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9 Best Social Media Scheduling Tools (Reviewed)

Posted 01 February, 2024



What is the best social media scheduler for 2024?

This guide gives you the 9 best tools to manage social media posts right now.

These tools will help you:

  • Save time
  • Find better content
  • Improve engagement
  • Increase brand consistency

Trust me. I know there are A LOT of options out there.

Which is why I tried and tested the top 9 social media post schedulers myself.

I'll also give you my tips for choosing the best social media scheduling tool for your specific needs. But feel free to skip to the section that you're most interested in:

(Looking for a free option with the best all-around post scheduler? Try Post Planner today!)

Why you need a social media post planner

Couldn’t you just do what a social media posting tool does by yourself?

Won’t you save money by just doing it yourself?

It’s possible, but consider how much it’ll cost you in the long run.

  • Your content will suffer because you can’t scour the whole internet like a post planner tool can.
  • You’ll sacrifice precious hours looking for content that you could have spent interacting with your audience.
  • You’ll end up dreading the time you spend on social media, which will decrease your pages’ quality over time.

On the other hand, think of these 4 benefits of using a social media post scheduler:

1. Save time

Scheduling social media posts can save business owners 6 hours or more EVERY week.

social_media_post_planner_1.2That's the first benefit that you’ll notice.

A social media scheduling app can save you time in 3 ways:

  • It constantly scours the internet for the best content (even while you sleep).
  • It allows you to schedule content in advance instead of working on posts every day.
  • It posts your schedule posts for you, so you don’t even have to log in to post your content.

Time is your most valuable resource as a social media manager.

So automate your social media posting to save time so you can work on other tasks.

2. Find better content

Most people notice an IMMEDIATE improvement in their content when they start automating their posting.

For example, think about everything you have to do to find good content for Facebook manually:

  1. Log onto your Facebook.
  2. Search for keywords in the search bar.
  3. Spend hours looking through dozens of pages (most of them are worthless) before you find anything good.
  4. Repost the content for your followers.
  5. Repeat the process every single time you want to make a post.

On the other hand, consider how easy the same thing is using a scheduler like Post Planner.

  1. Log into Post Planner.
  2. Look at the curated content for your niche.
  3. Add any post you want to your calendar.

The wealth of content available makes it so easy to find BETTER content.

3. Improve engagement

When your content improves, so will your engagement.


Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes.

How do you respond when you see lame, boring, and unhelpful content?

You probably just keep scrolling.

On the other hand, great content encourages viewers to like, comment, and share.

More shares equals more views, which equals more followers.

See the difference?

In other words, get ready to see your engagement explode when you start using a social media scheduling tool.

4. Post more often

One of the worst things that can happen to your social media is for people to forget about you.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for that to happen if you hardly ever post (because it takes you so long to find a good post).

Posting tools solve this issue by making it SUPER easy to post frequently.


Frequent posting keeps your content in front of your viewers, which keeps them from forgetting about you.

For example, I can quickly schedule 15 or 20 posts in a couple of hours using a post scheduling tool. Which means I can schedule a post for every other day of the month in a SINGLE sitting!

The 9 BEST social media scheduling tools

If you do a quick Google search for “social media planning tools,” you’ll quickly see that there are TOO MANY tools to count.

We’ve tried the most popular social media post planners, and we’ve put together a list of the top ones.

In addition, we’ve categorized them by the uses that they accomplish best.

1. Best for content curation & scheduling social media posts: Post Planner


I look for efficiency when deciding on the best tools to manage social media posts.

And EFFICIENCY is the word I think of when I use Post Planner.

Originally, Post Planner was an app optimized for Facebook. It helped brands deliver the most relevant content to their communities.

However, these days, Post Planner is a tool for finding, planning, and posting content on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Google Business

Post Planner has every tool you need to be a successful social media content creator.

The best part? It's at an affordable price!

