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Want to get more attention on social media?

Post Planner’s content recommendations make it easy. Find out how.
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Meet Josh

Find out how Post Planner turned Josh’s Facebook page into a 133k fan juggernaut (and how we can do the same for you)

Meet Josh

Here’s how it works

Find, plan and post great content. Simple.

Find the best content for your audience

The best content is the right content. Browse our recommended feeds based on your industry and interests. Discover new content by keyword, hashtag, Facebook page or Twitter handle. Gather your favorite content in one place.

Save and combine your feeds into powerful streams. Create a personal library organized the way you want.

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Take the guesswork out of post performance

Social media generates big data. Our custom algorithms measure this data for every content source in your streams. We review past performance and predict future engagement specific to your audience.

All content is prevalidated, star-ranked, and 100% scientifically guaranteed to perform.1

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Post Planner - Predict

Don’t spend hours per day planning posts

Get your life back. Create a plan for your pages and accounts, then plug in your content streams. Automatically recycle popular posts. Our algorithm creates your perfect posting times and adds them to your Plan to get you started.

Set it up and let it run!

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Post Planner - Plan

Be in control of your social media strategy

Let us do the heavy lifting. Or roll up your sleeves and manage your own posting strategy. We’re built for both approaches.

Organize planned and posted content in one screen. Edit on the fly. View by vital stats to make better decisions. Or sit back while Post Planner does the work, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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One app to rule them all

Post Planner plays nice with your favorite social networks

Conduct our 30-day experiment

100% scientifically guaranteed to boost your engagement1
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Don't wait another day.
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Smart content gets results

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