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Here’s a Quick Way to Fix Your Facebook Fan Page

Posted 06 February, 2013

Heres_a_Quick_Way_to_Fix_Your_Facebook_Fan_PageFan Page Reviews | Post PlannerEach week I review a fan page from one of our fans on the Post Planner Facebook page.

On Mondays, I post a status update asking for pages to consider and I pick one of them toward the end of the week. Make sure you share your page every week and I'll definitely review it soon.

This week I take a look at a great page called Driven Audio. They're a local business in British Columbia dealing with mobile and marine audio, as well as driver safety.

I found some great things on their page that everyone can learn from. So even if you aren't Driven Audio make sure to watch the video below:

One thing I want to touch on again is Driven Audio's cover photo -- shown here:


As I mentioned in the video, Facebook has introduced a new 20% rule regarding images. By definition this cover photo would be violating that rule and be at risk of removal.

This is according to Facebook's Terms of Service: Item III, Sec B, which states:

Covers may not include:

  • images with more than 20% text;

I've already heard of many cover photos being removed because of this new rule.

My advice to Driven Audio, and anyone reading this, is to abide by this rule if you don't want to risk Facebook removing your cover photo without warning.

What else did you learn from this review? Click the "LIKE" button on the left and sound off in the comments below.

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