Here's a demo video that shows you just how simple it is to use (the video will open in a new tab):

Post Planner demo video



  • Personal and quick customer support
  • Affordable for small businesses
  • The interface is simple and easy to use
  • Easily schedule weeks of content in an afternoon
  • You can identify trending content for sharing
  • You can recycle top-performing posts
  • Bulk post scheduling
  • Great for tracking competitors' content across platforms
  • Content creation tools that help you never run out of ideas


  • Although Post Planner helps you track your engagement, its reporting features are more simple compared to other tools on this list

Key features

  • Connect - All of your social media accounts in one place (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google Business).
  • Discover - Curate content from around the web to share.
  • Design - Create your own visual posts with our content studio.
  • Categorize - Organize your content into bucket categories.
  • Create - Tailor each of your posts to be optimized for each social media platform.
  • Schedule - Automate your content to be posted at the perfect time with bulk scheduling and post recycling.
  • Analyze - Evaluate your historical posts' engagement and performance.
  • Mobile app - Create and schedule content from your mobile device with the IOS or Android app.


For up-to-date pricing details, check out our pricing page.

Post Planner comes in 4 different pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Starter - $7/month paid annually
  • Growth - $27/month paid annually
  • Business - $47/month paid annually

Customer reviews

Post Planner mostly receives  4-5 stars across online review platforms. Customers love the time they save scheduling their posts with Post Planner's easy-to-navigate UI. Some more critical reviews mention that they wish there were more advanced reporting features.

Here's what Dustin P. has to say about using Post Planner:

"I have been using Post Planner for the past few months and it has been a game changer for my business. With the ability to schedule posts to multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok, my social media presence has never been stronger. The content curation feature has also saved me so much time by allowing me to easily find and share relevant articles, images, and videos from top sources. The calendar view and post recycling feature have also helped me stay organized and efficient in my social media planning. But the best part about Post Planner has been the customer service. Josh and the team have been incredibly responsive and helpful in addressing any questions or issues I've had. I highly recommend Post Planner to any business looking to streamline their social media efforts and drive more sales."

2. Good app for community interaction: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool that's best for larger companies because of its more complex features and higher price tag. It allows you to manage almost every aspect of social media posts. This tool offers social media managers the ability to:

  • Publish and schedule content, including auto-schedule
  • Research and identify engaging content
  • Engage with community
  • View many aspects of engagement with a multi-stream view
  • Analyze progress and analytics

One of the strongest points of Hootsuite compared to other tools is the ability to reply to comments on your posts directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.


  • Strong analytics and reporting
  • Paid ads management
  • DM and comment management features that are great for customer service
  • Plenty of integrations
  • Great for social listening to manage your online reputation


  • Relatively more expensive compared to Post Planner
  • The free plan is only for 30 days
  • You get a stock photo library, but you can't curate various types of content from around the web

Key features

  • Publish and schedule posts
  • Social media analytics and reporting
  • AI content creation
  • Social listening
  • Engagement tools
  • Inbox and messaging
  • Employee advocacy tools
  • Social advertising management


Hootsuite has 3 main pricing plans available:

  • Professional - $99/month billed annually
  • Team - $249/month billed annually
  • Enterprise - Contact Hootsuite for pricing

Customer reviews

Most Hootsuite customers rate it 4 or 5 stars across review sites. Customers value its social media management and team collaboration features. One of the most common complaints is its higher pricing.

Here's what Thallita M. has to say about using Hootsuite:

"What do you like best about Hootsuite?

I love using HS due to the perfect fact that you can monitore all your accounts using just one dashboard and also view some metrics related to the acccounts. Besides these topics,it is so easy to publish 3 or more posts on different social medias. By this time, I already can't live without HS cosidering I use it every week.

What do you dislike about Hootsuite?

PDF. I would love to be able to post PDF on Linkedin and also choose different dimensions to post on other social medias as Instagram, for example. Talking about IG, I really can't use the Stories option on my cellphone yet, I have no idea what happens but I just can't. It would be nice to be able to post on Stories by using a laptop, but I understand why we can't (yet)!

What problems is Hootsuite solving and how is that benefiting you?

Definitely time. I used to spend so much time and energy posting on 7 seven social medias individually and now it is so much easier and even fun to post things online. I only take a few minutes to schedule and I love the text suggestions."

3. Good app for scheduling Instagram posts: Buffer

Buffer's simple design and UX make scheduling, posting, and collaborating an intuitive process.

Buffer can connect to Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Google Business, and even Mastodon.

Even though Buffer can connect to all these platforms, Instagram is where it really shines.

Since Instagram only allows users to share one link in their bio, Buffer allows you to make a landing page that allows you to share various links and calls-to-action. This is a stand-out feature that'll help you turn your Instagram traffic into sales and signups.

Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer suffers because it doesn’t provide the user with a solution for finding posts. Its suite of tools is excellent for planning and scheduling, but it doesn’t allow the user to quickly and efficiently find the top posts in their niche.

Buffer is heavily focused on teams and analytics. If you’re just looking for something to help you provide better content for your followers, it may not be for you.


  • Team collaboration features
  • Supports the social media Mastodon, unlike other tools on this list.
  • In-depth analytics & dashboard
  • Great for converting your social traffic into sales with its link shortener and landing page tools


  • Pricing can get expensive because they charge for each social media platform you use
  • No features to find the top content in your industry

Key features

  • Publishing
  • Analytics
  • Customized landing page builder
  • Engagement management
  • 30+ integrations
  • IOS and Android app


Unlike some of the other schedulers on this list, Buffer charges you per channel that you use.

Buffer offers 4 main pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Essentials - $5/month per channel paid annually
  • Team - $10/month per channel paid annually
  • Agency - $100/month for the first 10 channels + $5/month for each additional channel paid annually

Customer reviews

Most Buffer customers rate the software between 4-5 stars across thousands of online reviews. Most users value its scheduling, social media management, and analytics features. On the other hand, sometimes users comment on the UI being a bit funky and dislike the pricing structure being based on channels.

Here's what Daniel M. has to say about using Buffer:

"What do you like best about Buffer?

The best part of this tool is that when I was working as Social Media Coordinator, I was able to schedule my posts in different social media ahead of time, making my life easier.

What do you dislike about Buffer?

I wish that the interface were a little more user firendly and make it a little more fun for the users. I also think that would be nice to have a collaboration option (Not sure if this is available now) but it was not available when I used it. And would be very nice to have the option of some kind or included software to review your text or post to have less mistakes when writing.

What problems is Buffer solving and how is that benefiting you?

At my time working with social media, it was helping me to save time to work in other projects by managing the social media posts ahead of time."

4. For posting on Pinterest: Tailwind

If you’ve been on social media for very long, you know that Pinterest is the oddball. This is because almost none of the “standard” social media rules apply to Pinterest.

In other words, it takes a different focus to succeed on Pinterest.

Tailwind is designed to give you an advantage on Pinterest.

Like Post Planner, Tailwind lets you "spy" on your competition and see trending content. This is valuable because repurposing content from influencers in your niche is one of the best things you can do for your page.

With Tailwind, you can also identify influencers, so you can then use that data to target your content.

Tailwind also lets you schedule posts to Facebook and Instagram. However, if you want to use your posting tool with other social media channels, you’ll have to use another software as well. This could be cost-prohibitive for many users.


  • Made for Pinterest, but also supports Instagram and Facebook
  • Easy-to-understand reporting and analytics
  • Has unique automated content creation and design features
  • Has a unique feature that auto-generates personalized marketing plans for your business


  • More expensive than Post Planner
  • Only supports Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Some users complain about the customer support

Key features

  • Content designer for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Email automation
  • Post scheduling
  • Smart hashtag suggestions
  • Link in bio tool for Instagram
  • Private communities to network with other Pinterest creators
  • Analytics and reporting
  • AI writing tool
  • Ecommerce ad creator
  • Their Copilot tool generates personalized step-by-step marketing plans


Tailwind has 4 main pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Pro - $14.99/month paid annually
  • Advanced - $24.99/month paid annually
  • Max - $49.99/month paid annually

Customer reviews

Tailwind mostly receives 4-5 star reviews from its customers across review sites. Users love that it makes creating and posting content on Pinterest easy. Other more critical reviewers mention it being pricier than other tools and not being satisfied with the customer support.

Here's what Karrie B. has to say about using Tailwind:

"What do you like best about Tailwind?

I like that not only can I time my social media posts but I can also see my the display of the feed that will be displayed on IG. Easy to use and you can store lists of # for different types of posts. Smart bio link is very helpful to drive traffic off the platform.

What do you dislike about Tailwind?

Seems like you frequently need to re-link the accounts and relink to FB and IG and it takes multiple times as I always seem to get a few errors before it will actually connect.

Recommendations to others considering Tailwind:

Easy to use and link to FB and IG accounts so that you can schedule social media posts in advance and not worry.

What problems is Tailwind solving and how is that benefiting you?

