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The ultimate facebook challenge

Day 20

Create a Contest or Incentive

Create Enthusiasm About Your Product or Service


How to Use Facebook for Business

Create a Contest or Incentive

Everybody loves incentives. Want to create enthusiasm around your product or service?

Create a contest or offer incentives!


This can take on many different forms, depending on the nature of your business.

It could be an offer to try a new feature within your app or to download the first chapter to your book.

Make sure whatever you're offering is truly valuable!

Spammy giveaways have an adverse effect and will hurt you more than help you in the long run.

Need some contest ideas? Here's an infographic with a different contest for each month during the year - 12 Brilliant Contest Ideas for Facebook Pages.

PRO TIP: Use a tool like Shortstack to create Facebook optimized contests, sweepstakes or campaign landing pages.

Welcome to Day 20!

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