing posts with links to your website!

These posts will send traffic to your site and turn your Facebook fans into subscribers, customers, and ultimately: brand advocates!


You can learn more about this process by checking out the infographic here.

For now, let's focus on answering this question:

How do I create Facebook posts that people pay attention to, click and share?

It's actually not that hard!

Below I'll share 25 tactics that are practically guaranteed to make it happen.

I've put some of the most effective tactics first.

But I also saved the best for last so don't click away until you read tip #25!

1. Post proven, data-driven content

If you want to increase Likes and engagement on your Facebook posts, there’s nothing more important than this first tactic.

Using proven, data-driven content in your posts will give them the best chance of going viral and reaching millions of people.

So what exactly is "proven, data-driven content"?

It's content that has already been audience-tested and garnered colossal engagement numbers.

In other words, it's content that has proven past performance.

For example, I chose the quote in my post above (the quote about treating the janitor the same as the CEO) based on the quote's impressive performance in another post.

That post was from another Facebook page called "SEEK”.

When looking through their posts, I noticed that one post had significantly more engagement than all the rest.

It had waaaaaay more Likes, comments, and shares!

Here's that post:

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 01.25.59The post had over 500,000 Likes and 1,000,000 shares when I first saw it.

Keep in mind that the SEEK Facebook page only had 200k fans at the time.

When I saw the massive engagement on this post, I knew there must be something special about the quote.

It resonated with people.

And I knew it had to be the quote itself and not something else about the post.

I mean, look at the design of the post image! Does it even have a design??

The image is basically a hand-written quote on a simple background.... with a logo at the bottom.

Despite this simplicity (or probably because of it!), a million people decided the quote was meaningful enough to share it with their friends!

In fact, they did all 3 of the engagement goals above:

  1. They paid attention to the post
  2. They clicked the post (like, like, like, like, like... millions of times)
  3. They shared the post with their communities

So here's the question I'd like you to consider:

Would I have known that millions of people would like the janitor/CEO quote on my post if I hadn't already seen it perform so well on SEEK's post?

No way.

Not a chance.

In fact, if I hadn't seen SEEK's post, I wouldn't have known about the quote at all, much less that it would likely perform well with my audience.

So how did I find the quote?

And how did I know it was the top-performing post on the SEEK page?

I used a Facebook tool that shows me the top-performing posts from any Facebook page I add to it.

It's called Post Planner.


Post Planner lets me add any Facebook page or Twitter account to the "Content sources" tool.

Content sourcse

The app then shows me the top-performing posts from those social feeds.

I can filter the top-performing posts by content type (images, videos, gifs, or articles) and time (day, week, month, year, etc.).

I won't get into the details of how the tool works here.

But you can see it in action in the webinar where I created the Janitor/CEO post live on camera (the video is years old, but the lesson is still the same).

Yes, I created the image for that mega-post above (2.3 million Likes!!!) while live on a webinar that was being recorded. 🤠

You can watch the webinar in full here

If you want to follow along with a post of your own, start a free Post Planner trial here.

Anyway, to make a long story short... the reason I was able to create a post in 5 minutes that ended up reaching tens of millions of people (for free) is simple:

I posted proven, data-driven content.

You should do the same if you want similar results.

2. Re-design & re-use proven content

This tip is similar to #1 but with an emphasis on re-designing and re-using content.

For example, take a look at this post that performed well on our fan page:

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 01.30.26Can you guess where I got the quote on this image?

Do you think I thought it up one day while meditating on my coffee break??

No way! I'm data-driven. Remember?! 🤠

I actually found this quote on another page's post. Here it is:

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 01.31.46Notice the insane engagement numbers!

The image post on the Lessons Learned in Life page has 235,000 shares!

With that massive number, it must have reached tens of millions of people.

So it’s definitely audience-tested!

That made the quote on the image a perfect candidate for re-design and re-use.

So that's what I did. 😁

I re-designed and re-used it.

And sure, my post didn't perform as well as Lessons Learned's post.

But it did reach 126,000 people... for free!

That's a success story in my book.

So how did I go about re-designing and re-using this proven content?

You can see the full webinar video here. (Yes, I created this image live on a video webinar too!)

But don't worry. If you don't have time to watch the video, I can sum up the process in 3 simple steps:

how to get more likes on facebook 2A. Isolate & copy the key content

  • I did this by typing out the quote and copying it to my clipboard.

B. Improve the design

I did this by finding a copyright-free image on Unsplash, using it as the background, and adding the quote to the image.

C. Add branding

I did this by adding the Post Planner logo to the image


And once I did these 3 steps and created the image, I simply posted it to Facebook and got thousands of Likes!

