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How to Find the Best Content to Post on Social Media

How to Find the Best Content to Post on Social Media


Imagine this:

You and I are running a new Facebook Page for a business in the industry of Health, Wellness, Nutrition. (HWN)

As with any growing Page, it needs awesome, engaging content to thrive. 

This means content that has already proven itself successful on social media. (For more on this check our last webinar HERE).

After all, why come up with unique content from scratch when you can stand on the shoulders of giants?

Not sure what I mean? The idea is simple. Discover truth by building on previous discoveries.

That's right... social media engagement, Isaac Newton style!

"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." -Sir Isaac Newton

In our second installment of the Post Planner, "Social Media Bootcamp" training series, I walk you through how to find the best content to post on social media.

And it's not as hard as you think. In fact, the heavy lifting happens when you stand on the shoulders of giants.

Want to know how?

Let's use our hypothetical Health, Wellness, Nutrition (HWN) Page as an example and try to find some proven content for it.

Read on to see how it's done.

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How to Find the Best Content to Post on Social Media

Let's begin with some background on our hypothetical HWN business.

The business makes money by selling health and nutritional coaching. Most of the business comes through the website, where there's an active blog.

Here's a few details about the blog:

  • We publish 5-10 blog posts per month

  • We’ve been doing that for about 6 months, so we have around 40 blog posts to share

  • 30 of those are evergreen posts

So, let's say we share one of these posts per day on social media, and then we recycle (or re-share) them. We now have a month’s worth of content that we can put on autopilot by planning ahead and scheduling that content to post.

We’ll also add our newly written posts to this recycled content, so we continue to build up that list.

Think of these blog posts as our baited hooks. It's the engaging content that will get social media fans and followers back to our website. Once they're interested in our content, now we can monetize them.

We'll turn them into customers, subscribers, ad-clickers, page-viewers -- whatever makes us money. (think about your own business goals)

Now we need some 3rd-party chum!

This brings us back to standing on the shoulders of giants.

3rd-party content becomes the chum in the water. Sound a little morbid? It’s actually pretty cool.

It's all about fishing on Facebook and reeling in the customers!

(check out our Fishing on Facebook: A Guide for Business infographic)

To catch the big one -- you have to chum the waters.

In a nutshell, chum equals engaging posts. These posts come in 3 forms:

  1. text updates (questions, fill-in-the-blanks, etc.)

  2. photos (memes, caption contests, etc.)

  3. 3rd-party links

We need to find 3rd-party content (images, articles, and videos) that we can share “around” our baited hooks -- so we can:

  • provide value

  • provide entertainment

  • garner engagement

  • increase affinity with our page

  • increase the reach of all our posts, including our baited hooks

So let’s get to it. Here's how we will find content for our HWN page and how you will translate that into any other industry or niche.

Find Facebook sources

1. More Pages You May Like

This is a great option because you only need one page to get started.

  • Go to FB search and type in “Health.”

  • Сhoose one that looks like it has what you need and click “like.” Liking one is the key to finding other similar to it.

  • “More Page You May Like” will show you 20-30 pages similar to the one you just liked.

  • Right click on the Page thumbnail and open it in a new tab. (without changing the current tab)

  • Repeat the process until 50-60 tabs are open. Not all Pages will have good content, so you need many to choose from.

  • Evaluate the content on each Page. See whether the Page is posting valuable, engaging, and interesting content you will want to pull from.

Now what?? Well, you could bookmark the tabs and come back to them regularly. Or you could even create a FB list. But here’s a better way:

  • Create a folder in Post Planner FIND. It’s very easy to do.

  • Name it “Health Wellness Nutrition”

  • Add Pages to the folder. You can do that by pasting in the URLs of the Facebook Pages you like, and once they appear, drag them over to the folder you’ve just created.

We’ll be using this folder to collect content sources for the rest of my examples.

2. Search Facebook Lists

Facebook’s suggestions are great but they will not show you all the Health Pages you want to see. Fortunately, there’s a good way to find Pages you might not find via FB’s suggestions, and that’s through Facebook lists.

  • Go to Interests.

  • Click “Add interests.”

  • Do a search for “Health,” “Wellness” and “Nutrition.”

  • Right click and open lists in new tab.

  • Follow list.

  • Search feed for sweet content and Pages you like. Choose only the ones that have the type of content you’re looking to share.

  • Add those Pages to your Post Planner folder. They will show up in a drop-down list.

