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3 Reasons We Made Post Planner FREE for Everyone

Posted 01 March, 2013

3_Reasons_We_Made_Post_Planner_FREE_for_Everyone-lsFree Scheduled Posts on FacebookThursday, Feb 28, 2013 marked the end of an era for Post Planner!

On that day we cancelled all Pro accounts (at $4.95/mo.) and made it official...

Post Planner Pro is now FREE for everyone!

Yes, any page manager on Facebook can now use Post Planner to schedule and manage posts on ALL the pages they admin... for FREE.

Yes, you heard that correctly:

free-post-scheduler"on ALL the pages they admin... for FREE."

Are we insane to offer our once flagship product for FREE?

Maybe. But let me tell you the reasons we decided to do it -- and then you can decide if we're completely off our rocker. :)

Reason 1: Facebook's Scheduled Posts are Free

You probably know that back in June 2012 Facebook came out with their own scheduling app for fan pages. Like most things on Facebook, the app was offered for free to page admins.

wasted-timeThe response to the app has been tepid at best. Most people tell me it's a pain in the butt to use -- and wastes more time than it saves.

For example, to schedule a post on 2 different pages, you have to navigate to each individual page and then make about 20 clicks to get a single post scheduled.

And then you can't see all your scheduled posts (for different pages) in one place.

So if you want to see what's planned for the next couple days -- you have to go to each individual page again -- and then click around the admin panel there.


Nevertheless... the feature IS free.

And free is a very compelling price -- a price we want to compete with.

A World of Hurt

The reality is -- it just pains us to know so many page managers are out there having to rely on Facebook's scheduled posts to manage their future posting.

Wouldn't it be better if they could just use Post Planner to manage all their pages in one place?

Yes, it would.

And now they can... for the same price as Facebook's scheduled posts... ie. FREE.

Reason 2: We want more Monthly Active Users

What can we say -- we're competitive and greedy.

Facebook App Store

We want more, More, MORE, MOOOOOOOOOORE.


No, but seriously -- we want more active users using Post Planner -- because more users means more exposure on Facebook.

In fact, Post Planner is required to have a minimum or 10k MAU (Monthly Active Users) to even have a chance of being featured in the Facebook App Store.

And we definitely want to be there -- searchable and visible in all our post planning glory.

So that's reason #2 -- we want more users.

Reason 3: We're nice young men

It's true. We're just nice.

We're just sweet.

We're just magnanimous, generous, kindly, big-hearted folks.

We're just benevolent and beneficent boys -- overflowing with philanthropy, humanity and compassion for the downtrodden social media managers out there.

It's true.


And also, we want more people to use the app and upgrade so we make loads of cash.

So there you have it

Those are the 3 reasons we decided to offer our awesome app for FREE to the social media world.

I hope the reasons suffice.

And in all seriousness, I want to personally thank all the Pro customers who have stuck with us for so long -- through all the ups and downs -- through server outages, Facebook bans, and the occasional failed post.

We appreciate you -- and we're honored to keep making your Facebook marketing life easier (and cheaper).

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