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The ultimate facebook challenge

Day 9

Find Other People’s Content to Share

Find Great Content to Share!


How to Use Facebook for Business

Find Other People's Content to Share

As you look to share other people’s content, make sure it falls in line with the 3 Ps every Facebook page should follow.

Following this strategy will help you to adjust to whatever algorithm changes Facebook throws your way.

  • Personal
  • Purpose
  • Promotion

Now head into Post Planner and look at any of the popular categories to discover relevant content your fans will love.

Start by putting existing content into Post Planner from your favorite bloggers or find new content that’s been proven successful already.

You can do this in "Find" by adding anyone’s Facebook page URL or by adding an RSS Feed, Twitter handle or even keywords.


You can learn more about this at How to Find the Best Content to Post on Social Media or by watching the video below!

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