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The ultimate facebook challenge

Day 10

Add Your Own Content

Share Your Evergreen Content (and More!)


How to Use Facebook for Business

Add Your Own Content

As you begin to share content from other people on your Facebook page, it's critical that you spend time adding your own content as well.

Did you know there are different ways you can share your content? It's important to change it up so you keep your fans interested in your page. We suggest you read How to Effectively Promote Your Content on Facebook.

Begin by adding feeds to Post Planner. You can do this in "Find" by adding your Facebook page URL, RSS Feed, Twitter handle or keywords!


You can even use a little Facebook hack (which doesn't require a tool or app) to find some of the best content on the internet (in your niche).

Learn exactly how to do it on How to Find the Best Content to Post on Social Media.

Welcome to Day 10

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