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5 steps to  
get more Likes!
reach more people!
save more time!
get more followers!
drive more traffic!
generate sales!

Post Planner makes it quick and easy.



your profiles, pages & groups


Connect your social accounts

  • social_fb

    Facebook (pages & groups)

  • instagram


  • linkedin

    LinkedIn (pages & profiles)

  • pinterest


  • twitter


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Unlimited accounts

Connect every account you manage.
Activate the ones you need.

Multiple accounts per network

Connect multiple accounts on each
network, including Facebook.

Activate as needed

Start with fewer accounts and
scale up.


the best content to post


Tap into a FIREHOSE of content

Get top-performing content from the best sources.

  • Facebook pages

    60 million Facebook pages

  • Twitter profiles

    200 million Twitter profiles

  • reddit

    2.5 million Reddit subreddits

  • rss

    ANY RSS feed

  • Giphy

    ANY Giphy search

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Aggregate sources into "streams"

Combine your favorite content
sources into topic-based

Follow industry experts

Leverage the work of industry
insiders by following
their streams.

5-star ratings predict

Our algorithm helps you find
the most viral content.

Quotes, contests and post ideas

Search thousands of quotes, questions,
contests and post ideas.

Media library

Upload & organize your media
files into folders. Post in
a few clicks.

Viral videos, images, articles & gifs

Search the web's best libraries of
media, blogs & gifs.


optimized posts for every network


Create effective posts that get clicks

Transform content into perfectly crafted posts — that reach people and get Likes!

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Fine tune posts by

Add unique messaging & formatting
for each network.

Carousel posts

Create multi-image carousel posts
for IG, FB and Twitter.

Instagram first comment

Schedule a first comment with
your IG posts.

Bulk posting

Compose posts for multiple profiles
(across many networks)
in one go.

Post previews

See how your post will look when
it publishes — as you're
creating it.

Media editor

Change image size and dimensions.
Add filters, text, watermarks,
badges and more.

Saved texts & hashtags

Save a library of copiable texts
and hashtags to add to
your posts.


Add live tags to your posts to link to
and promote other brands
and accounts.

Schedule retweets & quote tweets

Schedule future retweets & quote tweets
(and re-shared FB posts).

Post drafts

Save unfinished drafts for later.
Share with your team
for approval.

Bulk upload via spreadsheet

Upload hundreds of posts at once
via Excel or CSV files.

Easy edits

Get full control over your posts.
Edit content, captions or
media anytime.


a full calendar of posts


Queue up months of posts in minutes

Automate your publishing and send a steady stream of posts to all social channels.

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Calendar view

See a month of posts in a glance,
in calendar format.

Weekly schedule

Create a posting schedule for
every day of the week.

One-click queueing

Add posts to your schedule
in one click.

Evergreen post recycling

Put your evergreen content on auto-pilot
with automatic recycling.

Post shuffling

Randomize the order of your posts
in a few clicks.

Post copying

Copy your posts to new profiles,
in bulk or one at a time.


insights to improve performance

Post analytics

Learn which content works best

Analyze which posts are getting the most engagement. Repeat what works.

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Post engagement stats

Track your Likes, comments, shares,
retweets, repins and more.

Sort by metric

Sort your posts by engagement
metrics to see which posts
performed best.

Re-queue top posts

Add top performers back to the queue
in a single click.



your online reviews


local seo

Be the top-rated search result on EVERY platform

Get more 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google, Trustpilot, Yelp and the rest.

Update and sync your business info across every major platform.

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Take your social media to the next level

Post better content. Get more Likes. Grow your following. Grow your business.

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