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47 Facebook Post Ideas (& Examples) to Boost Engagement

Posted 24 August, 2023
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Not sure what to post on your Facebook business page?
Try the 47 Facebook post ideas below to create catchy Facebook posts for your business.

Fact: There is one surefire, FREE way to boost Facebook engagement:

That way is to publish content your fans LOVE!

Ok, but you need Facebook content ideas to make this happen, right?


And it all begins with the perfect audience-focused Facebook post idea.

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47 Facebook Post Ideas to Improve Engagement on Your Page

Feel free to skip to the section you're most interested in 🚀:

What makes a Facebook post great?

You’ll get the most out of these 47 Facebook post ideas if you know the fundamental elements of an effective Facebook post.

The best Facebook posts:

  • Stand out
  • Induce engagement
  • Focus on the audience
  • Use the right words
  • Post at the right time
  • Reach a lot of people

Most of these fundamentals center around content that benefits your AUDIENCE.

In other words, keep your audience #1 on your mind as you explore this list.

Just because you like an idea doesn’t mean your audience will.

Also, just because you DON’T like an idea doesn’t mean your audience won’t love it.

If you…

… then keep reading!

47 Facebook post ideas for business & personal brands

1. Tell stories

People remember stories!

Stories work because they're personal.

Followers relate to stories.

Share life and business stories on Facebook to create a deeper connection with your audience.

People will engage with your post if your story moves them.

But stories don't just have to be deep...

They can be funny or educational, too!

Facebook storytelling post

No matter the genre, a well-crafted story will connect you with YOUR people.

2. Reflect on an experience

If you’ve had an experience your followers would benefit from knowing about — talk about it!

Maybe it's an experience you had while traveling.

Or maybe it's about the time you got your first client.

Reflection is how we grow.

So, when you share your insights, you invite others to grow with you.

Sharing an experience facebook post

Your experiences could be the spark that motivates someone to keep pushing through rough times!

3. Post about trending topics

Facebook’s news feed algorithm rewards posts about trending topics.

For example, say the new trend is flying elephants.

So you publish a post about a flying elephant sighting.

The Facebook algorithm likes this.

So, it'll likely rank up your post.

On the other hand:

Your posts about fire-breathing monkeys — probably won’t get as much love from the algorithm.

So, how do you find topics your customers will love to talk about?

Post Planner has a viral content library full of industry-specific material you can use with just a few clicks.

Let's say you're a football commentator, and a big football game is coming up.

You can look through Post Planner’s viral content and share the most viral content about football!

NFL facebook posts on post planner

Then, sit back and interact with your audience!

4. Post behind-the-scenes shots of your business

People CRAVE transparency.

Behind-the-scenes photos humanize your business.

behind the scenes facebook post

And they help you stand out from the competition.

Show people how you edit your videos, work at your desk, or organize a meeting.

It doesn't have to be too fancy (the simpler, the more authentic it seems).

In fact, this one is one of the more effortless posts to make for your Facebook audience.

(Because it's the most natural!)

5. Post a live stream

Live streams allow you to chat with your audience in real-time.

This is a great way to answer your followers’ questions about your business!

But what about all the people who miss your live video?

Facebook allows you to post the video playback.

Use that post to write a caption summarizing the stream and let them know the next time you’ll be live.

live stream on facebook

Help your audience know what to expect by scheduling your live streams at a specific day and time each week.

Then, use Facebook to send push notifications reminding people about your live stream!

6. Share memes

Everyone likes entertainment, and memes keep people scrolling (and chuckling).

So get in on the fun and make your own!

Memes are especially interesting on business pages.


No one’s expecting them there.

The pressure to "remain professional" at all times makes the occasional meme a delightful surprise.

Take a look at Slim Jim's post for an example of how to connect with your audience through humor (instead of constant promotions):


You can create your own memes, or you can just re-share ones people already love.

One of my favorite strategies is to find top-performing memes, and then to recreate them in Post Planner for my industry!

find memes on post planner

7. Review a product or service

Ever wanted a second opinion on a product before buying it?

You’re just like most of your audience!

Let’s say you're in the coding niche, and you just bought a great laptop from Amazon.

