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How to Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet

How to Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet

How_to_Get_Notifications_When_Your_Favorite_People_Tweet-lsget instant notifications when people tweetWouldn't you love to get notified when your favorite people tweet?

Today I'll show you 2 awesome tools that can make that happen.

Once you set them up, you'll be able to quickly respond to your favorite people's tweets -- and start building relationships with the top influencers on Twitter.

And after a few exchanges, you'll probably be emailing them about your awesome product! :)

People are just more likely to respond to you when you quickly reply to their tweets.

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You can also use these tools to track your competition on Twitter -- which can be tricky with other tools.

I once used Twitter’s iOS app to receive push notifications when somebody tweeted, but the app often notified me of tweets from people I wasn't interested in hearing from.

I've FINALLY found a solution!

How to Get Notifications When Your Favorite People Tweet

Here's what you'll need to get started:

Download & register your Pushover account.

Here are the steps for setting up Zapier:

1. Register account & log in

2. Visit this link & click "Start Using This!"


3. Set the default to "User Tweet" and "Push Notification" (so you'll be notified when somebody tweets)

4. Click "Continue"


5. Choose "Select a Twitter account" & test it before moving on


6. Connect Zapier to your Pushover account

7. Log into Pushover & copy your user key


Your user key will look like this:


8. Enter a Twitter user you'd like to get notifications from


9. Customize your filter

Select "in_reply_to_user_id_str" and "Does not exist" -- as shown above.

This way you'll receive only tweets -- no replies.

10. Click "Insert fields" and "Text" -- then click Continue


11. Use the "Test Zap with this sample" feature to make sure you did everything right

You should receive a notification on your mobile device.

Name the Zap

This is the last step. Call the Zap whatever you want -- something cool like:

  • Project Sauron
  • Project Notify
  • Project Tweet
  • Project Hubble

Turn Zapier on & you're all set. Well done!

The app searches for updates every 15 minutes & notifies you when someone tweets.

Now when @PostPlanner publishes a new tweet, I'll receive a notification like this:

get-notifications get-notifications


Remember, you can't reply from Zapier. So you'll need a different app to respond to the tweets.

Your Turn

Do you know of other apps that do similar things?

I'd love to hear about them!

Please share your tips in the comments below.

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