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4 Reasons a Social Media Management App is MORE Important Than Oxygen

Posted 08 October, 2015


As a business owner, attracting customers (and keeping them) is essential for your brand’s livelihood and longevity.

But with so much noise out there in the world of marketing, how are you able to stand out with all that competition?

By having a KILLER social media strategy -- that’s how!

This strategy begins and ends with one crucial component -- efficiency.

In this post, I’ll share 4 MAJOR benefits of using a social media management app to ensure you’re making the most of your online marketing efforts.

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4 Reasons a Social Media Management App is MORE Important Than Oxygen

1. You can enhance productivity by cutting back on time  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

There’s a HUGE difference between scheduling thoughtful content and setting your social platforms on autopilot.

Hiring a management app to take control and post to your accounts for you is not beneficial to your brand at all.

Yes, content is going out, but how do you know if it’s even relevant to your following or your consumers?

Instead -- take the time to personally choose meaningful content.

Develop a posting schedule and queue it up.

For example -- Post Planner users are able to standardize posting times and types.

Then they can choose content to fill those spots without having to configure when it’s going out every time they log in!


Your followers want to see that you put thought into your posts -- which shows you care about them.

This alone will increase your engagement.

I recommend picking one day a week to schedule out a week's worth of posts, then check in and interact with your fan base daily.

An hour spent planning on Sunday can save you tons of worry and time throughout the rest of your week.

2. You can ensure brand cohesiveness by controlling all your social channels in one central location

One login for all your social channels?


Not to mention you can see what’s been posted and what’s scheduled to be posted to be sure you’re not duplicating content.

A client recently came to Post Planner looking for a way to coordinate a social media strategy for 200+ franchise locations.

A social media management app is ideal for this situation!

In this example -- every franchisee would have access to the same content and is given the flexibility to choose what to post (while the main franchise account holder can rest assured knowing that all the content is all already approved).

One of the benefits of the Post Planner app is that businesses can create teams who have access to pre-defined queues and content folders.

This allows for great collaboration -- and more importantly -- the ability to keep a consistent message no matter who is selecting the posts.


3. You can discover and share great content that has already been proven to be successful

This is a big one…

Stop guessing what to post!

Not all apps are created equally -- so make sure you use one that not only helps you share content, but helps you DISCOVER it.

For example -- Post Planner provides data-driven content suggestions and a 5-star engagement rating system to give you tons of content ideas that have already worked for others.


From famous quotes to eye-catching images to articles specifically tailored to your niche, you’ll never have to start from ground zero again!

4. You can analyze and measure results -- and tweak posting activity accordingly

I love the saying, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” and it couldn’t ring more true when it comes to your social media strategy!

You need to know where you’re succeeding and where you’re not -- so you’re not wasting your time on inefficient content.

It’s all about TESTING!

Test different posting times, different content types, different days, etc.

And then once you know which stuff is soaring your engagement -- KEEP IT UP!

In the Post Planner app -- users are able to re-queue successful content after publishing so it will continue to be shared indefinitely, or until you decide to turn it off.


This is great for popular evergreen content that has no expiration date.

Final Thoughts

Implementing a robust (and lucrative) social media marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

With the right tools in place, growing your fan base will become second nature.

Scheduling thoughtful content, engaging with your followers and analyzing your performance will allow you to build meaningful relationships that (fingers crossed) turn into life-long customers!

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