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Get endless content ideas for viral social posts

Discover high-quality content and viral post ideas.

Search for popular posts across social networks to find viral content and generate ideas for your posts.



Viral Content on Demand

Generate content ideas by leveraging the work of industry insiders. Get access to a dynamic media library that offers endless 5-star content and makes viral content searchable by keyword.



Content for Every Industry

Get trending content for ANY niche or industry. Post Planner surfaces tens of thousands of popular posts, viral images, viral videos, niche articles, gifs, quotes, memes, contests, listicles, questions and post ideas.


Impress Followers with Content Gems

Re-share expert content that delights your audience. Up to 30% of your posts should be re-shares of expert content. It's how you become a content hub and influencer in your niche!



Which sources can I curate content from?
You can curate content from ANY public Facebook page, Twitter account, Reddit subreddit or RSS feed. You can also search by keyword for top content from Google, Youtube, Giphy, Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels and more.
How do I choose the most viral content?
Post Planner makes this easy by giving 5-star ratings to all dynamic content coming via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and RSS. Simply choose 4-star and 5-star content and you are practically guaranteed to boost your Likes and engagement!
What sharing options do I have with the content I find?

You can re-share, re-tweet or quote tweet — or you can share directly. You can also use our image editor to improve or meme-ify images.

How often is the content updated or refreshed?
Content is refreshed constantly throughout the day — so you always know which content is HOT!
Can I alter or improve the content I find in Post Planner?
That's up to you. You can use our image editor or Canva plugin if edits are needed!
Can I upload my own content?
Yes! In addition to the dynamic viral content available via Post Planner's feeds, you can also upload and organize your own content in your Library.
Can I "favorite" content to save it for later?
Yes, you can favorite any content you find in Post Planner — and then access it in the Favorites section anytime.

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