Pre-scheduling of post so that it can be done all at once vs having to go and do it each day. Saves lots of time and effort. You can also recycle posts of the graphics if needed/wanted for later dates once it is uploaded into the system."

5. Good for agencies: SocialPilot 

SocialPilot is an all-in-one social media management app that's perfect for social media marketing agencies.

You can schedule to all the most important social media platforms, like X, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google Business.

Plus, you get unique white-label features to manage, collaborate, and share analytics with clients.

If you have a lot of social media accounts to manage, you'll find SocialPilot's pricing pretty reasonable. However, if you're only managing a few accounts, there are more affordable options out there for you (like Post Planner).


  • Supports all of the most popular social media platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Great if you have a lot of social media accounts to manage
  • Easy to optimize your posts for each platform
  • White-label customization features
  • Team collaboration features
  • Manage your social media inboxes from a single place


  • You can only add 1 social account for each brand
  • Limited integrations compared to competitors like Hootsuite
  • No free plan

Key features

  • Social media calendar
  • AI content assistant
  • Team management
  • Advanced reports
  • Browser extension
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Content library for your best posts
  • Client management
  • Client post approval
  • Integrations


SocialPilot offers 4 main pricing plans:

  • Professional - $25.50/month billed annually
  • Small Team - $42.50/month billed annually
  • Agency - $85/month billed annually
  • Agency+ - $170/month billed annually

Customer reviews

SocialPilot mostly receives 4-5 stars across online reviews. Customers love the value you get for the money, especially if they're managing a lot of accounts. It was a struggle to find many complaints, although some mentioned occasional scheduling errors.

Here's what Andy K. has to say about using SocialPilot:

"What do you like best about SocialPilot?

Scheduling posts across multiple platforms not just a month ahead but several months in advance. Even the ability to reschedule and reword previous posts.

I also love the idea that I can use it on the fly from the phone app. Much easier than opening each social media platfor when I have a quick post to share.

What do you dislike about SocialPilot?

I still have to keep a separate calendar of ideas and recurring special days. Also if I want to reschedule the date of a specific campaign, I need to click on each individual platform post - you can't reschedule as bulk.

Social Pilot also doesn't have a social feed. So if you still need to log into the separate social accounts to share and like.

What problems is SocialPilot solving and how is that benefiting you?

SocialPilot saves me from having to log into several accounts across several platforms. It also allows me to schedule posts over 6mths in advance, which other services don't allow."


6. Good for Instagram: Later

Later is currently one of the most popular post planner tools for Instagram. It comes with drag-and-drop scheduling, in-depth Instagram analytics, and personalized insights to improve your content.

Although Later supports Facebook, LinkedIn, X, YouTube, and Pinterest, it's more heavily focused on Instagram. That means some of the features are only going to work on Instagram, even if your other social media accounts could benefit from them.

In other words, Later is a good fit if you're an Instagram-focused marketer.



  • Easy to use post scheduling tools
  • Supports most of the major social media platforms
  • Simple to drag-and-drop posts to your calendar
  • Suggests the best hashtags to use
  • Customizable link in bio tool makes it easier to use calls-to-action on Instagram


  • Pricier than other options on this list
  • Cannot schedule posts to your Google Business profile
  • No free plan, only a free trial
  • No feature to curate content from around the web like Post Planner

Key features

  • AI caption writer
  • Auto scheduling
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Link in bio tool for Instagram and TikTok
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Content designer
  • Search brand mentions
  • Canva integration


Later offers 3 main pricing plans:

  • Starter - $16.67/month billed annually
  • Growth - $30/month billed annually
  • Advanced - $53.33/month billed annually

Customer reviews

Later mostly receives 4-5 stars across online reviews. Users love being able to save hours of time by scheduling posts months in advance. Some users mention the price being higher than they wish and the UI feeling a bit clunky.

Here's what Jason B. has to say about using Later:

"What do you like best about Later?

Scheduling content. We used to have to post to our church account daily, which doesn't sound bad, but logging in daily, uploading whatever we are posting, writing the post and hitting send, eats into the work day. But Later helps because we can take an hour and schedule a month or more posts. It's so good.

What do you dislike about Later?

It's a little clunky. If you don't know your way around things that are tech, I think it would be easy to get lost or confused on what goes where. It's not bad for mex but I've had others tell me they have a hard time.