You can make a Facebook post centered around your new laptop, along with an affiliate link at the end for people who want to buy it!

Users love to see product or service reviews because that type of information is immediately useful.

You can even partner with the creators of the product on a promotion or affiliate deal.

Your post can be in video form as well (not just text).

Here's a great example of a review post from Huda Beauty (she did a video):facebook review post

8. Ask your audience a question

Want to know a secret?

Questions are a great way to get a group conversation going.

That’s why Facebook group administrators primarily use questions to network and get interactions.

Asking a question is also a natural and engaging way to end a post.

Open-ended questions invite people to add to your post by leaving a comment.

Open-ended questions are AMAZING for engagement.


They make people answer without saying a boring YES or NO.

Think of questions that begin with:

  • How
  • What
  • When

Consider adding one of the following questions at the end of a post:

  • "How was your experience with this?"
  • “What’s your favorite thing about?”
  • “What advice would you add?”
  • “What questions do you have?”

Want an unlimited amount of question ideas?

postplanner questions

Post Planner has a never-ending library of question ideas to ask your audience. 😏

9. Post a selfie

Screenshot 2021-05-12 at 15.36.15

Believe it or not, a well-posted selfie can do a lot for your Facebook strategy!

Selfies show your fans that you’re just like them.

They also add much more to your brand’s personality than a logo ever could.

The key to a strategic selfie is knowing your audience.

For example, if you’re a plant nursery, a selfie showcasing your re-stocked greenhouse might excite your audience.

If you’re targeting people raising young children, selfies revealing a little mess and chaos can be really relatable to parents.

A selfie might be a picture of you.

But you should always post it thinking about your audience.

10. Fill-in-the-blanks

"My favorite color is___."

There's just something about fill-in-the-blank posts that make you automatically think of a response.


This is an excellent way of getting more comments.

And Facebook even allows you to turn your post into a graphic that'll attract more eyeballs.

We suggest you use a bright-colored graphic to help your fill-in-the-blank post stand out nicely.

You can even add multiple fill-in-the-blanks in one line.

"If I had the ____ superpower, I would ____."

fill in the blank post ideas post planner

Post Planner also has a vast library of fill-in-the-blank post ideas. 

content studio post planner

You can even use the Studio tool to turn these into pretty graphics!

11. Do’s & don’ts list

Do's and don'ts are another way to spin an informative post.

Use a graphic design platform like Canva (or Post Planner's Content Studio) to create a visual summarizing info you’ve published elsewhere.


Use the caption to delve a bit more deeply into your list.

Again, think about how to make this post most useful to your audience.

12. Share random thoughts

What's on your mind today?

Facebook keeps asking, so why not indulge?

Share whatever comes to mind and see if readers respond.

It’s easy to overthink on social media.

And that can lead to counterproductive self-editing.

Truth is, lots of people might relate to your unfiltered ideas.

In fact, we wouldn’t be shocked if your most “random” thought gets some of the most engagement!

We’re not saying to be totally disorganized about this, though.

Jot down random thoughts that come to mind during the day.

When it’s time to write a post, revisit your list for ideas!

13. Post viral photos

Don't know what to post?

Choose what’s already working!

Post Planner's viral content library has a massive collection of the following types of visuals:

  • Quotes
  • Memes
  • Funny photos
  • and more!


We posted the image above on our Facebook page and got lots of engagement.

How long did it take us to create this post?

Less than a minute to find it and just a few seconds to schedule it!

14. Customer testimonials

72% of consumers see brands and businesses as more trustworthy because of positive testimonials and reviews.

facebook post ideas 2

If you’ve got AWESOME reviews, use them!

Your Facebook audience values what you've done for others.

Customer reviews are like a resume your followers can reference when considering purchasing something from your brand.

Testimonials can be in many forms:

  • Written testimonials
  • Video testimonials
  • Before and after testimonials
  • Photo testimonials with wording
  • Testimonials from influencers

Your reviews don't have to be super elaborate.

Remember, your goal is to be useful to your audience — not to prepare a case defending your honor.

customer testimonial

Keep these types of Facebook posts honest and straightforward, and they’ll go a long way!

15. Ask fans about business decisions

Does your company need a new logo?

