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Post what you want, when you want — on auto-pilot

Classify your posts into topic-based buckets

Post Planner will automatically rotate your posts to give your audience the perfect mix of content.



Categorize Your Content Types

Ditch the spreadsheets and complicated content calendar templates. Our post bucketing feature helps you post the perfect variety of content.



Rotate Your Posts by Topic

Once your buckets are in place and full of posts, Post Planner will automatically rotate your posts by bucket — following to the frequency you select.


Recycle Top Performers

Activate post recycling to keep top-performing content going out and making the most of every post. You can choose which posts to recycle and the frequency at which they re-publish.

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Analyze Bucket Performance

View engagement metrics by bucket to see which content is resonating best with your audience. This data will help you prioritize content in future posts.


Can I use my buckets on any of my profiles?

Yes, you can use the same bucket across several social profiles, or have custom buckets for individual profiles.

How many posts can I add to a bucket?
There is no limit. But your bucket posts do count toward your number of total scheduled posts.
Can I pause a bucket?
Yes, you can pause a bucket anytime — for as long as needed.
Can I activate my buckets only for certain time frames or seasons?
Yes, our "seasonal buckets" features allows you activate buckets for any timeframe in the future. And the timeframe can be edited or adjusted anytime.
How many total buckets can I have?
If you're on the Growth plan or higher, you can add an unlimited number of buckets. 

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