This process can be used for any content type. You can do it with images (as done above), but also videos, gifs, and even articles.

And it works on any platform!....especially visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

These first 2 steps are by far the most important in this blog post.

In fact, you can probably stop reading now and just put them into practice and reap thousands and thousands of new Likes on your posts and page.

But if you want to learn even more... by all means... read on!

3. Be consistent

If you follow the tips above once or twice, you might increase Likes on your posts, but it won’t make a long-term difference for your page.


Because you have to stay in front of your followers if you want them to keep engaging and sharing your content.

Consistently posting sends these CRUCIAL messages to your followers:

  1. That your business is ACTIVE
  2. That your page adds VALUE
  3. That you’re interested in building COMMUNITY

That consistency (and those messages) are KEY to growing your page!

Grant Cardone Facebook consistency

At the VERY MINIMUM, you should be posting once a day on Facebook.

And if you're getting great engagement, try posting more!

Trial and error is the only way to figure out your ideal posting frequency.

Just make sure that you're monitoring everything in Audience Insights.

If you’re consistently posting at least once (preferably 3-5x) times a day, you’ll start to see consistent gains.

4. Time it right

What do you think is the best time to post on Facebook?

  1. Between 9 AM & 3 PM
  2. Between 7 PM and 12 AM
  3. It depends

If you chose C, I’m with you!

Here’s why.

The perfect posting time will vary from industry to industry.

If you’re in the fitness industry, early morning posts may get more engagement because that’s when your audience is (probably) most active.

If your brand targets Gen Z consumers, posting much later (might) get you better engagement.

To figure out your ideal posting times, it takes (you guessed it) trial and error.

Analyze your engagement rates at different times of the day until you nail down your perfect posting time.

If you’re using Post Planner, you can easily decide when to post by adding posting times to your schedule. We’ll talk more about scheduling toward the end of this article!

Post Planner Schedule Plan


5. Use eye-catching images

Did you know that articles with images get 94% more views?

Pretty crazy, right?

In fact, images and visual content are the MOST shared piece of content on Facebook.

In other words, people LOVE visuals!

Pictures help us focus on, understand, and relate to the content in front of us.

That means pictures should play a critical role in your strategy!

But where can you find PHENOMENAL pictures for Facebook posts?

Post Planner!

Scrolling through the content streams on Post Planner will give you TONS of pictures to choose from.

8-Aug-05-2021-07-40-05-37-PMIf you find an image that you think makes your post more interesting, add it.

But don’t limit yourself to photos.

Consider using other types of visual content as well:

  • Infographics
  • Gifs
  • Videos
  • Graphics

The more visual content you can mix in, the better your content will perform!

6. Keep it short

Facebook posts get the most engagement when they’re 50-99 characters long.

In other words, people don’t want to read long captions.

And the rule of keeping it short and sweet doesn’t just apply to captions.

It’s helpful for video and article posts, too!

A good rule of thumb is to keep your Facebook videos 15 seconds - 3 mins.

So, what’s that mean for you?

Don’t make your posts, videos, and other content any longer than they need to be.

If you can use 10 words instead of 15, your engagement will go up.

If you can get your message out in 15 seconds instead of 60, you’ll get more clicks (think about viral TikToks).

For example, take a look at this post:

9-Aug-05-2021-07-41-41-05-PMThe high-quality picture catches the viewer’s eye.

Then, the short caption says just enough to intrigue us and get that coveted click.

The quicker your posts are to read or watch, the more likely people are to engage with them and share them.

7. Be relevant

When you come across boring Facebook content, what do you do? Keep scrolling!

Your followers are just like you.

Being relevant is KEY to your success on Facebook.

Buuuut what exactly does “relevance” look like to your followers?

There are 2 easy ways to find content your followers want to see:

  • Look up popular pages in your niche.
  • Use Post Planner’s content finder.

To follow the first strategy, find pages in your niche with tons of followers and engagement.

Then, take their content, re-design it, and repost it on your page (give credit to the original post).

Let’s say I own a tropical fish store.

I can search for “tropical fish” on Facebook to find popular pages.


I can check out the top-performing pages to get ideas for relevant, interesting Facebook posts!

There’s a con to that strategy, though.

It can take LOADS of time (and you may not see everything that’s out there).

A better way is to use Post Planner’s content tools and search a keyword in Post Planner’s content search bar.

It will automatically return relevant content streams for you.

Choose the streams you like and add them to your account.

11-Aug-05-2021-07-43-58-75-PM8. Use your authentic voice

Authenticity is key!

Mary Kay authentic voice

People open Facebook to feel good and connect with others who share similar interests.

