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10 Social Media Personality Types - Which One Are You?

10 Social Media Personality Types - Which One Are You?
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10_Social_Media_Personality_Types__Which_One_Are_Yousocial-media-personality-typesI've been on social media for 5+ years now -- not counting the time spent wasted on MySpace, Yahoo & Aol.

Throughout the years I've had conversations with various types of people.

Some cool, some not so cool... but always falling under a different personality type.

As a Facebook page owner or Social Media Manager it's very important to acknowledge & understand these different types of personalities.

How you communicate with each of them can make or break your brand online.

10 Social Media Personality Types - Which One Are You?

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1. The Social Athlete


  • Serious & quiet -- interested in security & peaceful living
  • Extremely thorough, responsible & dependable
  • Well-developed powers of concentration
  • Usually interested in supporting & promoting traditions & establishments
  • Well-organized & hard working
  • Works steadily towards pre-identified goals
  • Can usually accomplish any task once they set their mind to it


  • Complete
  • Profile Pic: headshot with informal dress in outdoor setting or behind desk in professional setting
  • Often have joined maximum number of groups for each platform
  • Borderline spammers for number of daily tweets & posts

2. The Social Luddite

  • Quiet & reserved
  • Not interested in the latest & greatest tech
  • Reluctant participant in the world of social media
  • Uncomplicated in their desires
  • Loyal to their peers & to their internal value systems
  • Excel at finding solutions to practical problems


  • Often no Profile Pic

3. The Social Nurturer


  • Warm-hearted, popular & conscientious
  • Usually put the needs of others above their own needs
  • Stable & practical
  • Feel a strong sense of responsibility & duty
  • Value traditions & security
  • Interested in serving others
  • Need positive reinforcement to feel good about themselves
  • Well-developed sense of space & function


  • Profile Pic: often animals (commonly cats) or group photos with attractive friends
  • Posts characterized by large numbers of smiley face emoticons & images depicting motivational sayings

4. The Social Lazies


  • Quiet, reflective & idealistic
  • Interested in running online communities & has many profiles
  • Well-developed value systems they strive to live in accordance with
  • Adaptable & laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened
  • Usually talented writers
  • Mentally quick & able to see possibilities
  • Interested in understanding & helping people


  • Profile Pic: head shots with informal dress
  • Automates using tools like Post Planner & schedules bulk posts
  • Posting characterized by a flurry of activity that dwindles & stops after 2 weeks

5. The Social Geek

Robert Shower

  • Independent, original, analytical & determined
  • Have exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action
  • Value knowledge, competence & structure
  • Driven to derive meaning from their visions
  • Long-range thinkers
  • Have very high standards for their performance & the performance of others
  • Natural leaders, but will follow if they trust existing leaders


  • Profile Pic: photoshop'ed -- includes a Star Wars character, attractive girls or tech CEO's

6. The Social Doer

  • Friendly, adaptable & action-oriented
  • "Doers" who are focused on immediate results
  • Living in the here-&-now
  • Risk-takers who live fast-paced lifestyles
  • Impatient with long explanations
  • Extremely loyal to their peers
  • Not usually respectful of laws & rules if they get in the way of getting things done
  • Great people skills


  • Photos: feature drunken escapades or extreme sports.
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7. The Social Lurker


  • Practical, traditional & organized
  • Likely to be reading posts
  • Not interested in engagement or participation with social media
  • Have clear visions of the way things should be
  • Loyal & hard-working
  • Like to be in charge
  • Exceptionally capable in organizing & running activities
  • "Good citizens" who value security & peaceful living


  • Profile Pic: absent or default image
  • information is basic

8. The Social Inspirer

  • Enthusiastic, idealistic & creative
  • Able to do almost anything that interests them
  • Great people skills
  • Need to live life in accordance with their inner values
  • Excited by new ideas, but bored with details
  • Open-minded & flexible, with a broad range of interests & abilities


  • Often have the best personalized wall papers on their Twitter pages
  • (They speak at industry events to highlight how much they know)

9. The Social Ranter


  • Popular & sensitive, with outstanding people skills
  • Externally focused, with real concern for how others think & feel
  • Quick to share their ideas & beliefs, sometimes in a single stream of information
  • See everything from the human angle & dislike impersonal analysis
  • Very effective at managing people issues & leading group discussions
  • Interested in serving others
  • Place the needs of others over their own needs


  • Often found with major environmental interest groups linked to their social accounts
  • Sometimes known as the soapbox hero

10. The Social Visionary

steve_jobs_visionary (1)

  • Creative, resourceful & intellectually quick
  • Good at broad range of things
  • Enjoy debating issues & may be into "one-up-manship"
  • Get very excited about new ideas & projects
  • May neglect the more routine aspects of life
  • Generally outspoken & assertive
  • Enjoy people
  • Are stimulating company
  • Excellent ability to understand concepts & apply logic to find solutions


  • Their number of fans and followers is super important to them

Which Social Media Personality Type are You?

Personally, I'm a mix of the:

  1. "Social Ranter"
  2. "Social Doer"
  3. "Social Visionary"

Just depends whether you're talking to me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!!!

Which personality are you? Tell me in the comments.

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Post to all social media platforms from one tool
Post to all social media platforms from one tool
Post to all social media platforms from one tool
Post to all social media platforms from one tool

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