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Schedule to All Networks

Schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter — all from one platform. With Post Planner, you can schedule months of optimized posts to every social network.

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One Click Scheduling

Create a custom queue schedule for each day of the week. Then queue up new posts in one click, randomize the order of posts for variety, and re-add your top-performing posts in 1 click.


View Posts by Month or Week

Post Planner automatically adds your scheduled posts to a calendar view — so you can quickly see the next month or week of posts. With all your upcoming posts visible on a single calendar, staying organized is easy.

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Boost Reach Automatically

Post continuously without having to create new content each time. With Post Planner, you can activate recycling in one click. Re-publish evergreen content forever and watch your reach increase with each cycle.


Can I schedule posts for specific times and dates?
Yes, you can both queue posts using our Smart Queue system, or you can scheduled posts for specific days and times.
Can I change my queue settings anytime?
Yes, you can edit and update your queue settings as often as you like. Changes are rendered immediately in your live queue of posts.
Can I pause my queue?
Yes, you can pause your queue anytime, for as long as you like.
How many times can I recycle posts?
You can recycle your posts for as long as you want. Choose between recycling a specific number of times, until a certain date, or forever.

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