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5 Motherly Ways to Deal with Customers Complaining on Facebook

Posted 04 December, 2013

5_Motherly_Ways_to_Deal_with_Customers_Complaining_on_Facebook-lscustomers complaining on facebookIf you run a business page on Facebook, then you've probably had customers complain on your page

Something about Facebook makes people complain more often (and aggressively) than in person.

And yes, at times I've been compelled to complain on certain business pages.

I realized pretty quickly, though, that I just looked like a JERK!

Now I keep my opinions to myself... at least sometimes. ;)

How to Handle the Complainers

How you handle complainers will help determine whether your page gets more complaints or customers.

The infographic below, from the fine folks at Pardot, explains:

  • 5 types of Facebook complainers
  • the best way page managers can deal with each of them

For me, the key takeaway is the importance of responding. You NEED to respond to complainers -- right on your page -- and not ignore or delete their remarks.

And always remember: your response is seen by the complainers & everyone who visits your page.

Handle complainers improperly & YOU may end up looking like a jerk!

Deal with them like a pro, however, and you'll probably come out smelling like roses.

5 Types of Customers Complaining on Facebook

Here's a breakdown of the 5 Complainers from the infographic:

meek-customer1. Meek Customer

The Meek Customer generally will not complain. However, they will post or comment on Facebook or Twitter when they've really been pushed to the edge.

The Meek Customer will often have little to no history of complaining and is often just looking to be reassured that their voice is heard.

Meek Customers are pretty common and (usually) easy to satisfy. Since they're mostly rational, a simple apology can fix the situation & often create an ambassador for your brand.

Aggressive-Customer-Complaining-On-Facebook2. Aggressive Customer

The Aggressive Customer readily complains, often loudly & at length. However, if you solve the problem for this customer in a quick & efficient manner, you are likely to have a very vocal & prolific brand advocate through all social channels.

The Aggressive Customer does not respond well to excuses or aggression.

Though uncommon, aggressive customers are often irrational & difficult to satisfy.

When possible, take this customer offline with a direct message or email. Validate their concern & then find a way to address their complaint.

High-Roller-Customer-Complaining-On-Facebook3. High-Roller Customer

The High-Roller Customer expects the absolute best & is willing to pay for it. They are likely to complain in a reasonable manner, unless they are a hybrid of the aggressive customer.

They are interested in results & what you are going to do to recover from the customer service breakdown.

A High-Roller Customer can be difficult to satisfy.

Quickly acknowledge their concern online, then take the discussion offline where you can listen carefully to determine the cause of the problem.

Opportunist-Customer-Complaining-On-Facebook4. Opportunist Customer

For the Opportunist Customer, the goal is not to get the complaint satisfied, but rather to win by getting something the customer is not entitled to receive.

A constant & repetitive "not good enough" response to efforts to satisfy this customer is a sure indicator of an opportunist.

The opportunist is one of the most difficult customers to satisfy. Stay objective & use evidence to back up your response.

A "What can I do to make things right?" can go along way with an opportunist... although it may lead to neverending special requests.

Chronic-Complainer-Customer-Complaining-On-Facebook5. Chronic Complainer Customer

The Chronic Complainer Customer is never satisfied; there is always something wrong.

This customer's mission is to whine. Yet, they are your customer, and as frustrating as this customer can be, they cannot be dismissed.

In spite of their constant complaining, they tend to be good customers & will tell others about your positive response.

Both common & difficult to satisfy, a chronic complainer is usually irrational in their approach.

Be patient, listen carefully & never, I repeat, NEVER get angry.

5 Ways to Deal with Complainers [Infographic]:

customers complaining on facebook infographic

What about you?

Are you willing to admit which Facebook complainer you are?

Me? I'm a mix of Opportunist & Aggressive Customer.

OK, complainers, let 'er rip!

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