Are you trying to decide on some new product features?

Trying to figure out if your followers will like your product?

ask quesitons business

Ask your Facebook fans for THEIR feedback!

Asking your audience for advice is a great way to boost engagement in a hurry.


People feel good when they can give feedback and share what they know.

Asking business-related questions you need help with can even attract new employees, contractors, collaborations, and business partners.

So if you’ve got a problem to solve, your readers might have the solution!

16. Call-to-action for your product or service

Businesses everywhere are using the power of social media to sell their services.

But how do you get your fans to take action?

If you’re doing one of the following online activities, consider using Facebook posts to generate leads:

  • Selling a product or service
  • Conducting a webinar
  • Teaching a course

CTA facebook post

Use a call to action (CTA) like "Click the button below" to let your audience know what next steps to take.

Try a free trial CTA strategy to connect with new customers.

Discounts and limited availability offers also act as great CTA strategies.

17. Post about an upcoming event

Anticipation is a powerful human emotion.

Share an upcoming event that you feel can benefit an audience that enjoys your niche content.

Whether it's group coaching, a live event, or a product release, giving people a heads-up is practical and strategic.


Grant Cardone does a fantastic job of this for his 10X growth conference every year, attracting thousands of people with exciting posts.

Here’s an example of YouTuber Gillian Perkins announcing her online YouTube workshop to her Facebook audience:


These types of posts let people know what you have to offer and give them time to plan for it.

18. Podcast and book recommendations

Have a go-to book or podcast that has changed your life?

There's likely someone out there who would also enjoy that content.

You could even plug your own podcast!

PodcastShow your fans you care and think about them by linking to resources you’re actively benefiting from and using.

19. Use the 3 Ps of posting

Think of the 3 Ps of posting as a compass for your Facebook posts.

No matter what Facebook’s algorithm throws at you, keeping these factors in mind will keep your Facebook posts on track:

  • Personal - Talk about things that matter to you
  • Purpose - Offer tutorials, tips, and how-tos
  • Promotion - Make CTAs a part of your posting schedule

Alternating between the 3Ps will add variety to and enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook posts.

20. Top numbered lists

A numbered list is a great way to share ideas in order.

For example, you can create a post listing the "Top 10 low-calorie meals for a better body” or the “5 Best ways to reduce your monthly bills.”

Here’s another example from business strategist Louise Henry:


People love numbered lists because they know exactly what they’re going to get from them:

Readable, bite-sized nuggets of advice.

21. Post original images


original graphic

Using original images (images created and designed by you) gives your page a unique aesthetic.

You can use the following platforms to create your own visuals:

Another alternative?

Hire a designer to make images for you.

"...But isn't hiring a designer a little pricey?"

It doesn’t have to be!

You can simply pay them per image.

Ask your designer to recreate images you find on the web or in Post Planner's viral photo library.

22. Share an infographic

Infographics are effective ways to share statistics, data, and other information in a more digestible form.

Here’s what we mean:

People are highly visual.

That’s why the most effective social media posts contain engaging images or videos.

By converting verbal information into an infographic, you leverage human psychology to connect with your audience.

Here's an example from Post Planner:


This infographic solves the problem of manually posting on social media — and the difficulty of coming up with what to post!

These infographics make Post Planner’s purpose and outcomes clear and easy to understand!

23. Talk about business challenges

Everyone's business journey is different.

But EVERYONE faces challenges.

Be open to sharing any business challenges you’ve dealt with.

You never know who's in the same boat as you!

Your post could help someone in your field avoid those same challenges by thinking ahead.

That's how you add value and earn your audience’s trust!

24. Do a contest or giveaway

Raise your hand if you DON’T like free stuff.


Free giveaways are a brilliant way to get your audience’s attention.

It could be a gift basket, product, service, or trip.

Truth is, people will want to win it because it’s free (and people are competitive)!

Use your contest or giveaway to engage your audience.

Facebook contest post

Ask them to complete specific tasks to be eligible for the contest, such as:

  • Liking your Facebook page and leaving a comment
  • Following another page of yours
  • Tagging a friend

It's a win-win because you get more Facebook engagement and your reader has a chance to win something.

