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Here's How George Takei Has Fun with Photos on Facebook (and Goes Viral!)

Posted 01 June, 2014

Heres_How_George_Takei_Has_Fun_with_Photos_on_Facebook_and_Goes_Viral-lsfun with photosGeorge Takei is now a household name now.

Thanks to Facebook!

He started as a standout on Star Trek decades ago, but social media has helped Takei's fame & popularity skyrocket in the last couple years.

A Forbes writer wrote that Takei has "conquered Facebook".

This is pretty much true since George has grown his fan base to more than 7 million in about 3 years.

For me it's proof that people LOVE his posts.

And as Facebook marketers, we have lots to learn from Takei as we strive to have more fun with photos on our Facebook pages.


Takei's posts often go viral, so I used Post Planner's viral photo finder to locate the most shared images ever published on his Facebook page.

Here are the top 10 most shared images!

(Scroll to the bottom to see #1)

Here's How George Takei Has Fun with Photos on Facebook (and Goes Viral!)

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10. Radiant friends


9. Wax on, wax off


8. If you don't know your past...


7. Copy cat


6. Don't 'Pooh Pooh'


5. A dog's purpose


4. See how it starts


3. First prize!


2. Coffee addicts only


1. Stay on message


Not the Next George Takei? There's still hope...


It's nearly impossible to organically grow a fan base the size of Takei's, without being a beloved celebrity.

But there are still lots of Facebook marketing tips to glean from such an influential page.

Instead of posting updates about his events & appearances or bragging about his accomplishments, Takei & his team take a humorous approach to social media.

Rarely does he market ANYTHING.

Instead, Takei almost always posts funny or light-hearted material -- the kind of content that gets people talking.

Especially photos!

So take off your "marketing hat" before you engage with fans on Facebook.

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Publish inspiring & humorous quotes, photos & memes. Just don't let that be all you post.

Mixing in some humor will help you have more fun with photos & will go far in showing fans that you're human & not just trying to sell them something.

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