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Post Planner helps all businesses post the best
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Rachel Pedersen

The social influencer


Hands down, this is my favorite platform for scheduling content. Post Planner is amazing because it suggests all the different content that has performed on other social profiles.

Post Planner helps Rachel Pedersen find and schedule content to her FB groups and pages for her social media consulting business.

Rachel helps businesses kill it on social media!

Her social strategies grew a skincare company by 6725% — causing millions of dollars in new revenue.

She scaled a weight-loss company from $300k per year to over $3,000,000 per year — in less than 12 months.

How does she do it? Rachel uses powerful tools... like Post Planner.

I love Post Planner because you can manage multiple Facebook groups and pages, as well as Twitter, LinkedIn and more. And you’re able to recycle content. So if you have some cornerstone content you want to share regularly — like blog posts you want to show up in your content strategy — you’re able to do it all with Post Planner.

Want to get results like Rachel Pedersen?

Boost your engagement. Grow your business. Get started with Post Planner today!

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The online store owner


Post Planner quadrupled our posting, and cut our work down from6hours to 30 minutes a week. We grew over 100% after using it for only two months.

Post Planner helps Jason Ross grow his online store traffic by simplifying and automating his social media posting process.

Jason is part of a small team that runs their ReadyMan online store and website. Anything to do with outdoor survival, whether gear or training, and they're on it with their own branded offerings.

Jason uses social media to attract new customers to the site, keep his current customers informed of new products, and publicize upcoming real-world training events.

Getting the best value from the time he spends preparing and posting to social media is crucial to his success.

Here's what Jason said after giving Post Planneratry:

Membership in our groups went through the roof-almost immediately. What's really got us excited is that our posts will start recycling in 8 months, and then we won't have to do anything except add to already-existing content.

For us, it wasatotal game changer.

Facebook insights provided by Jason Ross facebook-growth
Why not get the results Jason Ross gets?

Boost your engagement. Grow your business. Get started with Post Planner today!

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The author and blogger


After just three weeks using Post Planner, my page Likes are up 400%. My post engagement is up 13,677% and post reach up 26,777%. These are crazy pinball numbers!

Post Planner helps Joshua Becker build and nurture his community of readers by automating a consistent presence on social media, and that also increases his social reach.

Joshua is the founder and editor of a website dedicated to inspiring a minimalist lifestyle. The website welcomes over 1.8 million readers each month.

Joshua is kept pretty busy writing blog posts and his three best-selling books, so it's not surprising that he let his social media presence slide. Too much time and effort.

Post Planner gave himasimple and convenient way to change that. Now he keeps in touch with his followers through social media, and reaches new ones.

Here's what he has to say:

I had a personality-based Facebook page for years. A friend told me about Post Planner so I linked up my page, thinking it couldn't hurt.

Whoa, I’ll say it didn’t hurt to try!

These are crazy pinball numbers I’m getting on the page now, and Post Planner deserves all the credit.

Facebook insights provided by Joshua Becker facebook-insight
Why not get the results Joshua Becker gets?

Boost your engagement. Grow your business. Get started with Post Planner today!

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The 'mom'preneur


Post Planner helped me increase my followers by 800% in one year. The reach on my page is now in the millions!

Post Planner helps Kristy Richardson post her original content to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter with a single click, and queue up days of posts in an hour.

Kristy creates original content for her website and books: recipes and activities that are fun for kids and healthy for the whole family.

She invents kid-friendly snacks, meals, and lunchbox inspirations. Then she photographs the results and blasts them to her followers. The more, the better.

With so much original content generated every day, Kristy needed away to quickly queue up posts to all her networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) withasingle click.

Here's what she has to say about Post Planner:

I started with 25 thousand followers a year ago. I'm about to hit 200 thousand today. The reach on my page alone is no win the millions.

Thank you Post Planner!

Kristy now has almostaquarter million followers. Kristy-flowers
Why not get the results Kristy Richardson gets?

Boost your engagement. Grow your business. Get started with Post Planner today!

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...and that’s not all

Tracy Taylor
The marketing agency founder

Love this service! It gives hours back to my day! Post Planner’s software is awesome and customer service is A+.

deb laflamme
The social marketing strategist

I can't live without Post Planner. My business has been able to grow because I make Post Planner a part of my daily routine.

Kris Wilder
The martial arts teacher

Holy mackerel! Post Planner is light years ahead of Hoot suite. Pure wizardry, as far as I can tell. Color me blown away!

Matthew DanDurand
The ceo

Post Planner is the only social media management tool I've found that aggregates feeds from other resources so you have an endless collection of curated content at your disposal.Great app!

Ron Schrader
The author

Post Planner is a must have. It's so easy to use and I love the convenience of being able to schedule posts as far into the future as I want. Bottom line,if you manage one or more pages that need regular engaging content, you won't go wrong with Post Planner!

Samuel Pavin
The consultant

I am an advocate for Post Planner and definitely love the app. It has become one of my top tools when it comes to social media management. Amazing for scheduling huge amounts of content.



The entrepreneur coach


Post Planner allows me the consistency I need to be a business owner while not allowing content creation to take up my life. Couldn’t live without it!

Post Planner helps Melanie Donohoue to plan out, create, and queue up two weeks of content inafew minutes, so she has more time to run her business.

Melanie coaches entrepreneurs and CEOS how to leverage social media to grow their businesses.

When you're teaching high-level clients how to create and manage an authentic social media presence, you need the best tools available at your fingertips.

That's why Melanie turned to Post Planner.

Here's what she has to say:

Post Planner helps me save so much time for my business.I love how easy it is to set up a schedule for when your posts will publish, view the posts that have already posted, and re-order any planned posts by simply dragging.

There are a ton of great ideas for content too. Makes my business run so much smoother. Couldn’t live without it!


The pop/rock artist


So much better than Buffer and Hoot suite. For one,easy to use. For two, the ability to find relevant and highly-engaging content right in the app.

Post Planner helps Ender Bowen find a consistent stream of fresh and highly-engaging content to post to his social media channels.

Ender puts out singles and videos of his 80s/90s alternative rock synthesis that culminate in an album every year or two. In between, he's got reviews and interviews and videos and performances that he needs to keep his fan base informed about.

But you can't just post an announcement and expect an audience if you haven't kept them engaged with your social media feeds all along.

That's where Post Planner comes in.

Ender is able to curate streams of fresh and relevant content that are queued to post in advance. This gives hima consistent social presence. Then he can add his personal announcements as needed.

Here's what he loves about Post Planner:

For one, easy to use.

For two, the ability to find relevant and highly-engaged content right in the app,AND to save my favorite or most used streams and sources for later access is far and away the best thing ever!

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