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The Good News:

Local customers are searching for your Business on mobile.

The Bad News:

You're NOT showing up in search results.

Why Not ?

Because of 3 (very fixable) problems.

Your Business Listing is NOT optimized
Your Business Listing is NOT optimized
Your Listing is NOT updated often enough
Your Listing is NOT updated often enough
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You don't have enough NEW 5-star Reviews

What happens when you fix these 3 problems?


You show up in the Google 3-pack!

Your business appears in the Top 3 when customers search for service providers.


But ONLY if you do these 3 things:
  • Sync your Business Listing across EVERY online platform

  • Update your Business Listing EVERY week

  • Get new 5-star reviews EVERY week


Post Planner "Local SEO" helps you do ALL 3.

Here's how:

1. We optimize & sync your Business Listing

Your Business Info → Optimized

Make your info COMPLETE and ACCURATE

Post Planner helps you add the info required by all major search platforms. The more detailed your info, the higher you rank.


Your Business Info → Synced across Platforms

Make your info CONSISTENT across the web

Post Planner automatically syncs your business data across Google, Facebook, Apple, Yelp and EVERY platform that matters. No more conflicting data on different platforms!


2. We update your Business Listing every week

Your Business Info → Updated Weekly

Send the signal your info is CURRENT

Weekly updates signal your business is active and ready for traffic. Once your info is synced, Post Planner takes over and sends weekly updates to every platform, automatically!


3. We help you get 5-star reviews EVERY week

5-Star Reviews → Get More!

Make it EASY for customers to give you 5 stars

Post Planner uses email, SMS and QR codes to keep new 5-star reviews coming in. BONUS: ONLY positive reviews appear on Google. Negative reviews stay private.


New Reviews → Track & Respond

Track and respond to reviews from one place

Negative reviews lose their power when you respond promptly. Post Planner helps you respond to reviews across multiple platforms from one place.


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