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The Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Pages

Posted 12 August, 2013

The_Dos_and_Donts_of_Facebook_Pagessocial-media-dos-and-dontsWant some solid advice on how to use a Facebook Page?

Then you've come to the right post.

I'm gonna give you some "Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Pages"

So pay attention!


  • Keep posts short & sweet -- Posts with less than 100 characters get more engagement. Why do you think Twitter is only 140 characters!
  • Answer questions & respond to posts -- Your page is not a walled garden! Respond to your followers & be personal.
  • Ask questions & ask for feedback -- The best posts on Facebook pages tend to be questions. Ask them often & listen to what your users are saying.
  • Participate in the conversation -- Customers appreciate business owners who take interest.
  • Provide helpful links -- Be sure to help educate your fans, not just promote your products.
  • Follow thought leaders -- Find people in your niche & follow them -- and make sure to interact with them & their followers.
  • Run Promotions -- Offer specials, coupons & limited time offers.
  • Keep Customers Informed -- If your shop's going to be closed, let your customers know ahead of time. If you're an online company keep people informed of outages that may be coming or have occurred.
  • Post Photos -- If you're a local company post pictures of your business & employees. People love to recognize someone around town or in your store that they saw online. This doesn't translate for online only companies IMHO.
  • Say Thank You -- Thank your followers & fans often. Make them the center of your focus.


  • Overpost -- Only post as often as you can get good engagement.
  • Excessively self-promote -- I go by the 90/10 rule: 90% of your posts should be fun & informative, 10% can be promotion.
  • Use Bad Grammar -- Make sure you don't have any grammar errors or misspelled words in your posts. The "Grammar Police" won't forgive you!
  • Be Shy -- This is your opportunity to speak directly to your customers. Be outgoing & engaging.
  • Overshare -- Don't post rants or gripe about employees or customers. Some things need not be on Facebook!
  • Talk Politics or Religion -- Have your opinions yes. But you'll run off over half your potential customers if you take a stand on political or religious issues. So choose your words wisely.
  • Respond Hastily -- Remember your messages are public. Well thought out & correct answers are vital.
  • Bad Mouth Competitors -- You may think the competing burger joint down the street sucks -- and they might. But don't air your opinions on social media about it. It just makes you look juvenile.
  • Share Secrets- You don't have to tell everyone all of your business secrets -- again some things need to stay in house & not be aired on social media. Plus, if you share every problem you have, your customers will lose faith in you & your product.

bottomlineFollow these tips wisely!

Your reputation -- and ultimately your pocket book -- depend on you using social media the right way!

What do you think? Did I miss anything?

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