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5 Blogs every Facebook Marketer MUST Follow!

Posted 08 January, 2013

5_Blogs_every_Facebook_Marketer_MUST_Follow-lsblogging was coolI'm often asked: "Scott, how in the world do you keep up with all of the changes & trends in Facebook?"

It's a valid question -- and sometimes I'm a little wary about sharing my "secrets".

But I figured you'd be ok if I shared some of the resources I use to help me stay in tune with what's going on in the world of Facebook. Because let's face it -- there are 100s if not 1000s of blogs & people competing in this space.

Some are good, some are bad

Some are just noise. And I've spent a lot of time reading each kind.

Below I want to share with you the 5 Facebook marketing blogs I feel are absolutely essential for you to follow.

And yes, there are more than 5 that I could share. But my goal is to never overwhelm people with too many resources. Speaking first hand, sometimes information overload leads to ZERO productivity!

But if you consider yourself a Facebook Marketer or someone with a business and are trying to use Facebook these blogs are a MUST.

So here we go:

sme#1 -- Social Media Examiner

You can't begin a conversation about Facebook marketing without mentioning Social Media Examiner. They are by far the largest purely social media related blog on the planet, with nearly 200,000 readers. What Michael Stelzner has been able to accomplish with this blog is unprecedented.

If you do visit it, you should definitely get involved with their new "Networking Clubs". It's an incredibly active forum full of information curated by users -- and it's growing every day. There are days when I literally spend 3-4 hours in the clubs asking & answering questions. If you are serious about learning how to use Facebook, start here.


#2 -- Jon Loomer

I'll admit I'm new to the Jon Loomer bandwagon, but man I'm loving the content he's pushing out. Jon's biggest claim to fame to me is he oversaw the fantasy games for the NBA! This entailed all kinds of social media integration, with a huge component of Facebook integration.

So the guy knows what he's talking about. In his blog posts you can expect to get tons of analytics, great graphics and a great sense of humor. He's also appealing to me because he's a real person with a family and kids, not some overblown marketer trying to turn a buck. You're gonna love him!

#3 -- AllFacebook/Inside Facebook

First off I'm putting these two together as one because they are "sister" blogs. AllFacebook and Inside Facebook are part of WebMediaBrands, which is a huge company covering many different avenues of social media and beyond.

To me, it always seems like AllFacebook and InsideFacebook have the breaking stories and inside scoop on all things Facebook. To my knowledge, they are the only sites on the net allowed to use the name "Facebook" in their url and company name.

Which makes them very unique.

Typically the stories on the sites are brief and will cover updates, rumors of updates and changes to Facebook. Along with job openings at Facebook, apps that are doing well, and more. At times it seems like the two sites are posting the same stories -- so you might just choose one and stick to it. But they are always on top of all things pertaining to Facebook.


#4 -- John Haydon

If you're looking for honest and real insight on using Facebook, John Haydon is your guy. John has a few different sites and has his hand in a few cookie jars online. His main focus seems to be his blog, where he discusses how non-profits can leverage Facebook.

But don't totally write him off if you're not a non-profit. The majority of what he discusses can be applied to any business and niche. He's just chosen to focus more on the non-profit sector. John is the author of "Facebook Marketing for Dummies" -- which is a great resource for anyone starting out with marketing on Facebook. Subscribe to John's blog and you'll be constantly licking your chops for new posts!


#5 -- Mari Smith

Last, but definitely not least, is Mari Smith -- the "Queen of Facebook Marketing" in my opinion. She was one of the first to get an inside look at Facebook for businesses and is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers on the subject still today.

She doesn't blog a ton, but when she does it's incredibly detailed. What's great about her, along with Jon Loomer, is that she blogs in her voice, and is real and down to earth. She won't talk over your head and she's very active on her blog and Facebook pages. Go subscribe and tell her Scott sent ya!!

So there you are -- 5 must follow blogs for anyone trying to master marketing on Facebook. Yes I know I left out a ton of blogs -- and I could have made this list 10 times longer. But I think these 5 blogs are the 5 that everyone should follow at a minimum.

What blogs would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and tell me what blogs you can't live without (and no don't promote only your own blog!)

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