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Facebook Advertising: An Easy Guide for New Ad Dimensions

Posted 23 September, 2013

Facebook_Advertising_An_Easy_Guide_for_New_Ad_Dimensionsfacebook advertising ad dimensionsFacebook advertising isn't easy.

To do it right, you need to master:

  • Sponsored Stories
  • Suggested Pages
  • Power Editor
  • Who to Target
  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Impressions
  • Correct Image Dimensions
  • and more

Not exactly simple for the novice user.

This is why we always turn to Jon Loomer for advice when it comes to running ads.

Facebook recently made some changes to the various ad dimensions across the site.

As always, Jon was the first on the scene discussing the changes & providing a handy resource for the new dimensions.

Now, instead of having to search around Facebook & Google, you can learn all the dimensions in 1 graphic -- which you can download/print/tattoo on your chest!

Well maybe not tattoo it.

Facebook Advertising Dimensions Made Easy

facebook advertising ad dimensions 1

The dimensions above are for Desktop News Feed ads:

  • Link -- 400 x 209 px
  • Page Like -- 400 x 150 px
  • Event -- 400 x 150 px
  • Offer -- 400 x 209 px
  • Photo -- 400 x 400 px
  • Video -- 400 x 400 px MAX (16:9 ratio)

The handy graphic below covers all 9 ad types -- including mobile devices:

facebook advertising ad dimensions 2

The above dimensions are for the 9 Facebook ad types.

But you'll also need to keep the thumbnail dimensions for link posts in mind -- which affect how your Sponsored Stories appear in the News Feed.

Here's a graphic for thumbnail dimensions:

facebook advertising ad dimensions 3

What Does This All Mean for Your Facebook Advertising?

If you have a business that's using Facebook for marketing, you should MUST run ads. Tweet this

It's truly the only way to get targeted, high-quality fans & traffic.

Hoping that your page/posts will "go viral" is a waste of your time -- it's just not going to happen.

So when you're ready to run ads, use the above dimensions to create optimized graphics for your ads & page.

NOTE: Don't forget to bookmark this post for further reference -- and definitely make sure to share it!

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