What problems is Later solving and how is that benefiting you?

Instead of taking time every day to post stuff, now we schedule it super far out. That may not seem like a big deal, but it's HUGE. And, we trained some volunteers to help which gave back some time to staff members to help counsel and be with people."

7. Onlypult

Onlypult is another social media scheduler that specializes in posting to Facebook and Instagram, despite being able to post on 14 total platforms.

Onlypult helps you analyze your followers’ patterns to decide on optimal post times

2 unique features that Onlypult has that most other tools don't have are the website builder and brand mention tracker.

Another way that Onlypult stands out is its ability to schedule Telegram posts, something no other tools on this list can do currently.

Even though Onlypult allows you to track your competitors’ strategies, it doesn’t offer a full-blown content discovery system.



  • More affordable than most social media schedulers
  • Made for Instagram and Facebook
  • Supports the most social media platforms on this list


  • Supports other platforms, but it's not made for them as well
  • Some reviewers complain about unhelpful customer support
  • No content curation tools
  • No free plan, only a trial


Key features

  • AI content assistant
  • Post scheduler
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Crossposting across platforms
  • Photo and video editor
  • Stock media library
  • Teamwork collaboration
  • Repetitive posts
  • Hashtag library
  • Analytics and reports
  • Website builder


Onlypult offers 4 main pricing plans:

  • Start - $17.50/month paid annually
  • SMM - $24.50/month paid annually
  • Agency - $59.50/month paid annually
  • Pro - $69.30/month paid annually

Customer reviews

Onlypult has the least amount of online reviews of any schedulers on this list, but of the reviews they have, they mostly get 4-5 stars. Customers value how Onlypult takes an Instagam-first approach. However, some critics complain about the platform not being as robust for other platforms.

Here's what Barbara B. has to say about using Onlypult:

"What do you like best about Onlypult?

The thing I like the most is the ability to schedule and view in real time how posts are in the feed.

You can also choose to publish at the same time (for example the same post comes out on FB and IG). For me, very convenient and fast.

The icing on the cake is the programming of the stories! a stuff that really saved me time!

Finally, there is also the Analytics section, very useful for understanding when to release a post! Highly recommended!

What do you dislike about Onlypult?

There's nothing I don't like, maybe the ability to add fonts and gifs to stories. After all, it is perfect.

What problems is Onlypult solving and how is that benefiting you?
There was a day when I got confused and put in filters that I didn't know how to remove. Customer service got back to me right away and helped me fix ... really great!"


8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another OG social media management tool that has been around since 2010.

Some of Sprout Social’s standout features are its various reports, teamwork collaboration, and brand sentiment analysis.

Sprout Social can be used with X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

My favorite thing about Sprout Social is how comprehensive it is. It offers a wide variety of tools that can help you improve your social media posting in almost every way.

One of the drawbacks of Sprout Social is the cost. It might be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses that can’t afford a large subscription fee for social media management.


  • Easy to use
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Advanced team collaboration capabilities
  • Attentive customer support
  • Easily manage comments and DMs


  • More expensive compared to other social media scheduling tools
  • It takes time to learn all of the features 
  • No free plan

Key features

  • Community management
  • Optimal publish time recommendations
  • Link in bio tool to drive traffic to calls-to-action
  • Social scheduling
  • Social media calendar
  • Asset library
  • URL tracking
  • Campaign planner
  • Social commerce
  • Advanced reports and analytics


Sprout Social has 4 main pricing plans:

  • Standard - $249/month
  • Professional - $399/month
  • Advanced - $499/month
  • Enterprise - Contact Sprout Social for pricing

Customer reviews

Since Sprout Social was one of the first social media management tools, it has collected thousands of online reviews, mostly between 4-5 stars. Customers love that it's loaded with plenty of advanced features like the Smart Inbox and reports. The high cost is one of the few dislikes some customers mention.

Here's what Heidi P. has to say about using Sprout Social:

"What do you like best about Sprout Social?

The analytics and reporting functions are available for every platform that we use. I appreciate being able to easily get a high level overview of data for our social media as well as drill down by platform and a variety of filtering options.

I also like the workflow and approval process; as a manager, my team can create, share, review, and publish for multiple social media accounts all within Sprout Social's workflow and I can easily check in on the status of content.

