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10 Buzzwords to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile Immediately

10 Buzzwords to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile Immediately
linkedin buzzwords

Do you have the word “driven” on your LinkedIn profile? 

That could be a mistake.

According to LinkedIn, "driven" is one of the 10 most overused buzzwords found in LinkedIn profiles -- words that "make you go ‘meh'" and should be removed immediately (if not sooner).

In this article, let's take a look at words that may be creating an entirely different effect than you were hoping.

These are words that could be turning potential customers and clients away instead of attracting them.

Then let's look at how to replace those old lackluster and threadbare statements with new ones.

Words stir up emotions and help strengthen the brands you manage. Be careful how you use them.

It'll only take a couple minutes... and this info will be well worth the read.

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10 Buzzwords to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile Immediately

You know how it goes. You sit down to write your new LinkedIn bio and stumble upon a few words and phrases that sound unique and powerful.

You add them to your bio, but big mistake -- so does eveyrone else.

The next thing you know, they've spread like wildfire. From one competitor to the next, you're hearing and reading them everywhere.

Finally, you're sick of them. Now, instead of standing out, those words blend in. Or even worse, they make you look silly.

Once you see this happening, you know it's time for a change.

So which words and phrases are the top 10 offenders according to LinkedIn?

Take a look and see which ones you might still be using. Is it time for a quick update?

  1. Motivated
  2. Passionate
  3. Creative
  4. Driven
  5. Extensive experience
  6. Responsible
  7. Strategic
  8. Track record
  9. Organizational
  10. Expert

If you want to brand yourself on LinkedIn, it would be wise to prune the words you are using.

Get rid of the old, worn-out language and freshen things up a bit.

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Words that still work

Instead of using buzzwords, look for new ways to say what you mean.

Here's another look at that list of 10 words that need to go away -- but this time with suggestions for their replacement:

  • Motivated - ambitious, determined, fired up
  • Passionate - enthusiastic, fanatic, zealous
  • Creative - original, artistic, inventive, gifted
  • Driven - energetic, enthused, dedicated
  • Extensive experience - accomplished, trained, capable
  • Responsible - accountable, reliable, in control
  • Strategic - tactical, goal-oriented, purposeful
  • Track record - stats, accomplished, performance history
  • Organizational - structural, administrative, managerial
  • Expert - skilled, savvy, sharp

See? It’s easy to replace words like ‘creative’ with a more descriptive term like "original."

Not only is it not over-used, I think “original” sounds better anyway... don’t you agree?

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Buzzwords in the profile -- a working example

Take this bio for example:

I am am an expert in marketing management. I am responsible, and I am passionate about sales. I'm driven, and my track record shows extensive experience in management.

Wow! I see 6 of the 10 words on the "bad idea list."

I'll give it a go at editing that bio. How's this:

With over 5 years in marketing management, I can carry the weight and come up with tactical ideas on the go. I'm energetic, and well-acquainted with every inch of the sales journey.

Would you agree the 2nd example is more original and attention-getting?

It could still be improved (by including examples for instance), but it's a change in the right direction.

The idea is to stand out from the crowd, not to fade into the background.

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10 Buzzwords to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile Immediately -- Conclusion

Times change and language changes with it. Words that once seemed new and exciting end up old and dead.

There's no use fighting it -- it's just how it goes.

If the lights have come on for you (like they did for me), then get on over to your LinkedIn profile and make it shine!

Do you have more ideas -- or some perfect examples?

Post them in the Comments. Let's talk about it!

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Kim Garst

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