Remember to add a deadline to your giveaway and announce when a winner will be crowned.

25. Share your other social media pages

Facebook probably isn't the only app you're using.

Are you on Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram too!?

Use Facebook to share your profiles on those platforms!


Different platforms show different sides of your brand.

In other words, the way you post on TikTok will be different from how you post on Twitter and Instagram.

promote other social media on facebook post

Exposing your Facebook audience to your other profiles shows them that your brand or business is dynamic and interesting!

26. Compare your life now to one year ago

one year ago post

This one falls along the lines of a reflection post with a specific timeline.

If you've made lots of changes in your business in the past year — share your 365-day journey!

Let your followers in on the insights gained and personal growth experienced as you accomplished a new degree of success.

27. Share your business milestones

We all set goals we hope to achieve.

The moment you achieve that goal or milestone can be one of the most exciting moments of your life!

Share that with your fans to show them how serious you are about your journey and to inspire them to join you in setting goals!

Milestones don’t always have to be positive either.

Sometimes, success is learning to let go of a goal.

Share that with your fans, too.

business milestone

These inspirational Facebook posts tend to elicit a good amount of engagement.

Don't forget to respond to all the "Congratulations!" comments to show your appreciation for the support.

28. Talk about the pros and cons of something

Pros and cons help you share knowledge about a subject.

Maybe you're a social media manager, and you want to share the pros and cons of using Facebook ads over posting organically.

You could even create an infographic (like we mentioned earlier) that lays your points clearly with nice visuals.

Here's an example from Consumer Reports:

pros and cons

29. Post pictures of your staff and office

Pictures of your team create a sense of familiarity with your business.

Many companies in the healthcare industry do a good job of this because they know it makes their office seem welcoming.

Share group and individual photos along with fun facts about the team or employee spotlights.

Here's an example from Frost Orthodontics in Arizona:


If one of your page followers ever visits your office or speaks to your staff members, they’ll feel a sense of ease when they recognize the faces in the room.

30. Post an award or accomplishment

Were you recognized for an achievement?

Share your accolades and comment on what they mean to you.

Again, it's ideal that the award is relevant to your audience.


Letting people know about your awards may inspire them to reach out to you for mentorship or business partnerships, so don’t be shy!

31. Talk about a charity or cause

Share about a charity or cause you believe in, and invite your readers to get involved!

Facebook is one of the BEST places to spread the word — no matter how small the cause.

Your Facebook fans will like the fact that you're involved in something more than just "business," and you get to use your platform to make a difference.


32. Post an unpopular opinion

Everyone has one.

unpopular opinion posts

Sometimes, sharing your unpopular opinion is just the fuel to get the conversation going.

"But I don't really have any unpopular opinions..."

If you can let go of your self-made filters, you'll find one.

You can get inspiration by browsing popular posts and identifying the ones you disagree with...

Those are the perfect "unpopular opinions" to post about!

Don’t go into this sort of post unprepared.

It can be helpful to establish rules for discussion and to monitor your thread for overly hostile interactions.

You want to start an engaging discussion, not a social media war.

33. Share a blog post

Do you have a blog that gives your audience a ton of value?

Post the link on Facebook!

facebook blog share post

While you could technically write a Facebook post up to 63,206 characters long, very few people scrolling on social media expect to read that much content.

Plus, linking to your blog posts can improve your website’s SEO by referring traffic to your website.

34. Post an interview

Is your network filled with knowledgeable people in your field?

Do you work with a mentor as you grow in your profession?

Help out your audience and share what you’ve learned from those experts through Facebook posts!

You can record an interview focusing on topics beneficial to your viewers.

Prepare your questions ahead of time, hop on a video conferencing platform (Zoom, Streamyard, Google Meet), have a conversation, and post it on Facebook!

interview facebook posts

35. Share inspiring quotes


People love quotes!

The reason why quotes work is that they can connect with literally anyone.

On our Facebook page, quotes tend to be one of our most engaged types of content.

That means quotes can work for you too!

You can find good quotes by browsing Facebook, Instagram, Post Planner's content library, or any media you read or watch and find inspiring.

