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Here's My Review of a Pretty Good Facebook Page

Posted 26 January, 2013

Heres_My_Review_of_a_Pretty_Good_Facebook_PageFan Page Reviews | Post PlannerHey Post Planners!!

It's time again for another lucky Post Planner fan to get a free "Fan Page Review"!

Hopefully you caught last week's review of Darrell Grenz' Facebook page, if not go check it out.

This week I have another gem for you.

Fan Page Review

It's a page for Bugaroo Boutique. They are a cool shop in Georgia and, as their tag line says, they sell "geeky, retro inspired apparel and accessories".


Overall I felt their page was doing great stuff, but I also saw some areas for improvement.

So watch the video below and apply some of these tips to your page:

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