The customer support both pre-purchase and post-implementation were excellent, and the ongoing access to workshops, webinars and other learning opportunities is very important due ot the large number of features available.

It was very easy to do the initial set-up of Sprout Social, and connect all our various social media accounts and other services (like Google Drive and Canvas). We still have more to do to fine-tune how we will work with all of these together but it's exciting to know all the possibilities that await!

What do you dislike about Sprout Social?

Two things: 1. Because there are so many features, it takes some time and dedication to learn and set up for optimum use. 2. The cost was higher than what we'd been paying in the past, but it will be worth it for all the features we get.

What problems is Sprout Social solving and how is that benefiting you

Reporting! It's so wonderful and time-saving being able to easily pull analytics for all our platforms from Sprout Social, instead of having to work natively within each platform and then consolidate that into one report. We also love the in-platform time-based comparison options as well as the ability to keep an eye on our competitors. Overall, it has significantly streamlined many of our previously time-consuming social media management processes so we are able to spend more time reflecting, analyzing and strategizing about our social presence."


9. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is another all-in-one social media management platform that comes with advanced features that other social media schedulers don't usually have.

In addition to being able to schedule posts Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Business — you get tools to manage your inboxes and track brand mentions.

Agorapulse offers a basic free plan that allows you to schedule up to 10 posts, however, the majority of its features are behind a paywall. 

Because of its advanced features, its pricing is less affordable for small businesses. But it's still reasonably priced for what you get compared to other competitors with similar features.


  • Helpful customer support
  • Can respond to comments from the platform
  • Advanced reporting that tracks social analytics & your team's engagement
  • Has a free plan
  • Makes social listening easy
  • Offers an employee advocacy feature that helps boost your reach


  • The paid plans start at $49/month, which is relatively high compared to Post Planner
  • You'll have to buy one of the higher-tier paid plans for more advanced features like bulk scheduling
  • You can't curate high-performing content from around the web

Key features

  • Social media inbox
  • Post scheduling
  • Social listening
  • Reporting and analytics
  • ROI tracking
  • AI writing assistant
  • Employee advocacy


Agorapulse has 5 main pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Standard - $49/month billed annually
  • Professional - $79/month billed annually
  • Advanced - $119/month billed annually
  • Custom - Contact Agorapulse for pricing

Customer reviews

Most customers rate Agorapulse 4-5 stars across online reviews. Customers like being able to manage all of their social media DMs in one place and the ability to track brand mentions across social platforms. One of the most common criticisms is the high price point for smaller businesses.

Here's what one verified user has to say about using Agorapulse:

"What do you like best about Agorapulse?

Agorapulse is a game-changer for social media management. Its intuitive interface makes scheduling posts a breeze, and the user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience. Navigating through its broad array of features is surprisingly easy, making it a go-to platform for both beginners and seasoned professionals. From analytics to collaboration tools, Agorapulse combines simplicity with functionality, making social media management a joy.

What do you dislike about Agorapulse?

While Agorapulse excels in user-friendliness, its limitations become apparent in reporting functions, especially at lower subscription levels. Users might find themselves desiring more comprehensive analytics. Additionally, the inability to export scheduled posts for client sharing is a notable drawback. Some advanced features that could enhance the overall experience seem absent. Agorapulse, while intuitive, could benefit from refining its reporting capabilities and expanding on certain functionalities.

What problems is Agorapulse solving and how is that benefiting you?

Agorapulse is a time-saving boon for our agency, efficiently tackling the challenge of managing multiple accounts. Its streamlined interface ensures tasks are organized and nothing slips through the cracks. This solution significantly reduces manual effort, allowing us to focus more on strategy and client engagement. Agorapulse not only simplifies account management but also enhances our overall productivity and client satisfaction."



What to look for in a social media scheduler

So now you have all of these options, each loaded with its own unique features. So how do you know which features are most valuable?

Here's a checklist to keep in mind while deciding the best social media scheduler for you:

  • Does the pricing fit your budget?
  • Is the company known for quality customer support?
  • Do you get all of the scheduling features you need (such as bulk scheduling and post recycling)?
  • Does the tool help you come up with post ideas?
  • Can you curate the top-performing content in your industry?
  • Does it have an AI writing assistant to help you create content?
  • Can you schedule posts from a mobile app?