That means you have to treat your followers like PEOPLE!

DON’T view your Facebook followers like they are:

  • Sales waiting to be made
  • Investors you have to impress
  • Your in-laws (they’ll accept you eventually!)

DO view your followers as:

  • Individuals with needs and wants
  • Friends who share your interests
  • PEOPLE (just like you)!

I know. It can be tempting to try to manufacture the “right” voice.

How else will you get your audience to like you?

But your followers aren’t blindly following you.

They’ll notice if you’re phony.

So if you want your fans to keep supporting you, just be you!

That’s how to organically attract people who are looking for what YOU have to offer.

9. Include a call to action

People often see a post, enjoy it, and then move on.

They don’t click like, they don’t follow you, and they certainly don’t share.

So how do you increase Likes on Facebook posts?

Easy. Just ask!

The tactic of explicitly asking for a response from your readers is called a CALL TO ACTION (CTA).

When you watch YouTube videos, you’ve undoubtedly heard,

“Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more content just like this.”

That’s a CTA! And it works wonders.

Next time you make a post, include a CTA. Clear, effective CTAs include:

  • Clicking on an article (Ex: Read the rest of the blog by clicking here!)
  • Visiting your website (Ex: Click the link to check out our site!)
  • Liking a post (Ex: Hit that like button!)
  • Commenting on a post (Ex: Agree or disagree? Drop your comments below!)
  • Sharing the post with someone they think would enjoy it (Ex: Share this post with your fellow plant parent!)

For example, take a look at this Facebook post prompting readers to click a link and watch a movie:


10. Stay up-to-date

It's always a good idea to stay on top of what's going on in your niche and to share that with your followers.

For example, let’s look at 2 imaginary Facebook pages.

The first one never posts about current trends in its niche. It might occasionally mention a trend from a few months ago.

The second one keeps its followers up-to-date on what’s going on in the industry and gives them great, current content.

Which one would YOU be more likely to follow?

The second one, of course!

People use Facebook to stay up-to-date.

That means YOU have to stay on top of changes in your industry to attract new followers!

Take the information you get and turn it into a helpful infographic, how-to, or video to leverage visuals (and get more Facebook Likes)!

11. Offer value

You could probably earn some followers if all you ever did was post funny cat videos.

But that’s not going to increase your Facebook Likes or get more Facebook followers (at least not by much).

People choose to follow a page because they feel like the content it provides is worth their time.

In other words, your content has to be VALUABLE to the people you want as followers!

Before every post, ask yourself, “Does this provide my viewers some kind of value?”

13-Aug-05-2021-07-49-20-11-PMIdeas for valuable Facebook posts include:

  • Tutorials (we’ll talk more about that in a bit!)
  • Pictures
  • A coupon/discount
  • Something free
  • News

The more value you consistently provide, the more followers you’ll attract.

12. Be entertaining

If your followers like funny memes or respond well to videos, take note.

Use the type of media that works best for YOUR audience.

Not every post should be pure entertainment, but mixing in entertainment with your highly valuable content is a great strategy.

Entertainment attracts people to your page, but value keeps them there.

Don’t be afraid to post:

  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Irrelevant pictures (cool ones, interesting ones, funny ones, etc.)

Don’t be a stick in the mud! You know what they say about all work and no play…

Here’s another tip: Make your valuable content entertaining!

make memes educational

Instead of churning out a boring infographic, use a funny meme and include useful info in your caption.

People love to laugh AND they want to learn.

Find a way to give them both, and you’ve got GOLD.

13. Be educational

Some of the most frequently shared material on Facebook is educational:

  • How-to guides
  • Infographics
  • Recipes

People love to learn! More importantly, they love to pass on that new information to their friends.

Take a look at this straightforward educational post:

14-4The post uses a fabulous visual and a SHORT, INTRIGUING caption to hook you in.

Isn’t that cookie dough pretty?!

Don’t you want to know what the fun and unexpected use for cookie dough is?!

Because the caption doesn’t tell you, you’ve got no choice but to CLICK!

That’s how you get more leads, increase Likes, and get more shares on Facebook posts!

More shares on Facebook = more followers, and more Facebook followers = MORE leads!

14. Make a list

People have a thing for lists.

List-style posts like "Top 10 Ways to..." or "12 Can’t-Miss Tips on..." almost ALWAYS outperform other posts.

These types of listicles are popular because they make our brains happy:

  • They’re easy to look at
  • They organize information
  • They tell us exactly what to expect (a certain number of sections)

There are lots of ways you can use lists to get more Facebook Likes and offer your followers high-quality content at the same time.

