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The ultimate facebook challenge

Day 21

Network Like a Champ

Get Involved in the Conversation!


How to Use Facebook for Business

Network Like a Champ

Get engaged with others in your field. This means finding Facebook pages, sites, and blogs of people in your niche.

Look to see that they share the same type of audience as you do -- and identify those who have large audiences (your target audience) engaging with them.

The goal is to begin establishing a relationship.


You can start out by commenting on the blogs and Facebook posts to get yourself noticed. These comments should carry value and not be an advertisement for your page.


It's even possible to do cross-promotions with other admins in your field, reposting and sharing each other’s content.


Another idea is to offer to interview the big names and influencers in your field.

By associating with them, you will attract more attention from your target audience.

Using Facebook Groups is another great way to network on Facebook. Read more about that at 5 Ways to Make Facebook Groups Your Secret Weapon for Networking.

Welcome to Day 21!

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