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The low-cost social media scheduler that SKYROCKETS engagement.

Businesses using Post Planner pay less and get 510% more Likes!

Post Planner customers get 5x MORE Likes!
Researchers at Buzzsumo and Buffer1 analyzed 500 million Facebook posts...
Result → Post Planner wins

The research confirmed that posts from Post Planner get significantly more Likes, Comments and Shares compared to other apps...

510% more Likes, Comments and Shares!

It’s not even close.

The top applications used by individuals/small businesses ranked by engagement
Our customers succeed
Joshua Becker gets BIG results from Post Planner

I posted maybe 2 or 3 times a month. A friend told me about Post Planner, so I linked up my Facebook page figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Whoa!.. I’ll say it didn’t hurt to try! I signed up and just 3 weeks later check out these numbers:

Post reach up 27,666%
Post Engagement up 13,677%
Page Likes up 381%

* Screenshot of Joshua’s Facebook results sent to us by the author
“These are crazy pinball numbers I’m getting on the page now. Very impressive. Post Planner deserves all the credit.”
Joshua Becker
author and founder of
Viral content doesn't have to be hard
It starts with stopping the scroll
Stop the scroll

The goal of every social media post is to stop the scroll — to make people stop scrolling & pay attention.

Reach more people

If you stop the scroll, your posts will get more Likes, comments and shares — and thus reach more people.

Grow your business

If you reach more people, some of those people will end up on your website — and become customers.

Find & post scroll-stopping content
  • Browse shareable content like you browse shows on Netflix
  • Choose viral content based on our 5-star rating
  • Turn viral content into your own posts in a few clicks
Tap into content "playlists"
  • Aggregate social feeds (from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) into topic-based streams for one-click viewing
  • Follow niche streams curated by experts
  • Leverage popular & industry streams
Post high-engagement content
  • Stop guessing about what content to post
  • Choose viral content based on its performance
  • Use our 5-star scoring system to quickly know the virality of content
Create your own content library
  • Upload your own images, videos and gifs
  • Organize the content into folders
  • Give team members access for easy posting
Schedule & manage your posts
  • Tailor your posts to each social network
  • Queue up posts according to your posting plan
  • Set evergreen posts to recycle automatically
  • Quickly re-order or shuffle posts
Analyze how posts perform
  • Instantly see post engagement stats 
  • Sort posts by Likes, shares or clicks
  • Re-publish & re-queue top performers in one click
Powerful and affordable
A powerhouse solution for the price of a latte
Which Plan is Best for you?