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How to Become a Facebook Power User

Posted 19 August, 2015
Becoming a Facebook Power User


Facebook power user graphic

How does someone become a Facebook power user?

Can YOU learn to rock Facebook?

The answer is YES!

Scott Ayres, co-author of Facebook All in One for Dummies (and one of the most experienced Facebook power users I know), joined us this week on #ViralChat to talk about special tactics for Facebook mastery.

Scott chatted about common mistakes we make on Facebook:

  • Not posting consistently
  • Selling too much!
  • Too boring!

And he told us what he would do if he only had $250 to launch a business online.

To find out more... just keep reading!

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How to Become a Facebook Power User

Q1. What are a few little-known ways businesses can beat Facebook algorithm changes and improve engagement?

Post as much as you can get engagement, forget what the "Gurus" say. If people are engaging keep it up! FB will reward you. @scottayres
  • Personalize your content, tell stories. Connect with people at a deep visceral level. Cuts through a little. @jeremypmurphy
  • Establish personal brand for self & encourage employees to. Ask everybody to share company content on their pages. @FreshSparks
Facebook Power User Chat

Q2. How can businesses create successful Facebook ads without breaking the budget?

I recommend Boosting 3-4 posts per week for $7 per Boost, be sure to wait 2 hours before boosting to get organic Reach 1st. @scottayres.

  • Understand & implement strategic targeting. Make sure the right people are seeing your ads. @hitsmcghie
  • I think if they have great friendships on Facebook, they can bypass the ads on Facebook and spread company message. @chevd80

Q3. How can you use Facebook to curate relevant content without being overwhelmed by the Newsfeed?

Ignore the News Feed! The News Feed on Facebook is a time kill. I prefer to follow pages/people in Interest Lists. @scottayres

  • Don't follow unnecessary people/brands/folks. Just because you see something cute or funny doesn't mean you follow it. @MrsMAFoodie
  • Makes it easier to curate content. @socialmediawpb

Q4. What are some super stealth ways to research or monitor competition on Facebook?

The “Pages to Watch” feature on FB is the best way to see other page’s Insights http://on.fb.me/1DxfT80 @scottayres

  • Set up interest lists and watch pages! @FreshSparks
  • Watch their tweets/posts, analyze their marketing pitches. Then pitch more effectively! Pitch less, sell more! @jeremypmurphy

Q5. If you only had $250 to grow your business page on Facebook, what would you do?

I’d start by spending $5 per day on Page Like ads, hyper-targeted to my local area and ideal customer, for 30 days @scottayres

  • If I had $250 for Facebook, I would spend $236 on Facebook ads, $9 on @PostPlanner, $5 on Coffee. @askaaronlee
  • Spend $100 on ads, and $100 for a tool like Post Planner or so. $50 I will have some nice food. @vivektweetsso
Facebook Power user chat with Scott Ayres

Q6. What are the top marketing mistakes you see businesses make and how can they fix them?

Posting too many "sales" post on Facebook is a huge marketing fail IMHO. No one logs in to FB to be sold. Mix it up. @scottayres

  • Some post irrelevant things just to get reach. Don't be lazy and represent your brand well. @saulternative
  • Posting too much & not responding/engaging with their audience. @socialmediawpb

How to Become a Facebook Power User - Summing it Up

At the end of the day, remember that people go to Facebook to relax and have some fun.

Keep it fun, and your fans will LOVE you in return. 

Remember: If you're constantly adding value to Facebook, you don't need to worry about algorithms!

Get the #ViralChat infographic (below) for reference -- pass it on to your friends.

Here's that download button. Go rule Facebook today!

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