Try posting these different types of lists:

  • Infographics
  • Blog post
  • Picture series
  • List video (Top 10, etc..)

List posts always get a lot of engagement on Facebook.

Try mixing them into your content strategy and see how your engagement grows!

15. Follow seasonal trends

Did you know that almost every industry experiences a seasonal swing?

For example, look at Google Trends’ report on search activity for the keyword “swimsuit.”

15-4Understanding seasonal trends like this can help you appeal to what your viewers are already thinking about at certain times of the year.

In other words, you should tailor your content to the season, an upcoming holiday, or some other seasonal trend in your niche.

Feel free to get creative when doing this!

  • Write posts targeting seasonal keywords.
  • Offer holiday discounts.
  • Drop new products just before a seasonal increase in interest.

But remember to time your seasonal posts well.

If you sell swimsuits or swim gear, start posting about swim season in late spring (or early spring, depending on where your target market lives).

If you plan to have a Black Friday special, let people know in late October or early November (so they can plan their spending with YOU in mind).

Don’t wait until your followers have already purchased someone else’s product or service to promote yours!

Pay attention to the season, and put yourself in your followers’ shoes to develop an effective seasonal strategy.

16. Vary your content

One of the most important things you can do for your page is vary the type of content you post.

For example, if you usually post articles, try mixing in more visual content.

Why shake things up if what you’ve got going is effective?

People eventually get bored of always seeing the same type of content.

And here’s a not-so-hidden secret:

NO ONE likes or shares content they find boring.

Keep your page FUN by using at least 5 or 6 DIFFERENT types of content on your Facebook page.

Here are some ideas:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Articles
  • Gifs
  • Memes
  • Testimonials
  • News
  • Infographics
  • Polls

Varying your content keeps your viewers interested.

That’s how to boost engagement on Facebook posts!

17. Recycle your best stuff

Did you post something that blew up on the internet?

If so, you probably wish you could replicate that success.

Turns out you can!

Duplicate a viral post’s success by reposting the same thing later.

Yep. You read that right. Just recycle the same post later.

Post Planner makes it really easy to recycle content.

When you post something, just toggle the “Recycle” button.

Post Planner will automatically store that post in your schedule for future use.

recycle post planner

Recycling is a great (and EASY) strategy.

BUT it only works if you do it sparingly.

In other words, don’t repeat the same content every month.

Aim to recycle a few posts a year.

Make sure you recycle your popular posts long after you originally published them. (Let your posts rest for 3-6 months before bringing them back.)

18. Follow leaders in your niche

Your viewers are following influencers in your niche (no matter what niche you’re in).

There are influencers in fashion, tech, entertainment, cuisine, and more.

Influencers are successful because they understand exactly what’s happening in their niche.

That means influencers are a goldmine for understanding your audience.

Nano-influencers (influencers who target a very select niche) have a 4% engagement rate across all social media!

That means 4% of the people who see their posts ALSO like, comment, and share them!

In other words, an influencer with 20K followers will see around 800 Likes, comments or both per post.

But what’s an influencer’s success got to do with yours?

TONS! If you’re savvy.

You should be following EVERY well-known influencer in your niche.

Study their pages for:

  • Topics
  • Design choices
  • Trends
  • Wording

If you follow an influencer’s example, you’ll see better engagement on your own posts.

My favorite way of keeping track of my favorite influencers is using Post Planner's Content Streams.

Content stream example

Here I can combine the feeds of all my favorite influencers and view their content for ideas (without going onto my social media feed)!

19. Create a schedule (and follow it!)

Some people post on social media when they feel like it.

Unfortunately, this strategy is NOT how you gain new followers and increase Likes on Facebook.

That’s because you’re gonna have days, weeks, or even months when you DON’T feel like getting on social media (let alone creating posts).

Want to stand apart from the brands who aren’t serious about their social media marketing?

Create a posting schedule that'll consistently keep your brand in front of your viewers.

You COULD do it the old-fashioned way.

You know, fill out a Google Calendar or Excel sheet with all your posting times, along with the content you plan to post.

Or you could glow your social media scheduling strategy ALL the way up with Post Planner!

All you have to do is decide what days and times you want to post, then fill those slots in with content.

17-4Post Planner does the actual posting part FOR YOU.

20. Automate your social media

Post Planner’s curated content gives you tons of posts to share on your page.

To add something to your calendar:

1. Hover over the piece that you want to add.

Create a post


2. Click “Create Post.”

3. Create a caption (remember to keep it short!)

4. Click “Add to Queue” or "Save to bucket."

Post Planner will automatically post the content you selected on the date and time you specified.

