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CAUTION: 7 Ways to Avoid Tweets that Can Get You Fired (or Arrested)

CAUTION: 7 Ways to Avoid Tweets that Can Get You Fired (or Arrested)

CAUTION-_7_Ways_to_Avoid_Tweets_that_Can_Get_You_Fired_or_Arrested-lstweets that can get you firedDid you hear the one about the stock broker who joked on Twitter about hitting a cyclist then leaving the scene because he was late for work?

It's no joke! Check out the screenshot below.

Dude apologized for the tasteless tweet, but it was too late. He got fired -- for one tweet!

His bosses didn't think it was funny.

But the broker isn't alone. He's one of a long list of people who lost their jobs after putting their foot in their mouth on social media.

Is it possible to tweet without getting fired? Of course!

Just make sure to follow a few simple guidelines, as described below.

These rules will keep you tweeting without threat of losing your job (just be careful tweeting on company time).

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And as promised, here's the tweet that started it all:


CAUTION: 7 Ways to Avoid Tweets that Can Get You Fired (or Arrested)

1. Don’t Joke About Running People Over

Totally unacceptable!

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time somebody tweeted about running someone over with their car.

2. No Jokes About Bombs

Never joke about a bomb or bomb threat... unless you want to leave your office in handcuffs.

3. Never Complain About Your Employer

Complaining on Twitter about how much you hate your boss or your company probably won't help you keep your job.

Just ask this guy:

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4. Don’t Disparage Your Clients

Your clients follow you on Twitter.

Remember that next time you want to tweet about one of your customers.

Never ... I mean, NEVER badmouth a client on Twitter!

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5. Don’t Reveal Company Secrets

Some things must be kept private!

Lots goes on behind closed doors at your company that shouldn't be broadcast on Twitter.

Stay off social media if you have the slightest doubt. If your boss wants it on Twitter, he or she will say so.

6. Be Extra Careful With Employer's Twitter Account

Never post a personal tweet on a work or client account... even by accident!

It's unacceptable & grounds for immediate dismissal.

Whoever tweeted this on the Chrysler account should have been fired:


7. Don’t Tweet Sexist or Racist Remarks

Remember Justine Sacco?

She made headlines last year after a tweet she sent before boarding a flight to South Africa:


Be careful tweeting anything someone might find racist or sexist.


Here's a quick review of some rules that could prevent tweets that can get you fired:

  1. Don’t joke about running people over
  2. No jokes about bombs
  3. Never complain about your employer
  4. Don’t disparage your clients
  5. Don’t reveal company secrets
  6. Be extra careful with employer's Twitter account
  7. Don’t tweet sexist or racist remarks

What important Twitter guidelines would you add to this list?

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