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Create dozens of optimized posts in minutes

Tailor the perfect post for each social network

Bring together your ideas, media, text and links to create the perfect post for every social network.



Create Multiple Posts at Once

No need to create separate posts for each of your profiles, one at a time — or one network at a time. With Post Planner, you can create a single post that is optimized for all networks.

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Optimize Posts by Network

Posts require different optimizations per network. For example, on Instagram you need to add a location and first comment. On Google you need to add a CTA. Post Planner lets you add them all — in one go.


Preview Posts before Posting

If you can't see what your post will look like when it publishes, it's hard to be confident in the content. That's why Post Planner shows you a live post preview — while you compose the post.

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Save Texts for Your Captions

Some texts need to be used over and over — like hashtag groups, CTA's, signatures, and more. Post Planner allows you to add "Saved tests" and then paste them into your captions in one click.


Can I create multiple posts at once?
Yes, you can upload multiple images from your computer, multiple articles from an RSS feed, or multiple content from Post Planner's Content tool. Or you can upload a spreadsheet full of hundreds of posts.
Can I create carousel posts?
Yes, you can create carousel posts for all networks that allow them.
Can I create Reels?
Yes, you can schedule Reels on Instagram and Facebook.
Can I add first comments to my posts?
Yes, you can schedule first comments with your posts to Instagram and Facebook.
Can I schedule retweets, quote tweets and re-shares?

Yes, you can schedule retweets and quote tweets to Twitter. And you can schedule re-shared posts to Facebook.

Can I add tags and locations?
Yes, you can add @tags to your captions on all networks that allow them. And you can add locations on Instagram posts.

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