You don’t even have to log into your social media to post it!

As you continue to post this data-driven content, your schedule will quickly fill up.

Congratulations, your social media is now on autopilot!

Take the extra time to write an awesome blog post, drink a cup of coffee, or call your mom (she’ll appreciate it).

Yes, my friend. THIS is adulting.


21. Collaborate with influencers

Facebook is a social network.

Which means — you should use your Facebook brand for socializing AND networking,

Chances are, there are probably influencers that serve a similar audience as you.

Networking with these influencers creates the perfect opportunity to "steal" their audience.

You can join niche Facebook groups to find influencers willing to collaborate like this one.

collaborate with influencers

Or you can reach out to people in your industry asking if they want to get together to make some content together.


22. Stand out with video

Over half of the time users spend on Facebook is spent watching videos!

Posting text posts and image posts is EASY.

ANYONE can do it.

Which means it's much harder to stand out with this type of content.

On the other hand, videos require more effort to create.

But the reward is more Likes.

One of the best types of videos you should be making are Reels.

Facebook Reels

Reels give you the chance to expand your audience and get a ton of Likes because the people viewing this content are rapidly scrolling!



23. Run a Facebook contest

Who doesn't like competition?

Facebook contests are great for:

  • Engaging your audience
  • Rewarding your audience
  • Celebrating milestones with your brand

What do these 3 things lead to?

You guessed it... LIKES!

Facebook contest

You can learn from contests like these. Notice how they require people to engage to enter the giveaway?


24. Ask an engaging question

How do you feel when someone asks you a question?

See what I did there? 😉

Asking your audience questions makes them engage with your content because they get a chance to talk about themselves.

People will be more likely to leave comments, which means more people will see your post, then MORE people will Like your post.

If you're ONLY talking about yourself and your brand on your Facebook, people are going to get tired of only hearing your thoughts!

You can find an endless amount of "questions" post ideas in the Post Planner app!


25. Focus on your audience

This CANNOT be understated...

Your Facebook posts will fail if you don't keep them in mind.

So before you post on Facebook, you should write down your audience's:

  • Pains
  • Goals
  • Jobs-t0-be-done 
  • Most common questions

This will help you reverse engineer engaging posts because you'll be posting content they RESONATE with!

Frequently asked questions about how to increase Facebook Likes

Still got some burning questions about your Facebook Likes?

I got answers to your most common questions! 👇

Should you buy Facebook Likes?

You might be reaching the end of this article thinking:

“That looks like a lot of work. I’d rather just buy some Likes to jumpstart my page. Can you teach me how to do that?”

To answer that question, we need to cover 2 things:

  1. Is it LEGAL to buy Facebook Likes?
  2. Is it STRATEGIC to buy Facebook Likes?

The answer to the first question is “Yes.” It’s legal to buy Facebook Likes.

In fact, you won’t even get banned from Facebook for it.

However, the answer to the second question is “No.”

It’s NOT strategic to buy Facebook Likes.

It doesn't achieve your goal — which to have fans who can become customers. 

Ie. to DRIVE BUSINESS with your page!

So how do you get more Likes on Facebook posts and reach more followers who have the potential to become your customers?

You create awesome, relevant content and post it CONSISTENTLY.

Why is my Facebook post not getting Likes?

There could be several reasons for this.

It might be due to the content not resonating with your audience, the timing of your post being off, the use of ineffective visuals or captions, or changes in the Facebook algorithm.

To get more Likes, focus on creating engaging, relevant, and visually appealing content that prompts interaction (+ try to implement our 25 tips in this article!).

Why is my Facebook post not reaching anyone?

Low reach can result from factors such as changes in the algorithm, declining engagement on your page, using too many promotional or external links, or not utilizing the right keywords and hashtags.

To increase reach, create shareable content, use relevant keywords, engage with your audience, and consider using paid promotions.

I used to get more Likes on Facebook. What happened?

The Facebook algorithm and user behavior can change over time, affecting the visibility of your content.

If your Likes have decreased, it could be due to changes in your content strategy, decreased audience engagement, or the emergence of new trends. Regularly analyze your audience's preferences, update your content strategy, and adapt to the rapidly evolving market.

Remember that consistent engagement, quality content, and staying informed about platform updates are essential to maintaining and growing your Facebook presence.

Final word on how to increase Facebook Likes

My best advice: don't delay!

It’ll take some time, but following these tips will jump-start your Facebook page — and without paying a whole bunch of robots to like BORING posts.

If you follow these tips, you WILL increase Likes on Facebook!

So start putting these tactics into action today.

Starting a free trial of Post Planner is a quick and easy way to start applying these tips.

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