Post Planner quotes

36. Post photos and videos of your product in use

We’re going to say it…

Product photos are boring!

They all look the same.

Instead of doing that, take pictures showing how your product works — and post those!

product in action facebook post

People want to imagine how they can use your products in real life.

Giving people a sense of what your product will be like in their hands is the BEST way to entice people to buy it!

Take this a step further and partner with influencers who will show how your product works for you on their own platforms.

And if they have a large audience that engages well?

Get ready for a boatload of sales!

37. Post videos

Videos are the hottest commodity on Facebook.

Post fb videos

Did you know that there are over 4 billion video views on Facebook EVERY DAY?

Take advantage of this now and post a video to show:

  • Behind the scenes
  • You and your team
  • How to use your product or service
  • Your fun side

Keep it simple (but creative), and you’ll see your engagement go up.

POST PLANNER PRO TIP: Add subtitles to your videos for viewers who prefer the sound off.

38. Fan spotlight

Post about your fans and customers!

Having a fan spotlight is the best way to build credibility and trust.

Potential customers will purchase from you. They’ll be more loyal to your business when they see their photo featured on your Facebook page.

And guess what?

New recruits will want in!

Here's an example of a fan spotlight post from Super Coffee:


Your fan spotlight posts can mention how your customer found your business and how they've benefited from a relationship with you.

Asking them to wear your company merch isn't too bad of an idea either!

Some companies even do weekly fan spotlights to really let their fans shine.

39. Poll your audience

Polls are an engaging way to GUAGE your audience's sentiment towards something.

While at the time of writing this, Facebook doesn't have an official "Poll" feature, there are still ways around this (comment if this has changed). 😏

You can either:

  1. Tell your fans to leave a specific reaction.
  2. Tell your fans to leave a specific comment.
  3. Post a Facebook story and use the poll feature there

So, what do you poll your fans about?

Here are some Facebook poll ideas:

  • Preferences on a product
  • Opinions on a hot topic in your industry
  • Ask about what feature or product you should release next
  • Gather opinions on designs
  • Ask about current pain points 

40. Play a guessing game 

What invokes curiosity, engagement...

AND drives people crazy?

Take a guess. 😅

Guessing game

Try turning your next Facebook post into a guessing game to build some hype about what you're working on.

For example, you could post a picture of a close-up of a new project.

Or you could try describing it in a text post.

Then, dare your audience to guess what it is!

41. "Caption this"

Caption this

I'd bet you have already joined in on one of these posts before.

(I know I have!)

Try finding (or taking) a funny or wacky picture of something in your industry, then tell your fans to write their own caption.

You could even turn this into a contest!

"Best caption wins a free shoutout!"

42. Make a seasonal or holiday post

holiday facebook post

You probably only think about making seasonal or holiday posts WHEN the day comes.

Don't be that person... Scrambling to find a holiday post is like scrambling to find a birthday gift — the day of the birthday party.

This is why — just like shopping for gifts — NOW is the time to plan your holiday posts.

Check out this inspiration:

43. Create a Facebook Reel

Facebook reels2

Across Meta apps, Reels get played OVER 140 billion times DAILY.

So, in case you haven't noticed, Reels have taken over. The time to start posting Reels was yesterday.

Not sure what to post?

Try making a Reel using any of the post ideas on this list. 😀

44. Recycle your best content

Just because you posted something before DOESN'T mean your entire audience saw the post or remembers it.

Recycling your top-performing posts allows you to squeeze more engagement out of your previous content efforts.

And if you're a Post Planner user, recycling your content is easy.

Post Planner allows you to filter through your all of your content to quickly find top-performing posts.

recycle post planner 2

Which you can recycle and repost with a click of a button.

Or when you're creating a Facebook post, you can easily "Recycle" the post in your content plan, meaning it'll be reposted after a set period of time.

recycle post post planner

45. User-generated content (UGC)


51% of consumers say they would be MORE likely to continue engaging with or purchasing from a brand that shared their user-generated content!

One of the most effective ways to get social on your Facebook page is to post user-generated content.

This means sharing photos or videos your customers have created using your products or services. It helps build a sense of community and serves as social proof for other potential customers.

