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6 Revealing Reasons Why Podcasting is a No-Brainer for Your Biz

Posted 03 June, 2013

6_Revealing_Reasons_Why_Podcasting_is_a_NoBrainer_for_Your_Bizfacebook-podcastDo you listen to podcasts?

Have you ever listened to podcasts?

Have you recorded your own podcast?

Are you planning to do so soon?

My bet is you answered Yes to one of these questions.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts have been around since the early 1930s in the form of radio shows.

But according to Wikipedia:

The term "podcasting" was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in The Guardian newspaper in a February 2004 article, along with other proposed names for the new medium.

Since 2004, podcasting has come a long way.

Why Podcast?

Podcasts are no longer just something you listen to via an iPod or (now) an iPhone. These days there are apps like Stitcher, SoundCloud and Spreaker that allow anyone with a smart phone to listen to their favorite podcasts.

And not only can you listen to podcasts via these apps on your phone -- you can also record & produce podcasts with your phone -- which is exactly why podcasts are so important for social marketers.


YouTube is great for online marketing -- but it's not conducive to consuming on the go -- while running, exercising, driving, etc.

Podcasts are portable -- and because of they're portability, they're more personal.

Sure, blogging is a great way to get your ideas into the world. But let's be real honest here -- most of you are like me and only skim blogs.

In fact, I bet most of you are just skimming this blog post -- for the headlines, for images, for keywords, etc. -- and that's fine (although you might miss out on some key info when you do that).

But with podcasts you can't really "skim" -- the headphones are on your head and the listener and podcaster are connected on a more personal level.

lewis social-media-marketing-podcast1 amyp




This is why you're seeing heavy hitters like Lewis Howes , Michael Stelzner and Amy Porterfield embracing podcasts recently.

Because a lot of people are listening -- and listening a lot.

Guys like Chris Brogan & Cliff Ravenscraft (a.k.a. the Podcast Answerman) have been podcasting for years -- and making quite a nice living from it.

6 Reasons Why Podcasting is a No-Brainer for Your Biz

Here are 6 resources from Podcasting leaders on why you should have a podcast:

the-human-business-way>> 1. Podcasting - Is The Old New Again?

via Chris Brogan

Chris is a long time podcaster who recently started a new show called "The Human Business Way" -- Tweet This

I believe the audio medium is still really powerful. I think it’s because of how intimate it can feel. I believe there’s really something to be said for this and that you might find some great success in considering an audio show.

jeff bullas>> 2. Is Podcasting the Hot New Media Trend?

via Jeff Bullas

Jeff is a powerhouse in the social marketing space -- constantly being named to every top list around the internet. His blog gets over 4 million page views per year -- Tweet This

So why is podcasting having a resurrection? It is due to two key factors.

  1. The growth & rapid adoption of smart phones. You can now get your podcast direct to your phone without having to hook up your iPod to the computer.
  2. The explosive growth of an online media portal where you can publish & download your podcasts…. called “iTunes”

podcastanswerman>> 3. Podcasting is the Hottest Thing in 2013

via Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff is known as the "Podcast Answerman" and has built a full time income around podcasting & teaching others how to podcast. He is by far the "go-to" resource on all things podcasting -- Tweet This

3% of marketers are currently using podcasting in their social media marketing strategy. However, 32% have a desire to learn how to use podcasting in their marketing efforts and 23% have plans to increase their podcasting activities in 2013.

amyp>> 4. The Power of Podcasting

via Amy Porterfield

If you don't know Amy Porterfield, you're probably not paying attention! After running the social media for the likes of Harley Davidson & Tony Robbins, she's now blazing trails with her own brand. And kicking ass! -- Tweet This

Seriously consider starting a podcast of your own, remembering that it will allow you to grow in ways you never imagined.

It will grow your email list, your audience, your influence and your bank account.

ducker>> 5. 13 Tips For Building a Remarkable Brand with a Podcast

via Chris Ducker

Chris is a serial entrepreneur, virtual staffing expert, blogger, podcaster & author who helps other entrepreneurs catapult their businesses into the 21st century, using what he calls the 'New Business' style of marketing -- Tweet This

Podcasting allows us to realize the benefits of presenting information in audio or visual format. This in turn allows you to convey your personality in a much stronger way than is possible through the written word. That clarity in your message is seen and felt through your actions (on video) and the tone of your voice - all allowing you to emphasize important points within the podcast session.

pat flynn>> 6. Podcasting for More Exposure, Leads and Money

via Pat Fynn

Pat is one of the most down-to-earth bloggers/podcasters I've run across. I honestly didn't start listening to him until recently -- and I wish I had sooner. He's a regular guy who lost his job and had to provide for his family -- so he turned to websites, blogging & podcasting -- Tweet This

Podcasting has become such an important and integral part of my overall branding strategy, so much so that earlier this year I decided to switch from publishing 2 podcasts per month, to 1 per week, a decision that has already proved to be well worth the extra effort. More and more people are discovering my brand through my podcast, and it continues to be the number one way that people discover me, more than SEO, Social Media, YouTube and links from other sites.


spntstartReading & listening to these 6 resources should help you understand the high value in podcasting -- and why social marketers should be embracing it ASAP.

If you want to learn more about podcasting, the main resource I'd pay attention to is Podcast Answerman. Cliff provides tons of free & paid advice -- as well as equipment recommendations.

You don't need a big budget to podcast. I started podcasting with just a cheap Blue Snowball mic and I use Spreaker to record & publish my podcasts to iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

Spreaker has a free plan, but if you publish often you will run out of space eventually.

You can also just use your smart phone to get started -- although the sound quality is low... but it's still a start!

My main 3 podcasts are:

I've been toying around with the idea of doing a few other podcasts -- we'll see if those pan out!




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