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Schedule Facebook Posts, Stories & Reels to your Pages and Groups!



Schedule Posts to Facebook and Every Other Network

Upload your content once and share it to Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter/X and YouTube.

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Schedule a First Comment with your Facebook Posts

Start a conversation the minute your FB post publishes. Add a first comment with a link, question or relevant hashtags.


Schedule Facebook Posts, Reels, Stories and more

Post Planner helps you schedule every kind of content to Facebook: Reels, Stories, carousels, vids, articles, gifs, contests, quotes and more.

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Connect as Many Facebook Accounts as You Need

Managing more than one Facebook account? No problem. Connect as many as you need and schedule posts in seconds.


Curate Top Content from Facebook Pages

Add any Facebook page (including your own or your competitors) and we'll show you the top performing content from any time period.

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Post to your Facebook Group as your Profile or Page

Do you want to post to your Facebook Group as your personal profile or as your brand page? You can do both with Post Planner.


Tag other Facebook Pages in your Posts

Sometimes you need to promote another page or give them credit. Post Planner lets you tag them, just like on Facebook itself.



Use AI to Generate Facebook Posts and Captions

Take caption writing off your plate with Post Planner's AI Writer. Instantly generate FB captions, post ideas, and so much more.


Schedule Dozens of FB Posts at Once... in Seconds

Create dozens of posts at once for all your Facebook pages and groups — each one optimized perfectly for reach and engagement.



Preview your Posts Before They Go LIVE

Post Planner shows you a live post preview of your FB post — while you compose the post.


How does Facebook scheduling work?
Post Planner's Facebook scheduler helps you plan and publish posts and reels that drive engagement and growth for your brand. Features include customizable posting plans, content categories, drafts, post previews, first comment scheduling, tagging, AI hashtags, AI writer, post ideas, quotes, and content curation from any Facebook page.
Why should I schedule Facebook posts?
If you’re a business owner or social media manager, there are many benefits to scheduling your Facebook posts. Here are a few reasons why you should be scheduling your posts:

(1) It saves you time and stress.

(2) It ensures consistent posting (which helps you maximize engagement).

(3) It gives you better control over the content on your Facebook page or group

(4) It helps you to plan and post to Facebook in advance — from your computer

What kinds of Facebook posts can I schedule with Post Planner?
You can schedule Facebook image posts, video posts, multi-photo carousel posts (up to 10 images), link preview posts, text-only posts and Reels — to both your Facebook Pages and Groups.
Can I schedule Facebook Reels?
Yes! You can schedule Reels direct to Facebook on all Post Planner plans, including our free plan.
Can I schedule posts to my Facebook Groups?
Definitely! With Post Planner you can plan, edit, draft, and schedule posts to your Facebook Groups — and post as either your personal FB profile or as a page page (your business page, for example). You decide!
Can I schedule Facebook posts to publish automatically?
Yes, Post Planner lets you schedule posts that publish directly to Facebook, without any further work for confirmations from you. Once you create the post and queue it up in Post Planner, you're good to go!
Can I schedule multi-photo "carousel" posts to publish automatically?
Yes, you can schedule carousel posts to be published automatically to Facebook with Post Planner — with up to 10 images.
How do I schedule Facebook posts?
Scheduling Facebook posts through Post Planner is simple:

(1) To get started, log in to your Post Planner account

(2) Click the green "Create Post" button at the top left corner

(3) Select the Facebook Page or Group you want to schedule the post to in Step 1

(4) Craft your post and caption in Step 2, adding photos, videos, GIFs, text, hashtags

TIP: use Post Planner's AI hashtags and writer to craft the perfect post

(5) In Step 3, customize your post for FB by choosing the network settings: Post or Reel, album, first comment settings and more

(6) In Step 4, click "Add to Queue" to queue your post up. All done!

Full guide here: Visual guide on how to schedule Facebook posts
How do I get started scheduling Facebook posts?
Simple. Just click here to start a free trial of Post Planner.

Once you're in the app, connect your FB account and activate your pages and groups. Then set up a posting plan and start queueing up your posts!

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