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The Most EPIC List of Blogging Tips Ever Recorded in the Annals of Human History

Posted 20 June, 2013

The_Most_EPIC_List_of_Blogging_Tips_Ever_Recorded_in_the_Annals_of_Human_History-lsepic-blogging-resourcesAre you a Blogger?

Do you want to be a Blogger?

Then it's time to pay attention... because I'm about to unleash the most EPIC list of blogging tips. Of. All. Time.

** Disclaimer: I cringe at the word EPIC like an incoming root canal -- but I couldn't find a better word to describe my legendary list.

Personally, I started blogging by accident. It was never my intention for it to become my main source of income.

And yes, I learned a lot of things along the way -- the hard way -- by full-on trial & error.

Epic mistakes & epic fails included.

And you know what?... I wouldn't change a thing about how I got to where I am today.

Trust me, I definitely learned more from my failures than from my successes.

Nevertheless, I hope that by sharing these tips about blogging (from some of the smartest minds in the blogging game) I can help you get a leg up on the competition -- and hopefully not fail as often as I did!

Behold: the EPIC Blogging Tips List

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog

by Neil Patel

I listed this 1st because every blogger -- new & old -- needs to read it. If you read no other blog post, then read this one! Neil gives a complete run down of everything a blogger needs to know.

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How to Write 100 Blog Articles in Under 5 Hours

by Marcus Sheridan

Marcus tells the story of a simple blogging exercise Kirk Drake did that generated over $1,000,000 in sales! You have to read this!

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Why Bloggers Fail

by Derek Halpern

There are more than 164 million blogs -- most of which get less than 1,000 visitors a month. That means most blogs are, for lack of a better word, failures. Find out why & what to do about it in this post.

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How to Create Winning Headlines in 9 Simple Steps

by Crazy Egg

Headlines are probably the single most important component of your blog. Without good headlines, you can't catch the attention of busy readers. Here are 9 simple ways to create winning headlines!

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How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

by Ian Cleary (via Social Media Examiner)

In 2012, mobile users spent 63% more time accessing mobile websites & apps -- and this is set to increase this year. And next year. And the year after that. In this article Ian discusses (1) the importance of mobile for your blog and (2) the different options available to optimize your blog for mobile devices.

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How to Find Popular Topics for Your Business to Blog About

by Kristi Hines

One of the biggest questions businesses have about blogging is what they should blog about. Find out in this article how to find topics for your blog.

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5 Tools For a More Interactive Blog

by Ian Cleary

Here are 5 tools for a more interactive blog that you should consider.

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7 Secrets to Writing Top-Notch Blog Posts About Boring Topics

by Heidi Cohen

In this post, Heidi reveals 7 secrets to help you write content on boring topics -- and turn your blog posts into reader magnets.

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21 Critical Tasks to Perform as Soon as You Start a Blog

by Blog Tyrant

Some people think that when they start a blog things take off as soon they publish the 1st post -- traffic flows in, readers start handing over their emails, and your fame & wealth skyrockets. Unfortunately that's not quite how it works.

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2 Ways to Add Urgency to Your Headlines Right now

by CopyBot

Really short blog post -- but it has some super powerful info on headlines that you shouldn't miss out on.

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Why You Should Create Content With a Hook

by Andrew Davis

If you’re creating valuable content for your target audience -- and you’re sticking to a format -- then you have to have a hook. A format gives your content structure -- a hook gives it character.

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Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps

by Jay Baer

Is your blog costing you money or making you money? Find out via these 9 easy-to-follow steps.

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Why Your Business Blog Should Target Keywords that Make Money, Not Traffic

by Marcus Sheridan

Are you targeting keywords that get you traffic? Or are you targeting keywords that make you money? Find out the difference in this post by the Sales Lion.

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4 Steps to Better Blogging Time Management

by Blogging With Amy

Blogging can be a full time job -- which can lead to burn out. But not if you learn how to manage your time wisely.

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How Brands Can Avoid Being Sued Over Content

by Contently

We're in a "Sue Happy" world these days. Bloggers need to be certain to avoid the pitfalls of being sued over content.

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If You're Struggling to get Blog Readers Read This

by Social Triggers

If you’re having a rough time getting people to read your blog, then you need to read this article. Or you can continue wasting your precious time. Up to you.

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When Your Company Blog is Striking Out

by Marketo

Blogging is one of the best ways to connect with existing & prospective customers. So what happens when no one is interested in the company blog? What if you're spending time writing posts, but no one is reading?

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25 Tactics to Promote Your Blog via Facebook & Twitter

by Heidi Cohen

Besides writing, promoting your blog is the most important part of blogging. Without getting the word out, your content will never reach more readers. To this end, you should be leveraging Facebook & Twitter to boost your blog traffic.

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10 Ways to Create High Converting Headlines

by Quick Sprout

Want to boost your conversions? Then start with your blog headlines. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout shows you 10 proven ways to do this in this post.

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Can Blogs Still Attract Huge Comment Counts?

by Blog Tyrant

One way to measure whether people are enjoying your content is to count comments. But today in our fast-paced social media era, people are commenting less & liking & sharing more. So how do you get more comments? Find out in this blog post.

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Quit Treating Your Blog Readers Like Second Class Chumps

Content is King. This is the rallying cry of many bloggers -- and for the most part, it's true. After all, without content, you have no readers. But what good is content when it’s surrounded by craptastic design?

How to Use an Editorial Calendar with Your Blog

by Ian Cleary

Without a blog editorial calendar, you'll find it difficult to deliver consistent, varied content that's relevant to your audience. You'll also struggle to sell your products or services -- as you need to plan content to sync with your product launches, sales, etc.

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3 Steps to Turn Your Blog Subscribers Into Customers

by Unbounce

It's safe to say that most of you blog to make money, right? Then you're going to love this blogpost. The folks at Unbounce show you 3 steps to turn your blog subscribers into paying customers.

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Ten Things To Do Outside Of Blogging To Help Grow Your Blog

by Leslie Samuel

Just because your blog is online doesn't mean you should only promote it online. In this post, Leslie offers some great (and unconventional) tips on how to spread the word about your blog.

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I Triple Dog Dare You!

dare youThese are some seriously deep blogposts, my friends -- with tens of thousands of dollars worth of advice.

But only if you take action on them.

So today I challenge you to:

  1. go read each of these blog posts
  2. take one point of action from each
  3. execute this point of action with your blog

Do this & I promise you will set yourself apart from your competition.

And one more thing...

Be sure to share this post with your closest colleagues -- so they can start crushing it too.

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