You can also check this blogpost for tons of awesome lists.

3. Search inside Post Planner

Post Planner has also made it easy to find great content! You can find it and share it without ever leaving Post Planner.

  • Go to FIND here.

  • Type in “Health.” That will open up a short list.

  • Click “See all” in the Facebook section to see the full list.

  • Try some Pages and evaluate their content.

  • Find the Pages you like and add them to your Post Planner folder.

4. Google “Best Facebook pages for X”

Another method that never fails is to simply ask Google.

  • Follow this link or type “best Facebook pages for health” in the Google search.

  • You can also try other variations, such as:

    • Top Facebook Pages for X

    • Popular Facebook Pages for X

    • Best FB Pages for X

  • Check the Pages that come up and evaluate their content.

  • Add the ones you like to your Post Planner folder.

Find Instagram sources

Instagram sources are no different from Facebook ones. You can find them on Google and Post Planner and then add them to a Post Planner appropriate folder.

1.    Google “Best Instagram accounts/hashtags for X”

You can do a Google search specifically for Instagram accounts.

  • In our case, go here, or type in “best Instagram accounts for health”

  • You can also try:

    • Best Instagram Pages for X

    • Top Instagram accounts/Pages for X

    • Popular Instagram hashtags for X

  • Check the pages/hashtags and single out the good ones.

  • Add them to your Post Planner folder.

2. Search inside Post Planner

Post Planner also lets you easily find Instagram content.

  • To FIND it, go here.

  • Type in “Health” and you will see a list.

  • Click “See all” in Instagram section to see a longer list.

  • Try some handles and hashtags and see what kind of content they bring up.

  • Add the ones you like to your Post Planner folder.

Find Twitter sources

Great Twitter sources are also easy to find. Search and find them through Google and Post Planner.

1. Google “Best Twitter accounts for X”

  • In our case, go here or type in “Best Twitter accounts for health”

  • You can also try a search for:

    • Best Twitter Pages for X

    • Top Twitter accounts/Pages for X

    • Popular Twitter accounts for X

  • Check the pages that come up. Copy the Twitter handle of the ones with valuable content

  • Add them to the Post Planner folder by pasting the Twitter handle into the search bar and saving the Page.

2. Search inside Post Planner

  • Go to FIND here.

  • Type in “Health.” A list will come up.

  • Click “See all” in the Twitter section to see all the Post Planner Twitter handles.

  • Try some handles and see if they have the type of content you want.

  • Add the ones that you like to your Post Planner folder.

BONUS: There's a keyword search in Post Planner too!

Roundup / Review of your AWESOME new Folder

Now you have a whole folder full of great Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter sources you can pull valuable content from!

This folder is yours. You can access it at any time.

You can also rename it, and edit/delete the feeds inside. Plus, you can always add new sources to it if you wish.

You can also share the folder with other Post Planner users. Just copy the URL and share it. It’s super easy!

People who add it get full access to content, but can’t edit the folder in any way.

Variation is key to great social media marketing! You will want to throw in a bit of general content once in awhile.

The great news is that you will not have to go through the entire source finding process just to find the general content. Post Planner has done the job for you.

Post Planner has a great selection of general content with posts, images, and status ideas you can use. Just click on the “Popular” section in Post Planner FIND and you will see eight categories:

  • “Quotes" has great visuals with witty and inspiring quotes.

  • “Engaging” has images, articles, and status updates that are guaranteed to get your audience talking.

  • “Interesting” has a lot of interesting and valuable information anyone will want to read.

  • “Funny” has a nice selection of humorous visuals that can lift anyone’s mood.

  • “Business” is a great source of news and information from the business world.

  • “Marketing” has tons of interesting posts about social media and various forms of marketing.

  • “Top News” has the inside scoop on the biggest and most popular news stories of the day.

  • “Random” has a bit of everything. This is where you can go if you’re not sure what you want to post, but know that it should be something that your audience will enjoy.

The greatest thing about the “Popular” section is that anyone can use the content in it, no matter what your niche is. It’s the kind of content that everybody likes.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned above, variety is the spice of life.

Try different types of content and see what type works best for your audience and your niche.

But don’t give up before you have a big enough sample size!

You may get different results from one week to the next, so give it some time.

Want to learn even more about how to find the best content to post on social media? Join us on our next live training on Jan 20th at 11 am PT | 2 pm ET.


Watch the Full Training Replay

Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more
Free app to get more Likes on Instagram, Facebook and more

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