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These 10 Twitter Marketing Links will Revolutionize Your Tweets

Posted 23 May, 2013

These_10_Twitter_Marketing_Links_will_Revolutionize_Your_Tweetstwitter-marketing-101Want to be a Jedi Master of Twitter?

Then keep reading!

Or as Yoda would say: "Keep reading, you must."

Why in the world are we writing about Twitter Marketing on the Post Planner blog?

We're only supposed to blog about Facebook here, right? -- seeing as our app is all about Facebook!

Well, we're going to switch that up today.

2 Reasons You Need to be on Twitter:

  1. to Strengthen & Build your Audience
  2. to Drive Traffic to your Site

Twitter has grown a ton in the last 6-12 months -- thanks in part to its removal of all spamming apps and thousands of fake accounts.

It's still not as personal as Facebook -- and probably never will be, or should be.

Twitter's all about breaking news & sharing resources.

And as a Facebook Marketer pro, this should excite you -- especially if you have great content worth sharing.

If you're writing awesome blogposts with compelling headlines, then Twitter should be your bread & butter. Hopefully the articles below will help you get there.

10 Twitter Marketing Links

4 Small Tips To Take Off On Twitter Without Crashing!

by Kim Garst

This article offers 4 solid tips on how to achieve success on Twitter. It's all about connecting consistently, writing a great bio, and using awesome Twitter tools. Check it out! -- Tweet This

The Art Of Getting More Retweets [Infographic]

by Social Mouths

If you're producing great content with great headlines, then people are going to tweet and retweet it -- and you're going to build an audience. But here are a few specific lessons in the art of getting more Retweets. -- Tweet This

Twitter Hashtag 101

by Pam Moore

According to Twitter, the hashtag symbol # is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet -- and was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. This article talks about hashtag best practices & offers some great examples. -- Tweet This

How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing

by Social Media Examiner

With the latest Twitter updates, trends in multi-screen usage & real-time marketing -- you probably need to take a fresh look at what Twitter has to offer. Here’s a checklist of everything your business needs to do to get on (or back on) Twitter & start seeing great results. -- Tweet This

The 2013 Twitter Marketing Guide

by Kissmetrics

Are you ready to immerse your business in Twitter this year? Are you a Twitter user who hasn’t caught up with the latest updates & tools for Twitter? This guide will take you through the basics, from setting up your profile & learning the lingo to analyzing your results & finding the right tools. -- Tweet This

6 Tools to Monitor the Effectiveness of Your Tweets

by Razor Social

It’s always good to take a step back & review how effective your tweets are -- and see how you can improve them. Here are 6 tools that will help assess the effectiveness of your tweets. -- Tweet This

50+ Creative Twitter Headers for Your Inspiration

by Social Blogging Tracker

Twitter has officially joined the ‘visual’ club by allowing users to create a personalized Twitter header to boost their brand visibility. Some businesses have gotten a head start with the headers -- and the results are impressive. If you’re still unsure what to put in your header, here's some inspiration. -- Tweet This

How to Herd Cats on Twitter

by Jeff Bullas

Trying to make sense of the firehose flow of information on Twitter is like herding cats! In this article, Jeff attempts to break down information flow in Twitter to help you manage it more efficiently. -- Tweet This

4 Ways To Get Your Business On More Twitter Lists

by Social Fresh

Creating Lists dramatically improves the organization of your Twitter feed -- as well as providing more “hang time” for the tweets you like to follow. So how does your business get on more Twitter lists -- and thus get more exposure? This post will help. Yes, increasing followers is important, but getting on lists may be more valuable. -- Tweet This

5 Ways To Pay For Twitter Exposure

by Crazy Egg

When it comes to social advertising, most of what you hear about is Facebook & LinkedIn. But not much about Twitter. If you want to boost the visibility for your tweets, here are five ways to make it happen -- plus the pros & cons of each. -- Tweet This

Dig Deep!

These 10 articles are all awesome. So take the time to read through each one in detail.

And don't forget to bookmark them & share them with your followers by clicking "Tweet this" above.

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