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The ultimate facebook challenge

Day 5

Spice Up Your Page With Video

Be Entertaining, Captivating and Useful!


How to Use Facebook for Business

Spice Up Your Page with Video

Make sure your videos are short, entertaining, and captivating. Your goal with a video should be to leave the person who just watched it feeling like you helped them.

If you’re a blogger -- think about the content you’ve already written. How can you repurpose that into a quick 2-minute video?

Not a fan of YouTube? How about try live streaming? You can make a powerful impact using Facebook Live Video on your page.

Learn more at Top Ways to Use Facebook Live Video for Your Business.

Share a useful tip, offer some good advice, share words of wisdom or brighten someone's day by making them laugh.

Here's an Example


How to make a Facebook cover photo in 60 seconds

Posted by Guy Kawasaki on Thursday, February 11, 2016


Welcome to Day 5

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How should you use video on your Facebook page?

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