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How to Use Live Streaming Video for Your Small Business

Posted 11 August, 2015
How to use live streaming video in business (graphic)


how to use live stream video #ViralChat graphic

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the new video streaming platforms like Meerkat and Periscope.

What’s with the sudden craze?

Out of nowhere, people are using both of these platforms to live stream video.

Seemingly overnight, there's this new mobile live streaming culture.

Is it a fad?

Will it just fade away like MySpace? 

This week we explored this topic with a guy who stays current with all things social: Brian Fanzo (aka @isocialfanz).

Brian is the go-to guy when it comes to mobile live streaming. 

Here’s  a summary of what went down.

To join us live, use TweetChat (or the tool of your choice) to check in a little before 9pm ET (6pm PT) at @ViralChat on Twitter.

We go for a solid hour of fast, furious and FUN discussion with a weekly social media maven.

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How to Use Live Streaming Video for Your Small Business

Q1. There’s a lot of buzz about live streaming video recently, what’s with the sudden craze?

Live streaming isn’t new… but 1-click mobile streaming from devices that now have cameras and data plans to hold it are. @isocialfanz

  • Live streaming videos add an element of transparency and a sense of timeliness. @Maegan_Holloway
  • It's not a craze. It's satisfying a need. A need for mobile now. @danjrosenbaum  

Q2. Periscope vs Meerkat, do you prefer one over the other? Why?

My advice is to listen and engage on both then pick one… worst case: it was the wrong one and you switch! @isocialfanz

How to use live streaming video (ViralChat)

Q3. What are the benefits of live streaming for businesses?

Great brands are great because they have great people… brands need to make their people their rockstars! @isocialfanz

  • Live stream is awesome for artists - talk about magic happening, I listened to a jazz pianist practicing and then bought a song. @DIYMarketers 
  • I'm excited for the personal interaction #Periscope allows. Be real & let people get to know you. @Merber38 

Q4. Do you think live streaming is a good way to build community? Why?

It’s a great way to build relationships which ultimately helps -- but you should bridge your existing. @isocialfanz

how to use live streaming video to help build community

  • Live streaming is an empathy fast track!! It can and does build community when embraced as a giver. @ChristinKardos
  • Why these apps are on fire now? They cut through the BS and let you see who's truly behind the brand & community @FuelOnline 

Q5. What type of content could businesses create using live streaming video platforms?

Nobody will say, "You’re helping too much. You’re providing too much value." @isocialfanz

  • Behind the scenes, interviews, deeper community discussions. @kennedyideas
  • ‏Bring out the real brand value in your content. Stick to actual story. Authentic customer feedback. @RadhaAzure

Q6. Can you share some great examples of how businesses are using live mobile streaming?

Love how @verge allows bloggers to share thoughts, inspirations and background on current popular blog posts! Voice to words. @isocialfanz

how to use live streaming video for blogs

  • @VICE's Ferguson coverage was great live streaming. @nsphire
  • I see companies using it to answer customer's questions. @QUIKSNIP 
  • @Kenra_Haircare is using it to show solutions of how products work ... brand loyalty to clientele. @CoraDugan
  • Check out @SwedishFoodTV, @thefunkyfairy. They leverage Meerkat for branding and business. @StringStory 
  • My buddy @GrantCardone comes to mind, has built an army via Live Broadcasting, passion and inspiring people. @FuelOnline
  • @mashable has some great steams of their team chatting about topics, still loving snapchat, although not live. @SarahMT1212
  • On Tuesday, @Applebees showcased their new menu through live streamers across the country. @StephenCaggiano
  • @CertAngusBeef is doing social media right... If you're not following them on twitter and periscope you should be. @MrsMAFoodie

Summing up -- How to Use Live Streaming Video for Your Small Business

Live streaming is not new. While the platform has evolved, live streaming will always be something the fans will crave and want to see more of. 

In a way, it's like the difference between listening to a song or watching a video and seeing the concert live. Things happen in life that get edited out of recorded versions.

Have you taken the leap into live streaming video yet? 

Tell us how it's working for you. Any funny stories about live streams?

Get the infographic download for reference. Share with your friends. Have a party!

And live stream it, will ya?

Here's that download button. Enjoy!

Download the Viral Chat Infographic!
           How to use live streaming video (infographic)

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