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The low-cost social media tool that SKYROCKETS engagement

Businesses using Post Planner pay less and
The RESULTS are in
Researchers at Buzzsumo and Buffer analyzed 500 million Facebook posts.
Result: Post Planner generates the most engagement!
Extensive research from Buzzsumo and Buffer1 found that posting with the Post Planner app generates more social media engagement than any other application for small business and individuals... 510% more engagement! It’s not even close.
The top applications used by individuals/small businesses ranked by engagement:
Customer Success
Joshua Becker gets BIG results from Post Planner

I signed up for Post Planner on August 4th — just three weeks ago. Check out these numbers:

Post reach up 27,666%
Post Engagement up 13,677%
Page Likes up 381%

* Screenshot of Joshua’s Facebook results sent to us by the author
“These are crazy pinball numbers I’m getting on the page now. Very impressive. Post Planner deserves all the credit.”
Joshua Becker
author and founder of
We travel in
smart circles
More than 10,000 businesses and individual social media marketers use Post Planner to achieve results.
Stop working so hard
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