Share user-generated content

The next time a customer shares a picture of themselves using your product or service, don't hesitate to share it on your Facebook page. It's a win-win for you and your customers!

We recommend reaching out to your customers before sharing their content with your followers just to ensure it’s okay with them that you use their post on your page.

It never hurts to ask — people are almost always willing to share!

46. Tutorials 

tutorial post

One of the reasons so many people use Facebook is LEARNING.

(That's right. Not just cat videos!)

So, what's something you know how to do that your audience doesn't?

Time to turn that into a "how-to" tutorial post!

47. Promote sales

What's another BIG reason customers follow their favorite brands?

Sales, promotions, and discounts. 🤑

Your audience wants them — so if you're selling something, don't disappoint your audience!

Here are some promotion ideas:

  • Limited-time discounts
  • Flash sales
  • Bundle deals
  • Buy one, get one offers
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Free shipping

Use your Facebook posts as an opportunity to raise awareness around any special promotions you're running.

What's the lifespan of a Facebook post?

You've got some great Facebook post ideas!

But your Facebook strategy doesn't end there.

It's essential to understand how the Facebook algorithm works holistically.

You could have the best post in North America.

However, if it's not getting seen by enough people, you're pretty much talking to a wall.

In other words, you have poor reach.

Reach refers to the number of people who've seen your Facebook post.

It takes up to 2 hours for a Facebook post to reach 75% of its reach potential.

facebook post ideas 1

On top of that, there are findings that most pages only reach 6% of their total audience!

Here’s how that works out in real life:

Let's say you have 5000 Facebook fans.

After about 2 hours, only 300 will see your post.

225 will see your post in the first hour and 50 minutes.

The rest (75 people) will see your post in the hours after.

Here are the key takeaways from this data:

  • Your engagement is a by-product of great content, time of day, and reach.
  • Post great content during the peak hours of your audience's online activity for the best results.
  • Use Facebook’s metrics to figure out when your audience is online the most.

By knowing what time to post (and creating a schedule accordingly), you can maximize your Facebook post’s reach.

How to maximize your Facebook post reach

Can you really expect to get a decent amount of engagement when only 6% of your 800 followers (so just 48 people) see your post?

The truth is…

Not really.

You need a lot more eyeballs on your posts to get algorithm-activating engagement on your posts.

The best way to get more reach is by promoting the post you want most people to see.

Choose a well-performing Facebook post to boost.

Facebook’s algorithm will then bring your post to people most likely to engage with it.

Post the perfect Facebook content using Post Planner


The ideas shared in this list will help you get MORE!

More Likes, more comments, and more shares!

But to get those benefits, you have to CONSISTENTLY publish your Facebook posts at the right time.

You can use Post Planner's scheduling tool to plan and automate your Facebook posts so that they go out at the EXACT time you need them to.

Want in?

Sign up for a FREE Post Planner account today!


Frequently asked questions about Facebook post ideas

How do you make a catchy Facebook post?

Creating a catchy Facebook post involves a mix of creativity, relevance, and understanding your audience. Here are some general tips to help you create attention-grabbing posts:

  • Create compelling visuals
  • Write clear and concise copy
  • Use emotion
  • Ask questions
  • Share a teasers
  • Use relevant hashtags

What type of posts are most popular on Facebook?

According to Statista, videos have the highest engagement rate on Facebook at 0.8% (2023).

What is a good FIRST Facebook post?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question. Although here are my top 3 tips for creating your 1st Facebook post:

  1. Introduce yourself or your business. Share a brief background, your mission, and what your followers can expect from your page.
  2. Clearly communicate the value you'll provide to your audience. Explain how following your page will benefit them.
  3. Post content that reflects your brand's tone and style. It could be an introductory video, a captivating image, or a well-written text that showcases your personality.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

The correct answer is when most of your audience is on Facebook. However, here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Post during times when users are most likely to be active, such as early mornings (around 8 AM), lunchtime (12 PM - 1 PM), and evenings (5 PM - 9 PM).
  • Experiment with posting at different times and use Facebook's Audience Insights to track when your audience engages the most. This data will help you determine your specific optimal posting times.
  • If your audience is spread across different time zones, schedule posts to accommodate their local times.


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