These are all important aspects of a social media scheduling tool that'll work for you long-term AND save you hours every week.

Let me make it simple for you: Post Planner does ALL of these things for you at an affordable price.

The all-around best social media post scheduler

So now you’re familiar with 9 of the best social media scheduling tools on the market.

How do you decide which one is for you?

For most people, we feel like Post Planner offers a great blend of value, features, and time-saving awesomeness. That’s why we’re humbly naming it our top pick for best social posting app.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of Post Planner’s features that make it so valuable.

How to get the most out of Post Planner

A social media tool is only good if you know how to use it, so we’re going to look at how to get the most out of your Post Planner.

We recommend signing up for a free trial so you can test these features out for yourself.

1. Create automated schedules

The core function of Post Planner is the scheduling feature.

It makes it easy to create an automated posting schedule for all of your social media channels.

Not only can you schedule one-off posts, but you can also:

  • Create and schedule posts in bulk
  • Recycle your top-performing posts
  • Create posting plan queues
  • Manage all of your posts from an intuitive calendar view
  • Organize your posts into category buckets for a super-specific automated content schedule

Post scheduling


2. Find or create content streams

Your posting schedule won’t do you much good if it’s not full of content, so that’s our next step.

Unlike most social schedulers that are only good for publishing posts, Post Planner makes sure you never run out of post ideas!

You can:

  • Search and filter through content streams for your industry to find high-performing content.
  • Create your own custom content streams to monitor your industry and competitors.
  • Access unlimited images, GIFs, and videos to use for your content
  • Curate blog feeds for more content ideas

Create your own content streams

Once you find the perfect content stream for your niche, it’s incredibly easy to go through it and add posts to your schedule.

Create posts from streams

You can either simply repost the high-performing content you find OR use it for inspiration to make your own version of that post.

3. Design truly unique content like a pro

We get it. You might not be a professional creator (yet), but with Post Planner, designing and creating unique content is easy.

Here's why:

  • You get an AI content writer to flush out and expand your ideas.
  • You can design your own content with a design studio or with the Canva integration.
  • You get access to an unlimited number of post ideas that are proven to get results.

AI content writer

Using Post Planner to create your social content is truly setting yourself up for success — even if you're a novice.

Content Studio for memes

4. Automatically recycle your most popular content

So, what do you do when a piece of content knocks it out of the park and gets incredible engagement?

There are 2 things you should do:

  • Create more content like that.
  • Recycle it so that it reposts every now and then.

Recycling content is easy and effective with Post Planner. When you’re creating a post, simply toggle the recycle button. Now, that post will automatically be recycled in your calendar.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a free way to schedule social media posts?

Post Planner offers a free plan where you can schedule up to 15 posts at any time. Other social media post schedulers have free trials that you can try out.

What is the best social media post scheduler?

If you're looking for an affordable social post scheduling tool that has advanced features like bulk scheduling and content curation, consider giving Post Planner a try.

How do I create a social media posting schedule?

  1. Sign up for a free Post Planner account.
  2. Determine the days and times you want to post.
  3. Curate post ideas from the top-performing content on the internet.
  4. Add your posts to your content plan.
  5. Watch as your scheduled content is posted automatically, giving you more time to focus on your audience!

Do scheduled posts get fewer views?

There's a common misconception that scheduled social posts get fewer views. In reality, this is quite the opposite because of the advantages scheduling your posts gives you. For example, you can schedule your posts to publish at the perfect time, saving you time to engage more with your audience and focus on your content strategy.


Final thoughts

So there you have it — a review of the 9 best tools to manage social media posts, as well as our top pick.

Ultimately, the ones you decide to use will depend a lot on what your goals are — along with some personal preferences sprinkled in.

Regardless of your industry, you probably want tools to be able to:

  • Switch between platforms easily while engaging with users in a meaningful way
  • Find proven, engaging content to post without spending a ton of time looking for it
  • Track, analyze, and tweak your strategies with easily accessible data

Doing all these things often requires a combination of tools. Try all of them, then pick your favorites to make sure that you stay on top of your social media game.

It’s important to remember that saving time on your posting will give you more time to interact with your audience, which will increase engagement and grow your followers.

A social media post scheduler will help you save time, increase engagement, and turn your page into a lead-generating machine. How have you used a scheduling tool to improve your social media presence?

Let us know in the comments below!

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