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Customer Results
Joshua Becker gets massive spike from Post Planner

I’ve had a personality-based Facebook page for many years, but rarely used it. I posted maybe two or three times a month. A friend told me about Post Planner. It sounded like fun to try, so I linked up my Facebook page figuring it wouldn’t hurt. Whoa, I’ll say it didn’t hurt to try!

I signed up for Post Planner on August 4th — just three weeks ago. Check out these numbers:

Post reach up 27,666%
Post Engagement up 13,677%
Page Likes up 381%

* Screenshot of Joshua’s Facebook results sent to us by the author
“These are crazy pinball numbers I’m getting on the page now. Very impressive. Post Planner deserves all the credit.”
Joshua Becker
author and founder of
We help our customers succeed
Our app enables astronomic growth for social marketing engagement and results
Rachel Pedersen
Queen of social media
I love Post Planner because I can manage groups, I can manage multiple pages, I can manage my Twitter, and I can recycle content.
Deb Laflamme
Social marketing strategist
I can't live without Post Planner. My business has been able to grow because I make Post Planner a part of my daily routine.
Tracy Taylor
Founder of TNT Marketing
Love this service! It gives hours back to my day! The software is awesome and customer service A+.
Alivia Cavallin
Entrepreneur and affiliate marketing coach
It blew me away that this tool exists! Content is one of my biggest hurdles.
Samuel Pavin
Brand strategist and startup advisor
I am an advocate for Post Planner and definitely love the tool. It has become one of my top tools when it comes to social media management.
Sean O'Meara
High performance lifestyle coach
I’m really, really loving the app and getting my social media systems and bits set up with Post Planner.
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Thought leaders and social influencers have taken notice of Post Planner
Guy Kawasaki
The key to success on Facebook is posting a lot of great content consistently. Post Planner’s viral photo feature has generated popular posts on my Facebook page. And, of course, I’m a fan of the Canva button integration to create an image and schedule it out at the optimal time. What’s not to love?
Kim Garst
I use Post Planner on a daily basis and I love it! Honestly, I would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising costs to achieve the same results I get with Post Planner. Thank you Post Planner!
Peg Fitzpatrick
Post Planner is easy to organize and use. I've created folders that bring in content I love as well as hashtag searches. I get ideas from their viral photos. Post Planner makes it easier to be a page manager by filling in the gaps with great ideas to post.
Rebekah Radice
Post Planner is my daily go-to solution for finding and scheduling top performing content. I can schedule content across multiple social networks. It simplifies everything I do, giving me more time to focus on cultivating and growing my online community.
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