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Here's an Example of @DollarShaveClub Crushing It on Social Media

Here's an Example of @DollarShaveClub Crushing It on Social Media

Heres_an_Example_of_DollarShaveClub_Crushing_It_on_Social_Mediadollarshaveclub-socialmediaHave you heard of Dollar Shave Club?

They're a razor blade company that bull-rushed the internet in 2012 with their style, flare & low cost blades.

You've probably seen their hilarious Old-Spice-ish commercials.

The vids have been floating around social media since last year -- and have gotten over 10 million views!.

Here's an example:




In the Market

I've been looking for a new razor for a while since Schick quit making the Tracer FX.

*Confession.. Even though I'm pushing 40 I probably only shave once or twice a week -- and sometimes go a week or 2 without shaving (and most don't notice it)!

With all the hype I finally decided to get a membership to Dollar Shave Club.

I chose the $1 monthly membership (plus shipping) -- which is the cheapest package you can buy & includes 5 blades a month.

Not bad for a buck!

The sign-up process was super easy & I received my package less than a week after ordering.

I even snapped a pic of the cool packaging & posted to Instagram:


Which I also tweeted -- and my buddy Chris Brogan was cool enough to retweet:


We Have a Problem!

I used the razor the same day & while the blade was great, the handle broke as I tapped it against the sink.

I was totally bummed, so I tweeted:


Within a few minutes I got this tweet from the customer support of Dollar Shave Club:


Talk about being super impressed with a company!

I immediately sent them my email address associated with my account & got this reply:


As someone who lives on Twitter & Facebook, I was so excited to see a company using social media (Twitter) in the correct manner.

They could have simply ignored my tweets & blown it off. I mean I didn't reach out to support -- I just tweeted my disappointment in the handle.

And to my shock they replied almost immediately.

Within about 2 days a replacement showed up in my mailbox.

But... it was the wrong handle!

So I got back on Twitter DM with their support & let them know they sent the wrong handle (it was actually a better handle than mine!)

They responded immediately & said they'd ship the correct handle ASAP.

Sure enough. It showed up a few days later & I'm all set now -- until I breaks it again -- and if that happens I'll upgrade to the better handle.

What Lessons Can Your Business Learn From This?

The takeaways here are:

  • Monitor your @ mentions on Twitter
  • Respond quickly when a negative tweet or mention of your brand is made
  • Wow the customer with great customer service -- that goes over & above what's expected
  • Follow up with the customer
  • Fulfill the promises you made

If every company would handle a bad tweet/blog post/Facebook post in this manner, the world would be a better place.

My hats off to whoever is running the Twitter accounts for Dollar Shave Club.

And if you want to try out Dollar Shave Club CLICK HERE.

Here's a pic of the handles. The one of the left is the broken one, the one in the middle the one they sent by mistake, followed by my new blade:


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