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22 Instagram Stats That Might Make Your Brain POP Out!

22 Instagram Stats That Might Make Your Brain POP Out!

22_Instagram_Stats_That_Might_Make_Your_Brain_POP_Out-lsinstagram statsDo you realize how fast Instagram is growing?

The app launched on October 6, 2010. By December 21 (a month and a half later) it reached 1 million users!


Fast forward to today -- in less than 5 years, the photo sharing app has added video sharing and now has over 300 million monthly active users.

And it's still growing like mad!

If you're on there, I'm sure you've seen photos of

  • Selfies
  • Foodporn
  • OOTDs
  • Quotes

Guess what? They've getting more popular every day!

Personally, I'm totally addicted and spend tons of time there. I've even posted a selfie or two... Okay maybe more!

Anyway, I've compiled some impressive Instagram stats from 3 trusted sources below. Watch out for your mind... it might get BLOWN! :)

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22 Instagram Stats That Might Make Your Brain POP Out!

Stats from Instagram

  1. 300 million monthly active usersinstagram million users
  2. 70% of users are from outside US
  3. 30 billion photos shared to date
  4. 70 million photos shared per day
  5. 2.5 billion Likes daily

Stats from Iconosquare

  1. 61% of users Like at least 1 photo/video a day
  2. 30% of users Like over 10 photo/video a day
  3. 64% of users are women, 36% men
  4. 73% of users are aged 15-35
  5. 70% of users have taken part in a contest (or might do so)
  6. 33% of users think the easiest way to enter a contest is to post with an official hashtag
  7. 76% of users say that receiving Likes encourages them to publish more
  8. 65% of users would feel flattered/honored if a brand Liked their post
  9. 48% of users are professional
  10. 53% of posts have at least 1 hashtag

Stats from SimplyMeasured

  1. 50% of comments are posted in the first 6 hours
  2. 73% of brands post at least 1 photo or video per week
  3. 88% of brand posts include at least 1 hashtag
  4. 91% of posts by top brands have 7 or fewer hashtags
  5. Posts with at least 1 hashtag average 12.6% more engagement
  6. 37% of users follow between 1-5 brand accounts
  7. 32% of follow 5+ brand accounts


What do you think of these Instagram stats?

Which of them was most shocking to you?

Share with us in the comments below.

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